Big Life - Chapter 25

“Welcome, Writer Ha Jaegun.”

Somii handed her greetings happily.

Many writers, at the mention of the name Ha Jaegun, shook their heads They had also been in this floor for a long time writing. However, it was a name that they had never heard of before.

“Ha Jaegun? Do you know him?”

‘No, I don’t. Does he have a pen name?”

Myunghoon, who was sitting on the long table on the center and chatting,  slitted his eyes.

A faint smirk appeared in his mouth, which disappeared as soon as it came.

‘He came.’

Myunghoon guessed that Jaegun would be here. He had no plans of attending, but purposely changed his mind to join.

He had enough reason to be here. One of Myunghoon’s work was published through StarBooks Romance label.

“You’re hungry, right? Since you came a bit late, the only empty spot is that corner over there.”

Somii said nonplussed and looked around the place that she pointed to.

Jaegun’s eyes were not on the seat but on the food that was on Somii’s plate. This was a restaurant with employees, but it was a wonder why an editor would be doing something like this.

“Go inside after you take off your shoes.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

Jaegun didn’t say anything more for now and took off his shoes like he was asked to.

He looked around but he couldn’t see Tewon anywhere

‘He is the chief editor so he’s probably busy on a day like this.’

Jaegun decided to not look anymore and went to the corner. There weren’t any writers that paid a lot of attention to the late Jaegun. All of them were busy talking to the writers around them.

Except one person.

Myunghoon was observing Jaegun while he was talking.

It felt like Jaegun didn’t see his presence. His pride didn’t allow him to go first and greet him so Myunghoon stayed put.

“Excuse me.”

Jaegun, with a seat in front of him, asked carefully to the writer around.

His age was about early 30s, with a small stature and a dark complexion, the man seemed to give off a gloomy feeling.

“Can I seat here?”

“Ah, yes yes, sit, sit.”

The man pushed himself more to the corner to make space. Jageun politely nodded to him and sat down.

“You’re a … writer, right?”

The man asked as if he was feeling him out.

Jaegun looked towards him and nodded his head.

“Yes, you’re a writer, too?”

“Haha, yes, I am right. To be called a writer is…”

Jaegun with a calm smile picked up a piece of a fried food. He wasn’t the type to press for an answer.

It was better to wait for the other person to say a word. But he tried to soothe the other person so he/she could easily say things.

‘Don’t know what writer or what project he’s written.’

Jaegun thought about his past self.

If he was a writer that didn’t sell well enough to struggle in live, he would have been tired if he’d gotten a question about what project did he write.

“Wow, this is great.”

Jaegun chewed on the fried food and said with a bit of overdramatics. Then the man on the side also laughed and pulled food that Jaegun couldn’t reach toward Jaegun.

“Have a taste of this. I don’t know what herbs are these, but it’s good.”

“Thank you for helping me. I’ll eat well.”

“Do you drink?”

“Ahah, yes, give it to me. I’m sorry. I should have poured you a drink first. Give me the bottle.”

“No it’s fine. I’ll give it first.”

The man and Jaegun both got a drink.

The soft and cold soju went down the throat and into the body.

Jaegun breathed deeply after the refreshing drink. Maybe it was because of the success he’s been having, but it has been a long time since soju tasted this good.

“Is it the first time in these writer meetings?”

The man picked up the bottle and asked.

Jaegun politely took the drink with two hands and answered.

“I came here a long time ago once.”

“I see. This is my first. But, if it’s a long time ago, then it’s been awhile since your debut?”

“Hm, yes, that’s right.”

Jaegun and the man both a drink for the second time. Jaegun could feel his body heating up because of drinking 2 cups on an empty stomach.

The conversation dried up for a second.

Since the bottle was passed around for a few drinks, the environment and the mood became louder and more elated.

“Ah sorry, the introductions were late, but I’m called Kang Minho.”

In the loudness, the man said his name with a determined face.

Then finally Jaegun also straightened up and answered.

“I’m sorry too. I’m called Ha Jaegun?”

“Hm, yes. Do you use a pen name.”

Minho asked as they were shaking hands.

Jaegun smiled embarrassedly and nodded his head. Then Minho said

“Ah I see. I use my own name.”

“Ahah, …yes.”

On Jaegun’s face, a string of troubleness passed by

He had no memory of a name called Kang Minho.

Minho as if understanding Jaegun waved as if it was ok.

“It’s fine. There’s not many people who know because it was discontinued early with 6 books. And that’s the only project.”

“Excuse me but the project name was?”

