The Great Game - The Young Master


Synopsis: A human was plucked from Earth and thrown across multiple dimensions and universes as part of an unimaginable game, becoming an inter-dimensional pawn of a celestial being. The newest world? He had taken over the body of the profligate youngest son of a general in an oriental setting...


Genre: Transmigration (no cultivation), Drama, Humour, Politics, Slice of Life/Family


Influences: Romance of the Three Kingdoms, The Water Margin, The Grandmaster Strategist


Author's notes: Hello all, some readers might recognize me from NUF (Novel Updates Forum), where I have been posting my novel regularly since April 2016. I post two chapters every week, Wednesdays and Sundays. So far I have received favourable responses and I have decided to join LiberSpark to reach a wider audience for my amateur work. Hope you enjoy the story, and I look forward to hear your criticisms and comments to improve myself.

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