Big Life - Chapter 17

Jaegun took the call with a nervous voice.


“Is this Jaegun?”

The voice was familiar in his brain and it created a picture in his mind. He could see the woman with a beautiful smile right in front of him.

“It’s Suhee, Lee Suhee, I’m sorry I called you so unexpectedly. Are you doing well?”

The car engine sound stopped.

Jaegun walked towards the window. Across the street, there was a cloud like white car in front of him. It was a few meters long, but he could tell who the driver was.

“Hello? Jaegun?”

“I’m listening. Sorry. I’ve been fine. And you?”

“Yeah. I’m good. Fine.”

After the times that they were apart, it felt like elementary school speaking class.

“I asked Jongjin for the number.”

“Yes, I see.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t come to the meeting with the all the graduates. I hear you’re still writing books. Good work.”

“Nah. It’s just I have nothing else I can do.”

“Are you busy? If you’re not, can I see you for a second?”

Jaegun was about to say yes but Suhee spit out a few more words.

“I’ll be real. I contacted you because of work. I’m in a hurry so I came near your house.”

Jaegun smiled at this.

She didn’t change at all. She was always the straightforward style who didn’t soften words.

“Sorry. Did you feel bad?”

“No. You see the end of the road and the 4th floor on the orange building.”

“4th floor, yes, I see it, are you there.”

“Yes, 2nd floor… wait.”

Jaegun was terrified when he looked at the mirror. Because of the air conditioner, he didn’t have time to clean up.

His hair was spiked like a porcupine and he hadn’t shaved so his beard was growing.

“Suhee, I’m sorry but could you wait in front of my house for 5 minutes. I’ll be there.”

“Take your time.”

Jaegun ran into the bathroom.

As soon as he shaved, he rubbed his hair with his left hand and brushed his teeth with the right. When he was drying himself, it was perfectly 5 minutes.

“You cleaned?”

Suhee smiled at the front of the parking lot.

Jaegun, on the top of the stairs, dusted off his hair.

“You haven’t changed. How many years have it been?”

“I don’t remember. Come in.”


Suhee went with Jaegun in to the one room.

Jaegun asked.Suhee who was standing in the middle of the room.

“If it’s hot, should I close the windows and turn on the air conditioner?”

“No, I’m fine. Wow, you raise a cat?”

Suhee found Rika who was under the cat tower and went with a surprised face.

Rika looked at Suhee’s face, closed both her eyes and yawned.

“So cute… what’s her name?”


Suhee carefully touched Rika’s neck. Rika didn’t reject her and accepted her touch. Still looking at her surroundings, she said.

“I can tell your personality just by looking at your room.”


“You only need the things you need to live. It’s like looking at your bag during college.”

Suhee matched Jaegun’s glance and laughed. Jaegun also laughed. His heart pounded. The room felt more lively just with Suhee’s presence.

“Yes… what’s the work?”

“Ah, I forgot.”

Suhee moved her hand that was rubbing Rika and took out some papers from her bag.

“This is the game that our company is developing. It’s a racing game with some dating. I need a writer that could write a scenario with these girl characters.”


Jaegun carefully read the papers that Suhee gave him.

Suhee was so nervous that her throat was dry. She was nervous that he would laugh at her like Myunghoon did.


At a point, Jaegun laughed.

Suhee went pale and asked.

“Why…. laugh?”

“It’s funny.”

“What is ?”

Jaegun, with his eyes on the paper, answered while laughing.

“It is. It’s funny that a girl working at a gas station meets a racer and falls in love. It’s an idea that could easily happen. It’s good because it’s possible. It’s relatable to the public.”

“I see…”

From Suhee came a sigh of relief. Jaegun’s laugh was a positive one.

“This next character Cha Selin is also pretty good. Of course, a girl working at a construction site isn’t likely in real life. But this is a game. If you can just save the details of the construction site, you can be persuasive enough. Hey, this is pretty good. Did you make this?”

Asking that, Jaegun was still looking at the paper.

Suhee fell in deep thought as she looked at Jaegun. There was no difference from the past Jaegun and this Jaegun. The two were overlapping.

The past was like this too.

He had no other thoughts when he was reading.

He poured hot water into ramen and started reading a book, and most likely he would eat the ramen after the water had cooled.

“I’ve finished reading it.”

Jaegun turned his head.

