Big Life - Chapter 16

“In the resting room… Sob.”

Suhee immediately left and went to the resting room.

Myunghoon was on the hammock. He was shaking the chair and leniently relaxing while drinking coffee. As Suhee approached, Myunghoon lifted his head and said like he was enjoying himself.

“Hey, hey, Lee Suhee. What’s up? You didn’t go get lunch?”

“I think I told you not to call me that in office?”

Suhee looked around the empty resting place and said irritated. Myunghoon got up and made a saluting gesture and answered.

“I’m sorry, ma’am. Team Leader, Lee, Su, Hee.”

Out of her mouth came huge sigh. It was a personality that couldn’t be fixed. There was no change from her college days to now. Combined with the stress of frequent overtimes and with this, her irritation exploded.

“What’s wrong right now!?”

Suhee cut right to the point?

Myunghoon laughed and sat down. He shook the A4 paper that was ripped in his hands. It was the character design that Hyemi designed.

“That woman call Hyemi, you said she was a food and nutrition major in college? I could tell from her working. Isn’t it better to tell her that she should quit Nexon and work at a high school restaurant as a nutrition master?”

“Tell me what the issue is.”

Suhee swallowed her anger and said. Myunghoon laughed and shook the paper in his hand roughly and answered.

“Issue? Yeah, it’s an issue that she can only design something like this. From the food type to the setting, there’s nothing I like. 20 year woman from a gas station is working part time and she meet a racer man? And falls in love? There’s a limit to this inducement. With a design as low as this, asking me to write a scenario…!”

Myunghoon shook his hand again and threw the paper randomly. The paper piece hung in the air for a second then fell onto the floor.

“It’s going to be hard to work if it’s going to be this way.”

“Then get me a design that’s good enough.”

Myunghoon twitched his foot and replied. Suhee’s eyes became colder by the second.

“Isn’t the problem your personality, not the design?”

“Whoa, is the team leader attacking my person?”

“…let’s stop.”

Suhee went on her knees and picked up the pieces of paper that Myunghoon spread on the floor.

“Hyemi is an employee that I like. Without any concern to her major, she works hard and unlike someone, her personality isn’t messed up.

Myunghoon’s face, which was holding a smile the whole time, hardened. She met his eyes and continued.

“Attacking personalities? Who was the one that said about nutrition majors and quitting to go to a nutrition company? How can you forget something you said 30 seconds ago and say crazy outbursts? And from a prideful WR, IT, ER. “

“Let’s stop, Suhee. It’s about to get bad.”

Myunghoon’s face was getting red. Suhee laughed through her nose and turned up the conditions a notch.

“Finish the draft by 3 days. There’s a schedule so we can’t be waiting like this.”

“I can’t write anything with a trash design like this even with 30 days.”

“Then if you can’t do it, I’ll look for a different writer.”

Myunghoon widened both his eyes. Just for a second and he put his head to the ceiling and laughed hard. Suhee was looking at him with a confident smile on her face.

“You’re gonna look for another writer? In 3 days, he has to write 3 character scenarios and 10 guests and you think you’re gonna find something like that? It’s gonna take at least a day just to get used to the entire story”

“There could be if I look.”

“Work is one thing, but how are you gonna find them? How are you gonna find a writer with skill like me in 3 days, recruit him, and give him the job? Ha, Team Leader Lee Suhee, I didn’t think you were a young woman who doesn’t know the world too well.”

“If you said enough, I’ll be out.”

Lee Suhee turned around and left. Myunghoon gazed at her back with hard eyes. If this wasn’t the office and was his house, the mug in his hand would already be thrown away and broken.

Suhee coming back to her seat, took out her phone and looked up her phone number list. She found Park Jongjin and his profile. Suhee took a breath and pressed the call button

“Hey, Lee Suhee? What’s going on? Calling me?”

“It’s been a while, you’ve been well?”

After asking Jongjin his well being, she reached out across her desk for a book. The end of her white and thin five fingers were on the writer Pyung Cheon Yu’s name.

“You’ve done a good job. Take this on the way out.”

“Ah, You knew that I like this drink. Call me if something is wrong.

“Yes, yes, have a safe trip.”

The delivery man left.

Jaegun looked down at Rika on her bed. Behind him was an air conditioner of the best quality.

Jaegun pointed to the air conditioner.

“Look at that Rika, that’s called an air conditioner, it’s cool right?”

“… Meow?”

“It’s July and the heat is about to come soon, but I have no concern. There is no need to have a cold shower every 30 minutes like last year. Why is that? Hehe, you’re curious? If you’re curious, I’ll tell you. It’s because of the air conditioner.”

“Meow? Meow?”

Rika with a confused face shook her head sideways and cried. Jaegun couldn’t stand her cute gestures and hugged her.

“I have no worries anymore. This must be like that saying about success at the end of hardship. Now I can write about books I want to write now.”

With the Martial Rankings and the Modern Rankings , the monthly money was about 5000 dollars. The Pegelon’s Magician released on Hetae Media was getting good reviews and was already printing 1500 copies. Therefore, Jonggu got to keep his general manager job.


A call came from Jaeyn. Jaegun put Rika down and answered the phone laying down.

“Yes, sister.”

“Are you busy? Mom says she’s gonna make you a fish dinner today.”

“I’ve ate duck stew just yesterday. What’s with another fish stew today.”

“A writer has to keep his stamina. It’s not like you’re doing any other exercises or anything.”

Jaegun was suffering from constant dinner invites from his sister and mother. The house environment was so much better because of the 30,000 dollars he had given to solve the problem of the rent.

“Don’t be like that, Jaegun. Come back home, yeah? There’s no reason to be in that one room anymore.

Jaegun without answering changed his gaze. The relationship between his father and him was still pretty bad. Even though he was getting good results, he got no response from him much less an encouragement.

And there was an important problem first.

Jaegun didn’t want to leave this one room. To be exact, he didn’t want to be away from this room. He didn’t know it, but it was the place where a writer had just changed his life.

“A call’s coming in, I’ll call back.”

“Do it quickly.”

Jaegun cut off the phone from her sister and took the new call.

“What’s up?”

“Did you get a call?”

“What is this randomness? What call?”

“Ah, no call yet, looked in a hurry though, it’s just that Suhee called and she asked your phone number and where you lived, and I told her. Fine?”

“Suhee…? What for?”

“I don’t know, It felt like she wanted to ask you a favor, isn’t it that? That, when we had that meeting with everyone, Myunghoon said. He was writing a scenario with Suhee at Nexon. She might be tired with putting up with him and might be asking you.

“No way.”

“Get some pride, man. You’re selling well. Anyway, call me at night, I don’t have much time left at lunchtime. I need to get some cigs and brush.

“OK. I got it.”

Jaegun lay down on the bed and looked up at the ceiling in disbelief.

Lee Suhee…

In the college days where the future looked dim, his first love, who he had to let go of because he had nothing. He had no idea why she was looking for him now.


Jaegun, surprised at the vibrations of the phone, sat up. A phone number that was not registered was showing up at the screen. An engine sound was getting louder across the main road outside his window.

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