Mortal side:

Once I’ve become Immortal, then my attempt to conquer the world shall begin. I, Zhong Shan, in order establish a supreme heavenly dynasty, must marshal all the luck that I can gather to cleanse my own karma. Then I will have the strength to fight heaven itself, create a new world, and live forever.

First: Fate. Second: Luck. Third: Feng Shui. Four: Cultivate Inner Virtue. Five: Fame!

To gain eternal life. To obtain fame, one must establish a heavenly dynasty and amass the luck of the world! To cultivate inner virtue, one must establish holy sites and accumulate an immeasurable amount of merit! To cultivate feng shui one must learn to communicate between yin and yang and control the powers of heaven and earth! To cultivate luck, …….! To cultivate fate, ……..!


Immortal side:

Ask the whole world, who can have eternal life~!


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"Story isn't just battles and killing and smashing, but in fact goes pretty damn deep into a lot of Chinese culture that tend to be ignored in most Xianxias. Whereas most cultivation stories draw on distorting Confucianism and its precepts, this goes into the various eras of Chinese culture and turns them into different paths of cultivation as opposed to having a "buddha skill set" or a "devil skill set". Buddhism cultivates "merit/virtue" by accumulating good deeds and acting in accordance with the heavens, setting up a dynasty cultivates fengshui to power up the emperor and his subjects, typical cultivating is available too. Formation cultivators... Qichuan cultivators... Many weird and interesting Dao form an interlocking battle system thats done really well.

All in all this is also one of the only xianxia that actually incorporates dynasty politics and troops and conquering into the story well. Most of the good commander stories are usually xuanhuan where the MCs dont scale so exponentially like they do in xianxia. Xianxia as a genre finds it hard to incorporate dynasties and troops; OP characters wave their hands and all of the small turn to ash. In this novel most dynasties incorporate battlefield formations (actually a thing in ancient china) which allows their soldiers to produce a combined power far above a single cultivator, necessitating their existence far into the story.

Harem, the best and most well rounded way of dealing with harems ive ever read. Not about dual sexual cultivation or whatever nonsense but really moving individual love stories and motivations and well fleshed out female characters." - lawrsun, NU


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