Hey Everyone!

You guys have been asking for months about a map for the TRL world. Unfortunately the author has yet to release an official map of the world. Last month, we decided to run a mapmaking competition for our readers so you could show us how you interpreted the world. Now, it is finally time to announce the winner.

A_Minverva (or YOLOTH, as he is known on our discord channel) has come out of the woodwork as any good TRL reader would and made an amazing map for us. He is also the winner of TRL's map competition! The map is an amazing rendition of the Tales of the Reincarnated Lord world, with beautiful style and excellent attention to detail.

Naturally the map is bound to have inaccuracies. It's based on details about the world in the novel itself that is often vague and sometimes contradictory, so such things can't be avoided, and there will no doubt be things yet mentioned in the novel that might make it outdated in the future, so remember this is based on the world as it is known at around chapter 330.

Readers aren't given too much to work with by the author, so it certainly is amazing to see what people can come up with, even with such limited information. We are all very grateful for A_Minerva's hard work. You certainly have earned your reward!

A_Minerva, if you're reading this, email us with your paypal details so we can wire your prize to you!

The map will be available on our patreon as a public post so everyone can view it. It can be accessed through the glossary page here.

Kind Regards
Ryogawa and Prince