Prince and I have some important announcement's we'd like to make along with the chapter release, so do hold off on the chapter reading for a bit (or, promise to come back to read the annoucements below after finishing the chapter!).

First, for those of you who haven't checked the main site announcement, LiberSpark's public Discord server is now live! On it, you'll be able to chat with other readers as well as translators, editors, and other staff from LiberSpark. Also, we have novel-specific chat channels where you can discuss stuff related to the plots with more fluidity and flexibility. Just click on this link here to join our server: Discord Invite Link

Additionally, I would like to make it known that we are going to raise the sponsored chapter amount by $10, making it $30 each.

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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I still want to say that I have tried keeping the price as low as possible for a very, very long time. Some old readers may remember when I first started out and charged only $15 for sponsored chapters. In case you don't know, TRL chapters are easily 1.8 to 2 times as long as the average webnovel chapter (with recent chapters easily hitting the 5000+ Chinese characters including punctuation). To put it into perspective, Book 32 Chapter 5 (B32C5) of Desolate Era is 2827 characters, B32C6 is 2929, and B32C7 is 2860.

What I'm trying to say is, with every regular or sponsored chapter I translate, I'm actually translating close to two chapters of other webnovels (and Prince has to spend twice the time editing them as well)! At some point, I raised the price to $20 but it has dawned on me that this won't be sustainable for me in the long run. Thus, Prince and I have come to a decision to raise the price one more step, hopefully the last time we do so, to $30.

Here's some important details. The queue at the time of posting is $130. We will use the old rate when counting sponsored chapters for the amount already donated. In other words, there'll be 6 chapters in the old queue with an extra $10. What will happen to the $10, you ask? We will make it count for another sponsored chapter on its own (meaning that there will be 7 sponsored chapters in the old queue in total). Further donations will go to the new queue at $30 per chapter.

Also, I have been discussing with Prince about setting up a Patreon page which we will use to phase out the current donation-based sponsored chapter system eventually. It will also allow us to do a few more things beyond just translating. More details for that will be announced in the coming week.

All in all, thank you so much for your support all this time. Had it not been for you, our readers, I wouldn't have found the drive to persist so long, só long, in fact, that we're nearing the 300-chapter mark. Alright, that's enough rambling for me today. Go on and read the chapter already!

Ryogawa signing off.