Hey guys,

Merry Christmas and surprise!

We're ecstatic to introduce our new site along with the variety of features it'll offer to provide an enhanced user experience for you all. As you all know, our old wordpress site was a negative reading experience with its inefficient laggy interface and just wasn't able to deliver features that we wanted to implement for our readers. That all changed when Ragnar, our tech guru, stepped in and started designing this site... Without further adieu, here are our new features: 

  • Blazingly fast site: Since we aren't using our previous laggy theme anymore, page loads will be significantly faster at 2x ~ 3x load times
  • Text/Background modification: Click the settings above any chapter to adjust the font size, as well as your choice of 3 background colors!
  • New login: You can sign up to our site to take advantage of our exclusive features such as: 
  • Dedicated email notification: Now, you can subscribe to individual novels instead of receiving updates for every chapter releases. (yikes)
  • Library: The library will track where you left off, so readers can jump right into the novel instead of sifting through chapters to find their place. 
  • Many more coming soon (Disabled ads, custom backgrounds, personalized profile, etc..)

As we're still in the process of adding additional features, you should see major and minor changes being added in the future to further improve your experience. Don't forget to thank Ragnar for the amazing work he did so far and continue to support us as we grow our platform. 

Please comment below or send an email to pathoftranslation [at] gmail.com if you spot any bugs. 

Happy Holidays everyone~

Path of Translation mods.

Update 1: If sign ups aren't working, please clear your cookies and try again. 

Update 2: Notification alert for reply/mentions added