Big Life - Chapter 2

“Even though the genre is already dead, good writers can still sell them.” Jaegun hurriedly said.

He didn’t want to talk about his life in front of his classmates. However, Myunghoon didn’t change the topic.

“No, this isn’t about other writers; this is about you. Do you think your writing would sell well?” he inquired.

“I’m not sure yet. I’ll know after it gets published.”

“Do you have an idea of how many copies will be printed? It’s not a pay per chapter, right? You’re going to have to write a book every day. No, even then you’re going to have trouble getting money.”


“A writer has to get money be a considered a writer. That’s why people make fun of poor writers.”


Jongjin drank a cup and slammed it down on the table.

“Hey! Oh Myunghoon, I’ve been listening, and your words seem to have some hidden meaning to it.”
(TL: Oh is his last name)

“What? What hidden meaning?” he shook his head as if he was baffled. Jongjin’s eyes were radiating with anger.

“Don’t try to say you don’t know. I’m warning you before I drink; don’t ruin this good mood we have right now.” Jongjin seemingly growled at him.

Myunghoon’s personality didn’t change a bit from the college days. He still liked to show off and was still opportunistic. Girls had a hard time trying to figure him out.

Jongjin also knew why Myunghoon was attacking Jaegun today. He could vouch that it was because of an absent colleague, Lee Suhee.

“Okay, okay, I was just trying to check on a colleague. There’s no need for such emotion.” Myunghoon sarcastically finished his words.  

Realizing the cold mood, Hyojin changed the topic.

“Is everyone here yet?”

“I think Suhee didn’t come yet.”

Jaegun’s ears perked up. Her beautiful smile showed up in his thoughts.

“Oh yeah, I should go call her.” Minah pulled her phone out but Myunghoon stopped her.

“There’s no point.”


“She had a meeting today so she had to work late.”

“How do you know that? You two dating?” Minah asked with her eyes wide open.

Myunghoon laughed out loud and shook his head. “No. You know the gaming company she works at? The Nexon Mobile Team.”


“Apparently, there’s a racing game about to be released. It has a lot of romantic elements to it, so she begged me to write a scenario. What could I do? It was a colleague’s favor, so I accepted it.”

The girls’ eyes stared at him like he was a bright and shiny diamond.

“That’s amazing! Now you’re also a game scenario writer as well?”

“How much money will they give you? Nexon is the nation’s best. If a stubborn person like Suhee asked you, you really must be at the top.”

Myunghoon leisurely sat on the sofa, enjoying all the attention that he was getting.

“Hahaha, I kind of feel a little bad now. She’s not here because of me. I can’t allow that. I’ll do this, drink’s on me. I’ll buy everything; get whatever you guys want.”

“Really? You’re so cool, Myunghoon.”

“Hey guys, the successful writer is buying us drinks. Everyone get ready.”

In this loud atmosphere, Jaegun picked up the beer bottle. Before he could pour, a hand stopped him.

“Don’t pour yourself drinks, you idiot.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

Jaegun and Jongjin touched drinks. As the cool beer poured down his throat, he secretly thanked Jongjin. He would not be able to survive this without him.

Jaegun and Jongjin split from the crowd after the party.

It was Jongjin’s idea. They went into a quiet pub and poured drinks.

“It feels good drinking in a quiet place.”


“For what?”

“I know it’s because you’re thinking about me.”

“Stop talking nonsense. It’s all because of that Myunghoon fool.”

“It’s not wrong. A writer has to get money to be a writer.”

“Hey, shut up. Dang it. When I see that fricking idiot laughing his mouth off, I feel disgusted. It’s worse for you because of Lee Suhee.”

Jaegun smiled bittersweetly.

Lee Suhee.

One of the girls who got the attention of all the boys. She even had a good personality that allowed her to be with the girls. Jaegun also had feelings for her.

During college, Myunghoon asked her out and got rejected. He didn’t come to school for a week because of that incident.

Fast forward a few months later…

Approaching graduation, Suhee asked a person out. That person was Jaegun. It was because of his diligent writing.

Jaegun couldn’t accept it.

The reason was obvious. He had no money. He was barely getting through college with part-time jobs and he didn’t have the time and money for love.

Jaegun drank another cup while thinking of the memory.

It was disappointing, but he didn’t regret it.

It wouldn’t have mattered. He probably would have broken up with her already. He was just a poor writer who was worried about rent and saving gas.


The phone vibrated Jongjin’s body. As he looked at the picture, he felt disgusted.


It was a message by Hyojin. In the picture, there was everyone, including Myunghoon and Mina. Everyone was smiling and lifting up a wine cup.

“Fricking wine.”


“Myunghoon said he knew a good wine bar. He’s paying. Look at these women loving free stuff and chasing him around.”

Jongjin pushed the phone to Jaegun’s face. Jaegun poured a drink to his empty bottle and asked, “You have your mind on Hyojin, right?”

“Was it too obvious?” Jongjin agreed instantly. It must have been their close relationship.

Jaegun smiled and asked, “Since when?”

“Hmm. Like last time we met. In college, she was just okay. But now, she’s been getting better. She’s strong and energetic. I get pulled to those types.”

Yeah, she does have that type of personality. Her face is pretty as well.”

“Who cares. Tell her to have fun with Myunghoon. Completely lost feeling right now. Drink up, drink up.”


Now it was Jaegun’s phone.

It was the editor in chief’s call. With a serious face, Jaegun told Jongjin, “I’ll be back after I get this call.”

“Come back quickly.”

Jaegun went out of the pub and answered the phone, “Hello?”

“Hello, Mr. Ha. I read your preview. Do you have time for a call?”

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