Good day everyone.

It is with absolute joy, excitement, and pleasure, that we announce the launch of our second project. This project marks a massive milestone for both of us: it is not just our second project, but also our first officially licensed one! Yes, that's right, we have full legal rights to translate and publish this work, and to do just that we have teamed up with Volarenovels! Let us first get the worries out of the way, no, this will NOT effect our TRL releases. TRL will remain our primary project until either we finish the entire novel, or we catch up to the author, whichever comes first. With the worries out of the way, let us tell you a bit more about our new project, "The Sword and The Shadow". This project is a great 670 chapter novel (already completed, which is a great bonus), by Hometown Moon we have chosen to call The Sword and The Shadow. The story is about a young orphan who, by twists of fate, ends up far from home and inducted into the world of intrigue, violence, monsters, and, of course, martial arts and magic. I won't say too much about the novel, go read it and find out for yourself! :)

Now some might wonder why we would pick up another novel instead of just increasing the release rate for TRL. Well, several reasons. First, let's face it, we are rapidly catching up with TRL's latest chapter. We didn't want to have run out of stuff to work on and suddenly wake up and have to scramble to get something else. So, we started looking for another project. After just over a month of looking around, we finally found a novel we could get as invested in as we are in TRL. Originally we had planned to let it lie in the drawer, so to speak, for several months and only pick it up a month or two before we finally catch up with TRL. But... we just couldn't keep our hands off. Second, whilst TRL is great fun to read, it is really hard work to translate. The chapters are long and often filled with lots and lots of exposition which we go around turning into dialogue so it isn't as boring. Even without that, though, most of you most certainly have come across things that you can only do so much of in a given period of time, like studying. You can only do so many hours of it in a week before you burn yourself out. Five chapters a week is that burn-out limit for us with TRL. We could probably push ourselves to do 7 a week, but if we tried to do it for more than a week or two, we'd likely burn ourselves out from doing too much of the same thing in one go. So instead, this new project is not only something we can freshen ourselves and have fun with (did we mention there would be quite a few interesting female leads?), it is also a great novel for you! We look forward to hearing your feedback and thoughts, your speculations and conspiracy theories over on Volarenovels' discord server.

Also, to commemorate the launch of "The Sword and The Shadow", TRL, UBI and CEO will be launching 2 of our slated chapters for the week earlier! (Note: They're early chapters, not extra chapters xP).

Kind Regards Ryogawa and Prince