Hey guys, Prince here.

So this is an announcement I'd hoped wouldn't be necessary. I'm glad I put up that poll yesterday though. Anyway, on to the possibly bad news.

I don't know how many of you know, but I live in South Africa, a country not massively well-known for it's brilliant government. Well, our electricity supplier (the only one allowed to supply power in the country), is running out of money. The result?

They've announced they're going to be turning of the country's power at times yet to be determined over the next two to three weeks. In order to save on power costs since they can't keep the stations running all the time to keep everyone supplied with power. No power means no internet and no computer, which means I can't edit. As a result, it may be that you see unedited chapters uploaded at times.

Please rest assured that this isn't a certainty and that I'll be doing my best to work ahead of time so this won't be an issue, but I have no idea how bad the outages may be or how long they will last so I have no idea how much this will affect my ability to have chapters edited in time for releases.

This is not something over which I have any control, but I'll do my best to work around it. Both I and Ryogawa sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding and hope to be able to bring you guys our best work despite this unexpected turn of events.

Yours, humbly.