Hello everyone.


We will have two live readings for Tales of the Reincarnated Lord today.  The first will be at 13h00 GMT, and the second at 4h00 GMT.  We know we promised to do live readings when our Patreon page launched, but because we had to maintain a 5-chapter-per-week (each around twice as long as most other novels' chapters) release rate whilst at the same time studying for exams, we were regrettably unable to do so... until now!



What is a live reading?

A live reading is a session on our discord channel where the either Ryogawa or Prince (or both) read chapters of TRL  - chosen by gold-ranked household knights and bove - to you live.

How do I take part?

Just join our discord channel here. Make sure to mute your mike so you don't interrupt the live reading. (You're welcome to chat and say high before and after the reading, though!)

I'm gold-rank-household-knight or above, how do I pick the chapter?

This is our first live reading, so we're still experimenting with the format and how everything should be done.  For now, we'll let gold-ranked household knights and above tier patrons who are present in voice chat and the TRL channel pick the chapters during the first 15 minutes of the session.  For the first session this means that chapters will be chosen between 13h00 and 13h15 GMT.

I can't make the live reading!

Don't worry.  live reading sessions will be done on a regular basis from now on, so just join the next one!  Also, once we have everything set up we hope to record live readings and make them available publically on our patreon (i.e. it will be on our patron page, but available to patrons and non-patrons alike).  For today's session, however, we will have two live readings - as stated earlier - that are timed in such a way as to allow people from disparate sessions to attend at least one.


We hope that many of you will come and enjoy this live reading!  Live readings are but one of a number of things we have planned for the future to build an active and fun community around the novel and any possible future projects.


Kind regards

Ryogawa and Prince


Cover Image Credit:  Jobboom website. https://www.jobboom.com/career/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/man_with_microphone.jpg