Big Life - Chapter 27

“Writer, we should have one more bottle. Have some beer.”

The parking lot after the writer’s meeting.

About 30 percent left. The rest of writers were getting into groups of writer that they liked and were finding a 2nd meeting place. Jaegun was also stuck in one group of writers.

“Yes? Writer Ha, it’s only been a bit over 9. There’s a beer place just right across the street. You should have a drink.”

“Yeah, let’s pour ourselves with just the men.”

A few female writers who were close stuck themselves in.

“Is this sexual discrimination? Leaving just the women behind? We drink well just count us in.”

“What, the beautiful females will drink again? Of course we must count you in. We’ll take good care of you.”

It was a great atmosphere. There was nothing else to be said. Yet Jaegun had no words and was just standing there.

“Writer Ha, you’re going? Right?”

The writers, who had high expectations, asked. They were very into the Jaegun, even though it was their first time meeting him.

It wasn’t because of Jaegun’s best selling writer status. That was just something that made them curious. The writers were  into Jaegun’s personal, human personalities.

While listening to others instead of bragging about his own book, he also gave out very enthusiastic opinions during conversations about writing. That was a reason that many writers liked Jaegun’s attitude.

“I’m really sorry, but I drank as much as I could today.”

Jaegun shook his head and answered embarrassedly. To the sighing and disappointed writers, he quickly added.

“I have home stuff I must do today. Since I gave out my contact information, I’ll see you guys next time. I’ll be going for today.”

Jaegun didn’t want to drink anymore because of writing.

Since he drank today, he couldn’t write too much when he went back home.

But there is a tomorrow. It was best to cut things off here to recover his condition and write normally tomorrow.

“If you’re like that, I guess that’s it. We’re disappointed, but we won’t cling on to you. But next time, let’s meet again. And good luck.”

“Yes yes. Good luck to you guys as well. Have a good time and go home safely.”

Jaegun shook hands with the writers and moved away from the crowd.

He saw Tewon and Somii standing side by side. They were waiting for him. Both people were smiling looking at Jaegun. Jaegun went to Tewon, who he haven’t seen for the entire writer’s meeting, feeling joy

“Are you going in right now?”

“Yes, I have to write starting tomorrow. What about you guys?”

Tewon checked his watch on his wrist and answered.

“We should go since our job is done too. Writer Ha, I’ll take you to your home.”

“No. It’s fine. It’s quick by subway. I want to walk slowly so I can wake up from the drinks.”

“I see. I hope you do well on your writing. Please contact me later. I”ll be waiting.”

“Of course, I’ll give you a call.”

Tewon and Jaegun shook hands.

Somii has a slight smile. She could feel the unique and warm atmosphere between the two. She had a feeling that these two will be together for a long time

“How is Somii going?”

“I’m also taking the subway.”

“Then let’s go together.”

Jaegun and Somii went together to the subway station after they left Tewon.

Since it was night, the wind was pretty cool. During the loud summer night of the city, Jaegun and Somii was walking together relaxedly.

“Thanks for before.”

Somii just brought up the conversation.

Jaegun turned around, understanding the meaning, and smiled.

“I thought a lot about what I was doing, listening to Writer Ha. I was reminded again that I am an editor.”

Finishing talking, Somii closed her thick lips together.

Jaegun laughed. He thought her facial expression, slightly red from the drinks, looked cute.

“Why are you laughing?”

“No, nothing.”

“Don’t lie. I’m curious. Why did you laugh?”

Somii went in front of Jaegun and walking backwards, asked again. She wouldn’t have done this in front of Jaegun normally. Now, the girl with a few drinks was not a editor, but a female university student.

“You’re going to fall.”

“So tell me fast. Why did you lay… Ack.”

Somii was struggling because her foot was stuck on the road.

Jaegun quickly ran over and grabbed both her arms. Somii’s sneaker bounced far away.

“Lean on the telephone pole and stand for a second.”

“N, No. I’m fine. Sir! I’ll go get it!”

Somii was running with one foot and was shouting.

During that time, Jaegun was already coming back with the sneaker.


“Ah, I’m really sorry. Sorry.”

Apologizing repeatedly, Somii wore the sneaker.

Was it because of the drinks.

Or maybe the night’s bright light’s reflection.

Jaegun thought Somii’s legs looked very beautiful.

Somii again was wearing jeans and white socks. She had a cat face like Rika. It felt like her college outfits fit even as she became an adult.

“Where’s your house?”

Starting to move again, Jaegun asked.

Somii, whose face became slightly red after that accident, answered immediately.

“Ah, yes. I’m in Noryangjin.”

“Then we can go together till Sindorim.”

“It’ll be comforting riding a cab.”

“I like the subway. All the people I meet are all writing topics so. There’s a lot of things I meet at the subway that I won’t be able to meet in the back of a cab”

“Of course you’re the writer.”

“It’s probably not just me.”

