Big Life - Chapter 33

It’s the serial publishing.

It is the same as an electronic book in that it’s only sold online. But unlike an electronic book with ‘one book’ type, the serial publishing is about 5000-6000 characters for one ‘section’ published serially. So about 20-25 sections are released for one book.

Jaegun was planning to try this for a new book.

He fulfilled his dream for paper books so now it was money.

For about 10 cents per book, giving up money for the service web and the management, the writer gets about 5 cents. If the view are about 1000, the profit is about 50 dollars.

“Could I stop you here?”

“Yes, thank you.”

Jaegun exited the taxi and headed for the subway station.

Walking with his hands in his pockets, Jaegun thought about what to write about in his sequel.

‘I can’t think of anything.’

Maybe it was because of the problems with his father.

Or maybe because he was tired from writing too much.

He had nothing come in his mind. He had to write, but he couldn’t think of what to write.

A fantasy with blades and magic, A martial arts story with a master looking for foes, it was the same. He couldn’t think of anything as he rode the subway.

Jaegun, leaning on the elderly section of the subway, took out a memo and a pen.

It was a habit that he kept materials for writing everywhere. It was different from a phone memo. If he wrote the characters, the setting, and the background with a pen, a story might just magically come up.

‘Ah, what…’

The pen didn’t write as if it was out of ink.

Jaegun put the writing materials right back, sighing. He decided to think as he went to his quiet house. He pointed his lance at the background out the window.


“Meow, meow.”

“Uhh, Rika, don’t do that.”

“What are you doing, I need to sleep more. Please let me sleep.”

Jaegun,with a tired voice, begged and turned around but Rika didn’t care. Still meowing, she kept scratching Jaegun’s back.

Beep! Beep!

He could now feel the vibrations coming from the top of his bed as he woke up once more. Jaegun pulled his phone and muttered.

“Aauh, waking me up so I can take a call. I don’t need to take a call.”

It was a phone number that he didn’t know.

Rika glared furiously at Jaegun, who was going to throw the phone away. It was a glare that was saying she wasn’t going to let him go.

Jaegun, looking at that glance, put the phone to his ear.


“Hello, is this Writer Ha Jaegun?”

A man’s voice was asking.

Jaegun pulled himself up and answered.


“Excuse me. I am Ahn Tekwon who is taking care of the search website Navin’s genre literary service planning.

“Ahah, yes, Hello.”

Jaegun stood up, putting his legs below his bed.

A conversation that he heard from the person in charge of the Digital Literary Contest came into mind.

There were going to be places that would ask for interview, so Navin was one of them.

“I want to have an interview about Writer Ha Jaegun’s writing tendencies and things relating to your life. The interview will be on the main ‘Book of the Month’ corner as well.

Jaegun’s drowsiness completely went away.

Navin was the company that ran the country’s biggest search website Navin.

It’s been about 15 years since the beginning. The daily usage was 18 million people, the users were 40 million, and the global member registration was over 500 million so it was the site that had the biggest size in the country.

This Navin was going to put his interview in the main screen corner.

Jaegun was an ordinary person so he couldn’t not be excited. He wasn’t jumping up and down, but his heartrate was definitely getting faster.

“You can come to the company or pick a comfortable site, but in our point of view, we want to have the interview at your writing place, how is that?”

“My writing place?”

Jaegun asked while looking around.

This room was the only writing place that he had. It was filled with only the minimal materials he needed to write and live.

“Yes, sir, is that difficult?”

Jaegun answered immediately.

It was an important place that he spent writing till now.

There was no pride, but there was no shame. Isn’t it a problem when a writer is even ashamed that he was writing in a shabby place. With that thought, Jaegun immediately answered.

“It’ll be great if you can come to my house. I’ll be fine.”

“Thank you. Then we must make an appointment. Tell me what day you would like to meet.

“Hm, how about Thursday?”

“Yes. I will call you back a day before. And I’ll send you an email about the general outline of the interview so it would be nice if you can look it over once.”


“Yes, then good work.”

Jaegun looked at Rika who was sitting on the bed. Feeling the gaze, Rika layed back down and shook around

“You woke me because it was Navin’s call. That’s it?”


“Yes, you be my manager. But let’s eat. You’re hungry and I’m… wow, what is this. Did I drink this much yesterday?”

There were 10 cans of beer on the ground. It was a messy place because he couldn’t think of a story. Jaegun bent his waist and picked it up.


A call came as he was about to clean up.

It was Editor Kwon Tewon. Jaegun remembered his call with Somii and answered.

“Yes, editor.”

“Writer Ha, you wanted to release a sequel? I heard from Somii so I called right now. You should have told me right away!”

“Haha, well Somii is in charge of me, and I thought you would be busy with other writers.”

There was no lie in Jaegun’s words. Tewon was always busy. It was amazing seeing his personality and energy as he took care of all the StarBook writers even as he was busy.

