Hello dear readers, Ryogawa here. Some of you may have been wondering what we'd be up to once we finish translating all available chapters for TRL, and we're going to address it with this post.

Sometime in August, the author for TRL, Smoke is a Path, returned from his long hiatus with a new project.

The story is set in a Renaissance society in the midst of industrialization, where citizens are split into four castes and early firearms are used for waging war. Magic does apparently exist, but it has faded into obscurity as the greatest taboo since the exile of the evil magi that used to rule over the continent.

Follow Claude, our protagonist, a unique transmigrator, more than aware of his predicament, on his story, including warring faction and nations, as he learns magic and unravels the truth behind continent-spanning conspiracy. And all thanks to a humble cookbook.

We will release the project tentatively with a slower release schedule, but we'll transition to a full release speed once we catch up with TRL. We are eternally grateful for your years of support and hope you'll stay with us as we start on this new, exciting journey.

Kind Regards
Ryogawa and Prince



Read the prologue here!