The Prodigy Daughter Of The Medicine God (Dropped)


   She, a traditional Chinese and Western medicine expert, the high-ranking medic of the land force. Once she travelled through the time,she had become Feng Yu Heng, the first daughter of the Clan of Feng.


   She could do nothing to the father who was not close to her, the grandmother who did not love her, her sisters who were more ruthless than one another. Plus her mother was ill and weak, her younger brother was still young, her father went from bad to worse to help the Auntie in the clan become the Headed Mistress, and engaged her with the lame and disfigured Ninth Prince?


   Travelled through the time and resurrected from death, she could not be a coward like the original owner of the body anymore!


   She must conflict, fight, and become a more relentless person than the relentless people, a person who was more dangerous than the dangerous people, she must protect the people she wanted to protect, even if she had to be smashed to pieces and be doomed eternally.


   She stroked the Phoenix birthmark on her wrist, her personal pharmacy during her past life followed her to here.


   What was the hundreds years ginseng? It was already a millennium ginseng when she displayed her skill in making opening moves. The Chinese bitter soup was hard to enter the mouth? The Western medicine capsules guaranteed you as the medicine would take effect once you took it.


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