“Have you thought about what to write?”

“Ah, editor, I feel like I have to continue the series.”

“Continue? The Modern series?”


Jaegun answered.

Continuing a series that was successful before.

It was a decision that he made yesterday. He had no story to write about but he wanted to publish something quickly so, naturally, it came to this.

The two main characters of the Martial Rankings and the Modern Rankings were two different characters but they both got their powers from the same source. Taking that origin of power as the background, he was planning to write a story about these two characters colliding as the 3rd story.

“What do you think, editor?”

Jaegun asked as he gave an outline of the plot.

Tewon couldn’t answer quickly. In the end, he answered carefully,

“It’s not bad. First the two earlier series sold well. But the problem is that the main character is two people. A two MC story is definitely a story that readers dislike.

“Yes, I’ve thought of that.”

“And the serial publishing is worrying as well. All of these were paper books so to release a sequel to a previous work, and to change it to a serial publishing is a bit too much. There’s no guarantee that the readers of the paper books will all go to the serial publishing.

“Then, I’ll release it to paper books.”

Jaegun added in his mind, ‘For the last time.’

On the other side of the phone, it sounded like Tewon was taking off his clothes.

“Yes, writer. We should meet soon so when are you free? I’m fine today at anytime.”

“Then I’ll see you today. I want to get some air, so I’ll come out to Guro. Should we meet at night?”

“Let’s do that, then, let’s just have dinner today. About 7 today, writer.”

“Yes, I’ll see you soon.”

Jaegun cleaned up quickly and went to the computer. Cleaning his face somewhat, he opened Word.

“Phew, there’s about 6 hours till 7. There’s a lot of time.

He need to write at least an outline of the last Rankings series.

Jaegun started to type out a plot. It was definitely easier writing from a finished story instead of creating a new story.

As he was just about to get into it,

Ding Dong!

The bell rung and stopped Jaegun’s project.

Jaegun shivered because the bell almost never rings..

“Who is it?”

“It’s me, writer, Ma Jonggu.”


Jaegun opened the door with a horrified face.

Two men were smiling very widely outside.

It was Hetae Media’s general manager Ma Jonggu and assistant manager Park Gyungsu. Two people both had a big box in their hands.

“General Manager, Assistant Manager, what are you doing here without any warning?”

“I had to give a present to Writer Ha so I came here.”

“Ah, yes, thank you… but what if I wasn’t going to be home.”

“Hahaha, I didn’t think that far. I could come back later, or I can call later so.”

Jonggu was laughing and answering.

Jaegun couldn’t even get irritated because it was so stupid. This was the definition of pushing like a storm. Is this how Hetae Media’s working style was.

“Well at least come in.”

“Ah, weren’t you writing something?”

Even as he said that, Jonggu was already taking off his boots.

Jaegun moved sideways and Jonggu and Gyungsu came inside and laid down their boxes.

“What are these?”

“These are deer antlers, These aren’t just deer antlers but really good ones, but you’ll be able to eat them for at least half a year. Writer is way too skinny. This is Hetae Media’s hope that you will be healthy and write great stories.”

Jonggu’s words came out like it was practiced./

Jaegun, with a surprised face, managed to nod his head to acknowledge his thanks. He pulled out two cups.

“Have a drink of coffee.”

“Ah, thank you.”

“I’ll be using the restroom for a second.”

He felt that he at least needed to brush his teeth and wash his face as a human. He put a towel around his neck and went into the bathroom and locked the door.

As Jaegun left, Jonggu whispered into Gyungsu’s ears.

“You’re going to say it when the time comes?”

“Isn’t it better to just give the present today? It feel too obvious. Maybe wait a few days…”

Jonggu softly clucked his tongue.

“This guy is still saying these sort of words. It’s the end if you can’t get writers quickly nowadays. And Writer Ha is huge. If we wait and lose, are you gonna take the blame? Do you want to get chewed out by the representative?”


Gyungsu couldn’t answer.

Jonggu’s eyes caught the notebook screen. Jonggu, as if pulled, went to over and looked at the screen and widened his eyes.

“Look at this. Isn’t Writer Ha already going to continue the Ranking series from StarBooks?”

Gyungsu also widened his eyes as he saw that.

“Ah, I think so.”

“I think so? You idiot! Look at it. If we take our time because it seems to obvious, then who’s gonna take the blame…”


The door of the bathroom opened. Jonggu and Gyungsu both immediately fell to the ground.

Jaegun was coming out. Jonggu, acting as if he was calm, put a cup of coffee to his mouth, but because it was too hot, he screamed.

“Are you ok?”

“I, I, I’m fine. Writer. I”m fine.”

Jonggu was answering as he was quickly ripping out tissues and cleaning the floor and his mouth. Jaegun, smiling bitterly, stood in front of them and then asked bluntly

“You came to ask for a sequel?”

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