“I wrote a fantasy. It’s called the King of the Devil of a barbaric land…”

Minho said unconfidently. He thought obviously Jaegun wouldn’t know it so he was deeply embarrassed.

But Jaegun was already widening his eyes and asking back.

“The king of the Devil of a barbaric land? That book with the devil from a fantasy land that comes to the present and works at a convenience store and then earns money and makes a building company?”

“You, you’ve read it?”

“Of course, I’ve read it. Since the devil who ruled the fantasy land can’t speak any Korean, the scene where the he had to beg to barely survive was so funny.”

Jaegun had read most of any genre book published in StarBooks.

It was to study to be a writer who can read popular fads.

He might have forgotten the name Kang Minho, but he remembered the name perfectly.

“Oh, this is, embarassing, have a drink.”

Minho, having a great feeling rising in his heart, offered Jaegun another drink. Jaegun didn’t refuse and took a drink. Then he also gave Minho a drink.”

“Then Writer Ha Jaegun’s pen name is?”

“Ahah, yes. I’m called Poong Cheon Yu.”

As he said that.

The noise in the surroundings stopped suddenly

In the far places, there was still noise. However, the writers in the close places all as one closed their mouth and looked towards Jaegun.

“Poong Cheon Yu…?” The writer of the Modern Series, Poong Cheon Yu?”

Minho, with a bewildered face, asked again for confirmation.

Jaegun, feeling the other people’s gazes that suddenly surrounded him, answered.

“Yes, that’s right.”

As soon as Jaegun answered, many writers all brought a bottle and came closer to him and started to offer him drinks.

“You’re writer Poong Cheon Yu. Nice to meet you. I’m using the pen name Mister H.”

“Ah, yes, the soccer novel Genie Scouter’s writer? I’m reading it as well.”

“Take my drink as well. My pen name is Deserter…”

“Ah, Ground Zero’s writer? Both of you are writing sports fantasies. I don’t have the background knowledge to write something like that so it was hard. Nice to meet you.”

The environment immediately changed.

A unknown strong presence was focused on Jaegun.

One person, two people, three people… the writers of fantasy novels used this time to go to Jaegun and greet him.

“The Modern Series was so fun to read. It’s been awhile since you debuted so I thought you were older, but you’re really handsome and young.”

“It was fun even from the point of view of a writer. What method do you use when you write? Do you have the ending all planned out?”

“Ah, my method of writing. It is…”

Jaegun was sweating trying to answer all the writers that were surrounding him.

It made him happy and thankful, but he was extremely surprised. He didn’t think he would get this many greetings from the writers as well.

“Why is everyone around him? What did he write?”

On the opposite of Jaegun’s table.

Myunghoon and the female writers were also beginning to take notice to that side. Myunghoon who was speaking triumphantly about his ways of creation felt extreme disgust as his words were cut.

“Writer Lee Young Ah, where was I?”

Myunghoon hid the disgust and said.

The writer with the name Lee Young Ah took her gaze off Jaegun and ballooned her cheeks and tilted her head.

“Yes? Ah…. yes. Where were you? I don’t remember very well.”

It was obvious that she was listening very carelessly. Letting the story come out of one ear, she was busy gazing at Jaegun.

Myung Hoon’s forehead’s veins tingled.

He was barely keeping his composure, and he was close to exploding. Even he couldn’t tell if he could stop it.

In front of that Myunghoon, two female writers were getting up.

“I’m sorry but I’m be going over there for a second. I also have an interest in fantasy.”

“Me too, I want to write a romance with fantasy so I’ll be back after I get some advice.

“Haha, yes, go ahead.

Myunghoon barely kept his anger in check and sent them away with a smile. And when no one was looking, he inhaled the cup full of soju in one shot. This feeling of explosion felt like a few drinks wasn’t enough to make him drunk.

‘Wow , Writer Ha is famous.’

Somii smiled unknowingly to others looking at the surrounded Jaegun from far away. Since he was writer that she was responsible for, her mind felt great.

“Jung Somii, what are you doing standing there? The writers on this side don’t have any drinks.”

Assistant Manager Go said as he was quibbling.

“Ah, sorry. I’ll go get it now.

Somii was completely surprised and went to the refrigerator. Since the few employees went on vacation, even a editor like her was helping the serving.

“What are you doing?”

As she was opening the refrigerator and taking out the drink, a voice came from behind Somii back. Somii couldn’t hear it because the surroundings were so loud.

“What are you doing?”

When she finally heard the voice, Somii looked backwards. Then her two eyes became wide.

“Wri, writer Ha?”

Jaegun was standing there with a stone hard face.

Jaegun, who from a minute ago was covered up by the writers, was behind her as if protecting her.

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