Why should you read patreon chapters on LS?


1) No ads

  • Patrons don't get shown ads in chapters and in the novel pages.


2) Proper index

  • Let's face it, Patreon doesn't do well with novels that need a way to navigate between chapters. LiberSpark has a proper index of chapters on the novel page. And its easy to go to the next or previous chapters.


3) Email notifications

  • Be the first to know of new chapter releases, every time. No need to F5 anymore! Just add the novel to your library from the novel page.


4) Lightweight website

  • LiberSpark has been specifically coded to have a small footprint and fast load times.


5) Easy registration and use

  • Register for an LS account using email, Google, or Facebook.
  • Click 'Link to Patreon' on the homepage.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and give the site a few minutes to sync.
  • You can now read your early access chapters on Liberspark!