There were no seats on the subway, but it was relatively sparse. Grabbing the handle next to a seat, Jaegun asked.

“Were you also living in Noryangjin?”

“No, my house is the East Sea.”

“You were born where you could see the sea. I’m jealous. Where in the East Sea? There’s a lot of oceans there, right?”

“It’s the East Sea District, named after the East Sea. Kanglung is on the bottom and Samchuk is on the top.”

“Aha, I see.”

The two people on the subway talked about small things. It wasn’t as a writer to editor talk about writing but about two people’s life. As a funny topic came about, Somii covered her mouth and laughed.

When Sindorim station came, the two people got off.

It was time to say good bye. Putting their backs to the platform they were going on, they nodded their head.

“Go in safely.”

“Yes, you too.”

Jaegun went away.

Somii, standing there, was looking at Jaegun’s back. Then she just remembered and opened her mouth.

“Writer Ha Jaegun!”

Jaegun turned around, hearing in the crowd.

Somii, with the drinks helping her, put two hands together and shouted.

“Good luck! You’re going to release amazing works again and again!”

Jaegun had a blank face. But he raised his hand smiling embarrassedly. Somii with a bright smile waved her hand and finally turned away and disappeared into the crowd.

‘I was planning to rest one day because of drinks, but I guess not.’

His plans changed after Somii’s cheers.

Jaegun went to the convenience store and drank a bottle of hangover cure. Then he went to his working place where Rika was waiting for him hurriedly.

“Sir, the dinner is ready.”

“I don’t want to eat. I’ll eat by myself so leave it.”

The maid put her head down and went away.

Myunghoon’s two eyes were on the monitor. He was looking through his story for the Digital Literary Contest..

‘This is good. It’s fun. This is better than any novel I had written so far.’

Myunghoon was saying to himself as comfort. Really, he was nervous. He couldn’t get rid of the feeling that there was something left out.

The name was ‘The Lonely Man of Seoul,’ it was a love story of a young man with power as a lawyer and an orphan working at a factory.

Myunghoon used a pen name called ‘Ahn Sungwoo’ instead of his name.

It wasn’t because of the fairness of the judges. It was because of his lack of confidence. He didn’t have the confidence to win so he didn’t have the strength to put his own name on the line.

“Myunghoon, what are you doing without dinner.”

“Ah, brother.”

Myunghoon turned around his chair and had a joyful face.

Older than him by 9 years, Oh Myungsuk was coming in through the door.

He was the only person who could go into Myunghoon’s office without permission.

“The family is together so we should eat together.”

“I’m fine with dinner, brother, did you read the Lonely Man of Seoul?”

“Yes, I read it.”

“How is it? It’s pretty good right?”

Myungsuk was the editor at father’s publishing company. It was because he thought he needed to work more. He had written for a long time and he had experience having his works in the Sinchunmuye.

Myungsuk immediately answered without hesitation.

“The characters are seriously superficial. The main character of the lawyer seems like he was only bragging. Is it the elitism, the feeling that I’m this sort of person, to feel happy, that I’m meeting a girl like you, who is working at a factory?”

Myunghoon’s face shadowed

He thought he wrote objectively so he didn’t expect to hear this judgement.

Myungsuk’s sharp critiques continued.

“There’s no depth. It feels like you’re only scratching the surface. That’s the main draw. The girl character is awkward. What kind of person in this age is cornered for stealing lunch? Isn’t that just over the top? And have you even interviewed workers for this? When they work and when they rest, and when they leave, did you look into that?”

“No, eh… I searched on the internet. It’s nothing really so do I have to go to a factory and interview them? I’m already busy as it is.”

“That’s the issue with your writing, Myunghoon.”

Myungsuk sighed heavily.

His brother never tired to emphasize experience. It was hard and boring. He was still forgetting one of the most important things about being a writer.

Myunghoon stood up and shook Myungsuk’s both shoulders and pleaded.

“You finished planning the company work right? Please help me if you have time left.”

“Haven’t I helped you? But you, this isn’t helping, but basically writing it for you. What are you using this for? Are you gonna enter this into a contest?”

“That’s a secret. I’ll tell you it later, ah? Please save the parts I don’t know. This is a work that’s important for completion too. Ah? Please.”

“Ahhhh, Myunghoon…”

Myungsuk put his hand on his forehead and slurred his words.

His pleading was something that got on his conscience as an editor and a writer.

He hoped that he would write on his own when he grew older and matured, but he was still asking and pleading. It was embarrassing.

“This is the last time.”

Myungsuk put up his finger

Myunghoon was laughing. He put his thumbs up.

“I won’t forget this.”

“Shut up you idiot, come down for food.”

“Don’t tell this to father.”

“If you don’t come right now, I might.”

Myunghoon went up and followed Myungsuk. Now he had no worries. After his brother checks it, it will turn out to be an amazing, fantastic piece.

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