Big Life - Chapter 12

Gyungsoo quickly ran up.

Jaegun, until he came up his nose, stood there. It was true that this unexpected meeting was uncomfortable and baffling.


“How did you know?”

“Yes? Ah…”

Gyungsoo read the discomfort in Jaegun’s face and stopped for a second. However he knew that this wasn’t a matter to be hidden so he quickly explained.

“The general manager told me to get over here… I was looking for the exact place and you just appeared…..”

Jaegun closed his mouth and was speechless. He didn’t feel like he needed to ask how he found out.

This line of job is small. A person who worked here works over there. A person who worked over there works over here. And then here and there and over there, people start to know each other. Perhaps general manager Ma had contacts in StarBooks.

Hetae Media knew that Jaegun wouldn’t like yet they still found his address and sent a person here. Jaegun was sorting out the perfect response for this discomfort in his head.

“Writer Ha, if it’s before dinner time, you should come with me…”

“I have a meeting.”

“Ah. Yes then talking while standing here is bad so we should go to a nearby cafe…”

“No. I will simply speak right here. What I want is a contract requirement.”

“Con, contract requirement?”

Gyungsoo’s face revealed his fear.

This was the first time that he saw this confident and self-confirmed Jaegun. The old Jaegun wasn’t like this. As they were a writer and an editor, they had different jobs, but he was like him, a powerless man.

Jaegun put up his hands and folded his fingers one by one and continued his words.

“11% royalties from 3000 copies, extra 1%, from 4000 copies, extra 1% from 5000 copies and so on. Also a contract span of two years. Electronic books should be 7 to 3. Of course the 7 is me. Send this to general manager Ma.”

“Wr-writer Ha? This, this is…”

Gyungsoo turned pale and couldn’t continue his words. This wasn’t impossible. The deal that Jaegun just proposed was a deal that A type famous writers could negotiate.

“I’m busy so I’ll assume you heard me and I’ll go first.”

“W-writer Ha. Wait a second. Excuse me.”

“Don’t follow me!”

As Jaegun looked back with a furious face, Gyungsoo stopped following and froze in place.

“Don’t follow me, and do not come to my house without my consent or there’ll be no contract. And give me the answer today by text.”

Jaegun spoke hardly and furiously turned around . Gyungsoo with his shivering body could only watch Jaegun’s figure move farther away.

“…I’m sorry. Gyungsoo-Seonbae**”

Jaegun wasn’t too happy about this. However, it was the only option. As long as Gyungsoo was an employee of Hetae Media, he couldn’t do anything else. So he chose this path to just completely cut them off.

When he couldn’t see Jaegun anymore. Gyungsoo finally got control of himself and called his superior. The other accepted the call before the first bell stopped ringing.

“What? It ended already?”

“That is, general manager, he says he’ll sign if we accept his demands.”

“Demands. What does he want?”

Gyungsoo said Jaegun’s demands one by one. The other voice’s breathing across the phone started getting heavier.

“This mad man, first time since his debut he’s selling 1000 copies and what?!” Does this guy think he’s on the level of other top writers? Is this guy going crazy because people are saying he’s gaining popularity?”

Gyungsoo held his phone away from his ear and wrinkled his face. He waited until the screams were over and asked.

“What should I do now, general manager.”

“Do what?”

“Are you going crazy, assistant manager? Don’t speak nonsense and go meet that ‘My Husband is a Werewolf’ writer. Throw that Ha Jaegun guy away.”


Phone shut off as soon as the he stopped.

Gyungsoo looked down at the floor and sighed. Skepticism filled him like a flood. Is this the dream that he had since his school days?

“Are you sure with this? The representative said to buy you expensive things.”

“I wanted to eat meat. I don’t want to go far away and I’m fine right here.”

StarBooks Tewon and Jaegun met at a popular meat restaurant sitting across each other. The employee girl came over to take orders.

“What do you want?”

“Can I have the beef rib eye serving for three first.”

Tewon didn’t hesitate and bought the expensive meal that costs 30 dollars per serving. Jaegun was surprised, but he knew that the meal bought to a writer was always paid with the company card so he kept quiet.

“Before I speak, I have something to say.”

Tewon smiled and opened his mouth.

“Your book is getting printed a thousand copies more.”

“Then…. it means that one book is getting about 4000 copies?”

“Yes. Estimate about 2500 dollars. It means you’re getting about 2500 dollars each month. Of course only from the paper books.”

Jaegun’s smile was earnest. He didn’t need to hide his feeling in front of Tewon.

Now like other employees, he had a stable cash flow of money coming in. He didn’t need to worry about the gas fees or wash in cold water like fish flopping around. Life changes in a moment like this.

“If the reviews are good, then we might sell about 5000 copies per book.”

“I wish that could happen.”

“And because of that, Writer Ha, Do you have any intentions of lengthening the series?

Jaegun put down his cup and met Tewon’s gaze.

“You want me to write more of the series?”

“Yes. I’ve read until the 10th book and there’s a fight that starts in the 8th book. If we can lengthen the story from the 8th book to the 10th book, we can write about to 15 books. Other than that, the plot might break and ruin the series.”

Tewon wasn’t a editor that only looked for the gain of the company.

He wanted the ratio that also didn’t ruin the project. This was why he had a lot of popularity among writers. Jaegun also felt that too.

“How is it? If we can go till 15 books, the book may increase in popularity and we might go over 5000 books and maybe up to 6000. Your royalties will also increase by that much as well.”

“But I thought I finished the story pretty cleanly…”

Jaegun slurred his words and moved his head sideways.

A young girl was coming through the door and entering the restaurant.

With a 160 cm height, a small body and two large eyes, she had a cute impression. Jaegun felt the entire restaurant getting brighter.

“Somii, here!”

Tewon held up his hand and shouted.

The cute girl that Jaegun saw smiled, put her shoes in the cabinet, and walked over. And then, to Jaegun, she bent her waist 90 degrees and greeted him without caring about the other customers.

“Hello, Writer Ha, I am StarBooks’ employee Jung Somii. I’m late because I was parking.”

Like her face, she had a clean and happy voice.

Jaegun, with his eyes on her white socks below her shorts, awkwardly nodded to her. The cat inscribed on her sock looked like Rika. He felt good.

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