Big Life - Chapter 22

“Let’s take a look at each one.’

Since he found out the powers that Rika and the laptop had, he had the thought to find out the powers of the others. It could be possible that every one of Se Gunwoo’s things had a special power or gift in them.

‘First the fountain pen.’

Jaegun took the pen and opened the notepad. He hesitated and thought about what he was going to write. He finally wrote his name.

‘What is it.’

Nothing happened.

He thought he had to write a sentence so he wrote the korean national anthem 1st verse. But he finished with the period and nothing happened.

‘No idea. Let’s find out later.’

He pushed away the pen and lifted up the horned glasses. It felt awkward to Jaegun who had good eyesight and didn’t need any glasses in his life before.

‘This one looks like nothing too.’

Jaegun went to the window and looked outside.

It was the same looking through the glasses. There was nothing that appeared or changed in appearance.

‘Let me read something.’

Mad with reading books, Jaegun opened the Modern Rankings file on the laptop . and he started scrolling to read the words that he wrote.

“Ah? What is this?”

Jaegun’s two eyes from the glasses twitched.

It’s only been 1 minute since he started reading, but already 1 third of a book’s entire document was moving.

“Am I reading this fast because I wrote it?”

Jaegun went to the desk and picked a book.

It was a book he used in college, the Korea Literature Lecture.

The book had a lot of pages which had small words so it took a long time and effort to study the book.

Jaegun opened the first page standing up.

After the header came the 1st page. Hard words and sentences came up into his eyes, and his fingers quickly started flipping through the pages.

“What is this!”

Jaegun muttered, looking blue, looking at the last page of the book.

By the time, it was barely 5 minutes, he had finished reading this thick book in a short timespan.

Jaegun pulled out another book and read it as another experiment. It was the same result. Only it was even faster this time, it took about 3 minutes to finish the entire book.

And there was another fascinating event occurring.

There were words that looked bolded to him as he was reading. When he looked closer, they were typos and false epitaphs.

‘I can see epitaphs? With just these glasses?’

Jaegun’s heart rushed.

These glasses were just an editor’s eyes. There was the power to see typos and errors in such a fast speed. When he would be revising, this would increase his efficiency by tens to hundreds.

‘The thing that’s left is… the mug?’

As he went to the sink and lifted the gray mug, he had a memory.

It was a memory that his body not his mind felt. Jaegun felt like he knew the answer as he poured a instant coffee into the cup.

Jaegun brewed cold coffee. And as a test, he drank the entire cup in a flash.

‘The tiredness disappeared.’

Energy was flowing through his body that was just stressed moments ago.

He felt rested like he slept over 10 hours.

Jaegun then could finally confirm his suspicions. With this mug, he could drink anything and instantly recover his energy.

‘The floor of the mug turned white? Wasn’t it originally gray?’

He didn’t notice it before because of his lack of attention. The gray floor turned white. It was obviously gray before he poured the coffee.

Jaegun put down the cup and looked down at the floor.

Then, from the floor, a gray dot slowly appeared. With patience he looked, and he discovered that the dots were getting bigger at a slow speed. It was going to take a lot of time for the floor of the mug to turn gray.

‘Is it that I need to wait until the gray floor appears so I can use it again.’

There was no way to check now. He was going to check when Jongjin or Suhee or Somii or someone came over.

Jaegun put down the mug on the sink and returned to his desk. The two hands on the keyboard were recording Se Gunwoo’s items.

  1. Laptop – Has the power to write over 10,000 words per hour.
  2. Fountain pen – Still checking.
  3. Horned glasses – Takes 3-5 minutes to read a book. Power to check errors and typos.
  4. Mug – The stress disappears and energy appears when something is drunk from this mug.
  5. Rika – Rika can give other’s emotions as a carrier to me. There must be a condition as it worked for Somii but not Suhee. Not sure yet.

Jaegun’s fingers stopped as he finished the Rika category. Then he thought of one more thing and added another line of sentence.

  1. Ha Jaegun – Inherited the great writer’s powers.

Jaegun laughed as he read his document.

From the outside of the window, the mountain with Se Gunwoo’s resting place was showing. Jaegun thought of something to do, stood up, and said to Rika.

“I’m going to clean the writer’s house. You want to come?”


Rika rolled her tail and came closer as if she understood. Jaegun lifted her and went to the door to put on his shoes.

“Let’s go to the market first. I need to buy a scissor to cut the weeds. And since I’m cleaning I should go pour him a drink as well. I’m sure he would like it if I made his a 오십세주?”

Jaegun said to Rika and walked out confidently.

There was nothing to be afraid of. He had the confidence to take anything or any issue that came to him.




“Hey, you idiot! Can’t you drive!”

The driver’s words couldn’t get into Myunghoon’s ears.

Myunghoon was driving his sport car in the road.

As he started from his house, the average speed was over 100km, the destination was Suhee’s workplace Nexon.

“The writer’s name is Ha Jaegun. He must be a writer who released some martial arts and fantasy novels, and he’s apparently an alumnus of Team Leader Lee Suhee, then isn’t he an alumni of yours as well?

It was his high school friend and the Nexon’s marketing team employee Manager Lee.

He got so angry as he heard this that he lost his mind. So he was driving to see Suhee.

‘How could this …! How dare you push this Oh Myunghoon and hire a person who has no award experience to write a scenario?! Are these words or dog barkings!”

He felt like his head was turning when he heard that he was getting replaced. But now that he knew it was Ha Jaegun, Myunghoon felt so angry that his teeth were about to break as he was grinding them so hard. He wanted to destroy everything that he saw.


As he parked his car on the parking lot, he went straight for the elevator.

His rough breathing went up to his neck. His shoulders were shaking as he pressed the elevator button.

“What reason did you come for, sir?”

The woman at the information desk said to Myunghoon.

Myunghoon didn’t even think about fixing his necktie on his back and went up to her and talked.

“Bring Lee Suhee.”


“Lee Suhee! Bring the team leader Lee Suhee!”

Myunghoon crashed his fist down on the table.

The woman became pale with fear and was walking back.

At that time.

“What is this?”

Myunghoon’s two eyes widened angrily; He turned to the place where the voice came. His face was hardened and shaking. He could see Suhee who was holding a suitcase across her chest.

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