Big Life - Chapter 19

“Here, sit down on this mat.”

“Ah, thank you.”

She put the mat on the ground and sat with her knees up in the air. Jaegun said because she was still carrying a heavy bag on her back.

“Just sit comfortably and take off your bag.”

“Ah, yes yes.”

“Do you want cold coffee?”

“Yes, I want it please.”

Rika came up to Somii. Somii, just  then realized her existence and sat pretzel and smiled.

“Hey, you’re really cute, what’s your name?”


“Ahm, the name’s Rika? Ahah, so cute, cute, ah, I didn’t mean to talk down to you, I was just talking to Rika…”

“I know.”

Jaegun laughed.

Somii, with a smile, rubbed Rika. Then she just went up to Somii’s leg, laid down, and acted all cute swinging her legs around.

‘She’s following her a lot.’

Jaegun poured a cup of a coffee and with a surprised look, he gazed at Rika. Rika was following Somii more than Suhee. Like they knew each other before.


“Thank you.”

Jaegun gave the cup of cold coffee to Somii and went back to his laptop and sat down.

Maybe it was because of Somii’s visit, Jaegun felt a bit better and more comfortable looking at his screen.

‘It’s not my powers that have disappeared.

Jaegun confirmed by looking at the words he had just written.

What felt like Se Gunwoo’s skills still lingered in his brain. He could tell by looking at his writing.

Then the reason that he couldn’t write the girl’s dialogue?

he concluded that it was because he lacked the female emotion.

“Sir… did you also not have any dating experience?!’

Jaegun felt an bad feeling and was asking Sun Gunwoo in his mind.

To think it was so hard to write from a girl perspective. If he knew this would happen, he would have practiced writing romance novels

Jaegun left out a sigh filled with regret while his eyes fell to the floor. Now that he lost the power to write 10,000 words per second, it was a double failure.


“Rika, where you going?”

Rika left Somii’s legs and went back into her house.

Comfortably sitting, in Rika’s both eyes, Jaegun’s and Somii’s figure were becoming clearer.


Jaegun cupped his palm and widened his eyes.

A feeling that wasn’t his was permeating through his brain.

That feeling went through like a power line and went through the heart.

“This, this…?!”

“…Sir,? What happened? Is it a headache?”

“No, no, wait.”

Jaegun put one hand to his forehead and with the other stopped Somii. Somii was about to stand up. She sat back down.

‘What? What is this happy and uplifting feeling? These aren’t my emotions, this isn’t what I feel.’

If it was a color, it was soft pink

If it was a season, it was late spring coming into summer,

The female emotions and feeling were coming clearer into one part of his head.


Jaegun turned around because of Rika’s cry.

Then Jaegun’s front face muscle convoluted.

He felt that Somii’s emotions were coming into him through Rika. It was a mysterious event that couldn’t be replicated.

‘Then… is this Somii’s mind?’

Jaegun’s chest beated fast

His heart rate was different from usual. It was running fast and lightly like a rubber ball.

Was it the feeling that Somii got when she looked at Rika. In front of a unexplainable event, Jaegun half conscious didn’t know how to move.

“Sir… Are you sure you’re okay? It is a headache, right? If you don’t have any medicine, I could …”

“No, I’m fine.”

Straightening his posture, Jaegun went back to his notebook.

There was a reason to test this out now. He began to write the dialogue for Oh Sumin, the girl character that he couldn’t write anything for.

‘How could this be!’

After he written one line, a feeling came to him.

The dialogue was just coming to him like a noodle getting ripped. The embarrassment when he wasn’t feeling the character disappeared and was gone.

“Somii, I’m sorry but what is your age?”

Jaegun kept his gaze on the screen and asked.

With this random question, Somii was confused, but she answered right away.

“Ah, I’m now 22.”

“You started working as soon as you graduated.”

“Yes, that is true. Before I graduated, I sent an application and I was lucky.”

Jaegun with fire in his eyes typed the keyboard

The dialogue for Oh Sumin filled the screen fast.

Instead of typing words, it felt like he was mining gold from a goldmine called Somii. The work that Jaegun was doing was just revealing the expensive gold in a beautiful way,

Somii was the best model as she had just graduated from college just last year. The two girl’s age were even similar. The game character Oh Sumin was fastly getting filled with Editor Jung Somii’s emotions.


Jaegun’s ears twitched

It was small, but Somii’s sigh was heard by his ears.

He slightly turned around. Somii was raising her knees and was rubbing her legs.

Just then Jaegun realized. The hot air was filling the one room. Somii’s bare legs under her shorts were being covered in sweat.

“Ah, I’m sorry, I forgot”

Jaegun stood up like he was bounced and activated the air conditioner. Somii answered back to Jaegun who was just closing the windows.

“No, No. Writer, I’m not hot. There’s no reason for you to turn the air conditioner for me. And I was just back to go anyway.”

Jaegun, in the middle of closing the windows, turned around with a blank stare.

Somii was carrying the bag that she put down on her back again.

“You’re, leaving?”

“Yes, you’re working so I’m sorry I was bothering you for so long.  Thank you for the coffee

Somii bent her waist and apologized. Instead of bothering, she had no idea that she was saving one writer.

“Can I use the sink? I’ll clean the cup and leave.”

“H,hey, excuse me, Somii.”

Jaegun was so urgent that words didn’t even come out.

He couldn’t let Somii just leave. He had to keep Somii there until at least he finished the quest lines for Oh Sumin.

“It’s fine, I’ll clean it.”

“It’s not about the cup.”

“Yes? Then…?”

Somii with her back on the sink looked at Jaegun.

Jaegun was far back, scratching his head and thinking of what words he wanted to way.


The phone in his pocket rang.

It was a message from Suhee.

It was a question about the how the work was going, but Jaegun knew that hidden meaning of that message. The small message contained the urgency that Suhee was feeling.

Jaegun put away the phone in his pocket and looked at Somii.

Somii was waiting for an answer with her eyes wide open.

A word that he had just thought of turned into a sentence and left through Jaegun’s mouth.

“Somii, I’m sorry but could you get canned food me.”

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