Hey everyone! 

Path of Translation is now LiberSpark! 

As you all might have noticed, having "Translation" in our name restricted us to hosting translation-only content. Aside from novel translations, we have a few interesting projects under cover that we're going to announce in the future. Amongst them is an original short story coming soon, written by our very own 123ash3 (He will be back translating in full steam in a few days) The conclusion was that we needed to change our name to fit out future goals. 

Our group members contributed many ideas for our potential new name before we finally decided on 'LiberSpark'. 'Liber' being latin for book and 'Spark' symbolizing the new content that will be coming soon. We felt the name described us perfectly. Anyway, we're working hard to provide steady content for you.

Please stay in tune for more updates coming soon!