Dear readers,

I know you guys have been wanting a map given the complicated political nature of the story. Sadly, there hasn't been any official map released to this date. So, we decided on hosting a fan map-drawing competition! There will be prizes!

The competition will run for three weeks, from now to the 3rd of February. Participants have to make a map of the known world of TRL and submit it to our email ( as a .jpg on the 3rd of February before the chapter release time (15h00 GMT).

The map should lay out the basic geographical features of the world, like lakes, mountain ranges, coast lines, as well as basic information about civilization, such as nation and their capital cities.

We'll judge the maps based on detail (whether people actually put in the details listed above), visual appeal (basically whether the map is just a series of symbols or if people put in some effort to make it nice to look at), and originality (for example is the map stylized to look like it might actually be a map from that world, is it made to look like it was made on a piece of animal skin etc.).

We might also be giving bonus marks if the map goes above and beyond with the detail, say if things like major battles, or the skull pyramid, etc. are included.


1st Place - 50USD
2nd Place - 30USD
3rd Place - 20USD

The winners of the competition will be announced some time during Chinese New Year (approximately Feb 16th), and prize rewards will be paid out through Paypal only. The maps will also be featured on the novel site! So what are you waiting for? Get cracking and cartographing right away!

Ryogawa and Prince