Big Life - Chapter 11


“Yes, do you have any plans today?”


Jaegun’s reply didn’t come right after.

On the other side of the phone came a repeating unknown buzzing sound.

Tewon became nervous.

He worked a long time as an editor, he had that ‘feeling.’ Now it seemed that feeling was coming to him now. It might be that writer called Jaegun was already…


Jaegun’s voice returned with the signal.

“I must have pushed a wrong button with my ear. You wanted to meet today, right?”

“Yes, Writer, are you ok?”

“Of course. I’m fine. I’ve finished writing the series and I’m free. Where do you want to meet? The same place?”

“I’ll go close to where you live.”

“No. There’s nothing to eat here. It’s not far so I’ll go to Guloo Station and see you there. How about 7?”

“Yes, Writer. That seems fine. Ah, also…”

Tewon slurred his words and moved his glance to editor’s office.

Somii was already putting her face on the screen and was typing fast on the keyboard. She was already ordering Jaegun’s books in a list.

She was always doing more before even being told to do so. She knew how to do her job,  and so, she never got intimidated when facing an overload of work.

With both his eyes on Somii’s laudable self, he replied back on his phone.

“If it’s fine Writer Ha, could your head editor also come as well?”

It was good for the head editor to meet with the writer. Especially with a writer like Jaegun who seemed to be close to success. Tewon wanted Somii to get more opportunities and experience as a editor.

Jaegun didn’t stop and accepted the offer.

“That’s good for me. We can see each other’s faces and exchange greetings.”

“Yes, Writer. I’ll see you at 7.

“OK. Thank you.

Tewon stretched as he cut off the phone.

After he finished that call, he felt refreshed. He felt that his ‘feeling’ was getting worse as time went on. Jaegun didn’t change. He was the same diligent hardworking nice guy.


Tewon, surprised, stood up. A man with half hair about in his 60s was walking in with his hands clasped behind his back. It was StarBooks representative Park Jeguk.

“Hey hey. Don’t stand up. Just sit down.”

Jeguk pushed Tewon’s shoulder and made him sit down. And he pulled a chair on the side and asked passing by.

“Is there anything good going on?”

“Nothing changed except Martial Rankings.”

“The freaking market is terrible.”

Jeguk scratched his neck and complained. Looking at Tewon’s schedule, he continued his question.

“Is that book selling well right now?”

“The reviews are good. From book 4, there’s going to be more copies. If the reactions are good, there might be more.”

“Hmm. That’s good. I just wish he could write faster. We have to finish printing in paper to release it electronically and suck the juice out. People these days don’t even read paper books. They use their phones.”

“The world is changing after all.”

“No, Editor, How about we slow the book down and start the electronic service quickly?”

“Speaking of, I needed to tell you something. I’ve got the last book of the series.”

“What? When?”

“He sent it yesterday. Somii skimmed it, but it didn’t seem like there was anything wrong with it.”

“He sent 10 books already? Wait, but he wants to end it in only 10 books? You said the reviews are good? Isn’t this a series that we can push over 20 plus books?”

A publisher wants to pull a successful series as long as it can. Tewon shook his head and answered.

“We were going to meet today during dinner. We can start discussing the contract for later. I’ll ask him if he has any intention of stretching the series.”

“Ah. Yes. Good job.”

Jeguk tapped his shoulder and stood up.

“Give him some expensive food, 300 or 400 dollars doesn’t matter so just swipe it. Give him some specials. You eat as well. And persuade him well. You need to lock him up.”

“Haha. Yes.”

“We need to lock this writer up. At a time like this, we found a selling writer, this is good news. We can’t miss this money line. Hmm.”

Jeguk walked out with his hands clasped on his back, the same way he walked in the office.

Tewon gazed at Jeguk’s back with a complex expression on his face. It has been 9 years since he joined StarBooks, the representative was old and unmarried when he joined; but now he was a dad of two children. A lot of things have changed.

“Somii, You and I are going to leave together today, so please finish the work by 6:30.”

“Yes, editor.”

Somii’s energized voice came back.

Tewon downloaded the book from the company’s mailbox and and started reading it. Even though he was in a position of an editor and had to treat a book like a job, he turned into a reader and immersed himself into the novel.

‘I should get ready to leave now.’

It was 6 and Jaegun started to get ready to leave.


The phone rang on his pocket as he was putting on his shoes. When he checked the phone number, Jaegun’s face tightened.

Hetae Media’s Assistant Manager Park Gyungsoo

‘What is it?’

Jaegun couldn’t answer the phone right away and was stuck in his thoughts.

Even though he deleted Ma Jonggu’s phone number, there was a reason why he didn’t delete Park Gyungsoo’s.

Even though he didn’t have much power, he was a person who tried to help out Jaegun as much as possible in the company.

‘Are they planning to use Gyungsoo to try and get a contract out of me? If then, they are completely mistaking the game.’

Out of Jaegun, a laugh came out. Business is business. Gyungsoo’s niceness was a different problem.

Jaegun picked up the phone.

“Assistant Manager Park?”

“Ah. You had my phone number. Hello. Hello. Writer Ha. Anything happened?

It was the same rushed and nervous voice.

Jaegun felt the same sorry feeling and answered.

“Nothing else happened. You’re doing fine?”

“Yes. I’ve been doing fine. Hahaha. Yes. I’ve been doing fine.

Jaegun’s eyes were on the clock on the wall’s minute hand. If he didn’t leave right now, he was going to be late so he was going to have to talk while walking.

“Did general manager Ma tell you to get a contract signed?”

Jaegun closed the door and walked through the hall.

He didn’t want to beat around the bush. Gyungsoo was the type of person who was careful with every writer he spoke with. He also had a weak hearing. It was better to talk straight away.

“Ahhh. That is… I wanted to to ask how you’ve been doing and with that purpose…”

“I’m sorry to you, assistant manager, but I have no mind to sign with Hetae Media. No, since this is business, there is no reason to be sorry to you. Right? I have no bad feelings with you, assistant manager.”

With Jaegun’s sure tone, Gyungsoo’s voice became more rushed.

“That is, Writer Ha, the general manager said he would listen to any conditions at all. He said he wanted to give you the best conditions. Seriously. Can’t you listen just once?

“Assistant manager, I’m not sure if you understa…”

Jaegun’s stopped mid sentence.

Just 10 steps away was a car. And next to that car, there was Gyungsoo in a crouching position holding a phone.

“Ah… Writer Ha.”

Gyungsoo, noticing Jaegun, put down his phone and laughed awkwardly. Of course, Jaegun couldn’t laugh. The only people who knew where he lived out of Suwon’s people were the employee’s of StarBooks. Did his personal information get exposed or something.

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