Dear Readers.


Over the last couple of days, we have noticed an increase in the number of comments that demand an increase in the number of chapters released per week. It seems these individuals misunderstand the patreon model, and interpret it in a way completely different from how we interpret it, and from how we hope you guys do. So, in the interest of clarity, allow us to explain.

Ryogawa began this project because he loved the novel and wanted to share it with others. He translated what he could and released it for free to everyone. People started asking him for an increase in chapter count, and offered to support him monetarily so he could afford to spend more time on translating rather than other activities that needed to be done to ensure he had money to live on.

In response, Ryogawa started the PayPal sponsorship system that we used up until we moved to patreon. Throughout, however, it felt way too much like people were essentially buying chapters, and we didn't want to turn this into something where money was the reason we were doing this, rather than our passion for the novels.

It's for this reason that we decided to move away from the sponsorship model to the patreon model, where people don't 'purchase' chapters, but instead can choose to support us because they enjoy our work. Patreon support isn't a purchase of chapters, it is a chance and a choice to support us to say thank you for the work you're doing. In return, to say thank you for your support, we put up chapters ahead of the public release to allow those that support us to read ahead. We plan on increasing that headway once we have built up the chapters necessary as well.

Despite this, chapters are still available for free once they are released to the public a few days after they become available to our patrons. We have never considered this project a tool to make money, and never will. Similarly we do not want any of you to feel compelled to 'purchase' chapters from us, but instead to choose to support us because you want to say thank for our continued work.

We hope, sincerely, that this clarifies any misunderstanding regarding the patreon model, and how we approach the matter. We welcome any comments and feedback that you may have. We don't want you guys to feel dissatisfied, but at the same time, we can only do so much.

Kind Regards

Ryogawa and Prince

Cover Image Credit:  Forskills website.