Big Life - Chapter 18

“What is this nonsense…?!”

Myunghoon with a shocked face murmured. Suhee’s name was blinking on the phone screen.

‘Why is she going so hard?’

Myunghoon was shocked.

He knew that Suhee was not the type of girl to make jokes.

Myunghoon looked like a person who lost his country for a while and looked towards the ceiling. Then he called Suhee again.

‘No answer? Seriously?’

The ringing echoed for a second and cut off.

He called again, but the result was the same.

Myunghoon grabbed his phone tightly and clasped his teeth together.

‘She got a new writer? No, no way. Dang it, I think I must have insulted her too much this time.’

Myunghoon was going to make her frustrated for a while and give her the scenario. He had finished the scenario draft days ago, but he purposely waited to get people frustrated.

It was simple why he did this.

Suhee didn’t look at him with awe.

He wrote a paper that was considered to be turned into a drama and he had experiences with writing awards, but Suhee’s eyes looking at his still looked the same. There was no difference from now and 7 years ago.

‘Dang it!”

With some thought, Myunghoon pressed another button and called another person. After a few seconds, Nexon’s marketing team Manager Lee answered.

“Yeah, I wanted call you.”

“What’s up, man? What just freaking happened?”

Manager Lee was Myunghoon’s high school friend.

It was because of Lee’s recommendation that he got to work here. The statement that Suhee begged him to work here was all just a hoax.

“Suhee just revoked my contract. Did something happen with the creating team?”

“That is… I think they got a new writer.”

Myunghoon’s two eyes widened to the max.

A new writer? In just one day? In such a short time?

“Who, who? Who is it?!”

Myunghoon asked as if he was screaming. It wasn’t just about the writer, it was the fact that Suhee gave up on him and selected another writer that made him furious.

“I don’t know. They went to talk with my team leader. I’ll tell you when I know. I’m sorry but I have to go a meeting.

The call ended but Myunghoon couldn’t put down the phone from his ear.

His gaze went to a mirror on the desk. He felt like he wanted to destroy the face that looked back at him.


Myunghoon screamed and shoved the mirror sideways.


The mirror shattered into pieces and fell on the floor. The butler who was nearby heard this and ran over to him.

“Sir, sir. Are you ok?”

Myunghoon gave no answer.

The butler called the maids to clean up the mess and carefully asked Myunghoon.

“Uh, there was a call from the representative. He told you to finish the work by today 10 pm.

“I know.”

“And there is a meeting that starts at 7 about the woman’s new work. She said that since this is the first time that she got the main role, she wanted you to com…”

Myunghoon widened his eyes and yelled.

“I know! I’m going! Am I a child?! I’ll go take a cab or a bus, but I’ll go! Stop reminding me!”

“I’m, I’m sorry, sir.”

The maids who finished cleaning up and the butler both ran away.

Myunghoon crumpled on to the sofa and breathed loudly. Why was it so hard to get the one girl that he wanted. 


Writer Ha, the representative gave me some mussels to give to you. This is an animal and I’ll be late because of some business, so can I drop it off myself?”

It was StarBooks’ Somii.

Jaegun put down the package he got from Starbooks and replied.

“Then I’ll be glad. As long as you’re not coming here just for this, I’m fine.”

“No, it’s fine. I’ll give you a call *^^*.”

Jaegun smiled. He could imagine Somii’s healthy and cheerful smile.

There is a person that just takes away your stress when you meet them. Now Somii was becoming that person to Jaegun.

“Then, let me get the new laptop out? Rika, come over her.”


Rika jumped off from the window where she was sitting. Jaegun explained as he opened the book.

“This is a whopping 1800 dollar laptop. It was hard writing with the old one. First, the screen was too small, if I get stuck writing, I need to search up things on the internet and that one took about 20 seconds just to load a page.”

A silver, shining laptop showed its existence from the box. It was a 17 inch display, way bigger than Se Gunwoo’s laptop. Jaegun was smiling as he connected the adapter and turned it on.

“Did you see that Rika? It takes less than  5 seconds to boot. This is new technology, Just blink once and the main screen is up.”


“It was 1800 dollars but it’s fine. I’ll be able to cover it if I just write for one day. Now it’s a new beginning with a new laptop.

Jaegun download the Word on the screen and opened the script from Suhee. It was a quest about a Oh Sumin, a girl in the game.

“Ah, maybe it’s because I haven’t wrote in so long. I’m feeling really bad.”

For the first in a long time, he had trouble thinking.

It was the scene that the main character and Oh Sumin were first meeting. It was a scene from the girl’s perspective, but he couldn’t get that feeling. It was hard to think.

Jaegun started by writing the dialogue that he thought of and started murmuring.

“Hm, Ahh, I’m sorry. Ah, really handsome man? Are you hurt? Wow is this your car? Your car is really good. I sort of hurt my leg when I got hit, wah, could you drive me to my house? Ahhhhhh,, Nooooooo. That’s not it.”

He deleted what he wrote frustrated.

Maybe it was because he hadn’t wrote a dating novel, but it was really hard to write. This wasn’t a problem that could be fixed by Se Gunwoo’s skill. It was a problem of feeling.

So he changed his mind to something he could do. He moved the dialogue to the end, and started writing with the setting of the quest.

Tap! Tap! Tappapap!

It was about 2 hours of typing

‘What is this, this…?’

Jaegun shook his head and lifted his hands from the keyboard.

It felt weird. There was no problem from the words form the keyboard. But it felt that the hands couldn’t keep up with the mind.

‘It’s been about 2 hours, but i could only write this much?’

Jaegun checked the information tab. He had only written about 5000 letterers. Seeing that, his face hardened.

‘What’s wrong…?!’

The hands that wrote about 10,000 letters per hour didn’t feel right. It was because of this skill that he told her that he would send the draft by this evening.

‘Maybe it’s because of a new style that I’m not used to writing. Let me keep writing.’

Jaegun with patience started to write again.

But it hasn’t been 30 minutes until Jaegun with a pale face leaned against his chair. He knew even without checking the information tab, he had lost the power of writing 10,000 letters per hour.

‘What is it, this…?’

With this, he had no confirmation that he could finish this by 3 pm. at this speed. Jaegun suddenly felt fear because of his thoughts.

‘Did I… did I lose my power?!’

Not writing the girl dialogue to not writing 10,000 letters per hour, maybe it was because he lost Se Gunwoo’s power. Jaegun shivered at the thought. It was a nightmare thinking of going back to his past self.



Jaegun felt the vibrations of his phone. The phone screen read Somii’s name.

“He, hello.”

“Hey, I’m at your house, You’re probably busy I’m sorry.”

“No,no, it’s fine. Come in. I’ll open the door.”


Somii’s voice was bright without knowing Jaegun’s concern. Jaegun dragged himself to the  front door and opened. Somii was struggling to carry the styrofoam StarBooks box across the hallway.

Jaegun hurriedly went and took the box.

“I’m sorry. I should have gotten it.”

“No it’s fine. It wasn’t that heavy. Then thanks, sir.”

Somii did a 90 degree bend and turned around. Jaegun quickly talked to her.

“Come in. I’ll give you a cup of coffee.”

“No, it’s fine. You’re busy…”

“I just can’t leave you going like this. Don’t refuse and just come in.”

Jaegun asked again. There was the feeling of getting his energy back by talking to Somii. If he was alone for anytime longer, he felt like he was going to feel depressed.

“Then excuse me.”

Somii took off her shoes and went up.

At that moment.

Somii and Jaegun didn’t see Rika’s two ears lighting up. One eye held Jaegun, and one eye held Somii, both were reflected in her eyes.

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