Hey guys.

So, Ryogawa and I have been thinking of awesome ways to reward those of you who know your stories inside and out.  We've decided to run a weekly quiz contest with bonus TRL chapters at stake.  Here's how it'll work:

We'll publish a question about TS2 every week with the first release of the week (usually Tuesdays).  You guys then have till the moment the final release of the week (usually Saturdays) goes live to submit your answers.  We'll go through them and those who answered correctly will get access to one chapter ahead of what they currently have for the week that follows.

This means that non-patrons will get access to Iron patron chapters for 1 week, Iron patrons will get access to Silver patron chapters for 1 week, and so on.  Swordsaint patrons, who stand at the peak, will also get access to one extra chapters for 1 week!

So, how should you submit?  Just send your answer, no longer than 1 sentence to ts2_answers@outlook.com. Include "TS2 Answer" in the subject.  Answer the week's question in 1 sentence in the body of the email, and include your patron name if you are a patron.

We'll email you the link to the folder where we'll post the bonus chapters for the week if your answer is correct, or let you know if your answer was incorrect.

Please note that if you send us multiple answers we'll only look at the first one, so be sure you're certain you're right before sending them in.

Look forward to the first question in Tuesday's release! We hope you guys will swamp us with correct answers!

Good Luck!

Ryogawa and Prince

P.S. You can read TS2 right now over here at volarenovels.com! We're going to hold this contest weekly, so don't worry if you don't make it this week! Read on and look forward to participating in the contests in future weeks!

Here's this week's question:
Please give the name of Leguna's childhood friend!

The answer for this week's question is Eirinn! Congrats to those who won!