Suhee swallowed once and asked.

“How is it? Can you do it?”

Jaegun wanted to ask “Why me” but he stopped.

The important thing was that Suhee acknowledged that he was a writer and a human. So he made a decision and nodded his head.

“I’ll try. I’ve done work at gas stations and construction sites. I’ll be able to write something funny

Suhee’s face brightened up at that sound.

“Thanks. The contract isn’t bad. After it’s released and gets 150%, there’s incentive and …”

“It’s fine.”

Jaegun laughed and stopped her.

“I know you’ll take care of me.”


“When do I need to do it by?”

“That’s the problem, Could you do it in 3 days? I didn’t show it to you yet, but you need to understand the story about the game, and it is a bit time limited.”

“3 days, I’ll do it.”

Jaegun answered confidently.

He had the power to write 10,000 letters in an hour. In two days, the only work he needed to do was to send the Modern Ranking’s 6th book to StarBooks. He wasn’t too busy.

“I’ll hurry.”

“Thanks. I should go then. I have a lot of work to do.”

Suhee took her bag and stood up. There was so many things that they needed to discuss, but it would have to wait. She rubbed Rika once more and went to the front door and wore her shoes.

“I’m fine whenever, so give me a call. And let’s eat dinner sometime.”

“Ok, Be safe.”

Jaegun sent her away and sat in front of the notebook. Rika jumped up on his legs and took his place.

“Suhee is pretty, right?”


“That was sharp. OK. You’re the prettiest and Suhee is next in line. Fine?”

Rika acted all cute rubbing his head.

3 hours later…

Suhee pulled out her phone. She was resting in the living room with some coffee when a message came.

“I’ve sent Oh Sumin and Cha Selin’s character scenarios. Check it and message me.”

Suhee opened her eyes wide and looked at the clock. It’s only been 3 hours but the scenario drafts were already in? It was not possible.

“That’s weird. Did I explain something weird to him? Did he write something weird?”

She had no hope or expectation of receiving it in one day. She was thinking at least one day if he was fast. Suhee quickly walked to her computer.

“I can’t believe…!”

Suhee was shocked when she opened the document. She sat with her mouth open.

It was a 32,000 letter scenario draft. There was almost no typing errors and Jaegun’s writing was short and concise showing the two character’s stories well.

Suhee calmed herself and read through the draft from beginning to end. Then she printed it for all the employees.

“This is the Oh Sumin and Cha Selin’s character scenario. Read it and give me some comments.”

The employees all looked flabbergasted.

They had been used to Myunghoon’s extreme personality and his working style. A person like that who had just left the company in a fury today calmed himself down and finished a scenario?

“Wow, This is fun.”

The first employee that spoke up was Hemii, who was a fast reader.

“The character is really in depth. The back story is good too.”

Later another employee said

“The scenario, I think, took in mind the quest coins as well. The cases are all really unique, and they fit right in.”

“Did Writer Oh get something weird? I didn’t know he could write so well. He could have done this earlier and not have made so many employees miserable.

Suhee didn’t answer and only smiled. It was confirmed. It was not her biased opinion on his writing.

At that moment, Myunghoon called. She thought ‘he’ll never be a gentleman’ as she picked up the call.


“I think I was a bit furious. I changed the scenario for Oh Sumin. Changed her job to a family restaurant, I sent it to your mail so check it over. It was hard for me work to such low standards. If you can’t say yes to this, I have no other words. Find another writer.

Was it the moment?

Myunghoon’s voice sounded a lot more arrogant than usual today for Suhee.

It didn’t take long to make a decision. Suhee hardened her mind and asked.

“Could you tell me your bank account number?”

“Bank account number? Haha, what’s that? I don’t need any contract money. I don’t live that life. Just read the draft.”

“No, I wanted to give you your final payment.”

“Final… payment?”

Myung Hoon’s voice lost its laughing tone.

Suhee searched up the next character that she was going to send to Jaegun and continued.

“Nexon is going to revoke its contract with Writer Oh Myunghoon. I have to give you your money because of the contract. Even if it’s for coming to this company even though you’re not a proper employee and causing toils on everyone.”

“Su, Suhee? What are you talking…”

“I’m busy, let’s cut off. Send me the number by text.”


Suhee put down her phone. She turned her phone over when the call came again. The employees that had found their energy in a long time moved quickly to find their respective work to do.

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