Big Life - Chapter 34

Jonggu and Gyungsu had no words.

Jaegun had suddenly brought up the topic that they were just trying to think of how to bring up.

“Hahaha… well instead of completely…”

Jonggu slurred his words to neither confirm or deny it and looked at Gyungsu beside him.

Gyungsu who got the baton continued nervously.

“It, It’s not completely like that. You finished Pegelon’s Magician in 14 books perfectly, and we came here as a gesture of thanks… Hm … and so we thought to have your good health and write well so we gave this present…No, I’m sorry, that’s not it. Yes, that’s right.”

“What’s right?”


“You just said, “that’s right.” So I can just take this present and thankfully eat it right? I can just have my good health and write. Now the story is over?”

“No, that is. Writer…!”

Gyungsu just suddenly blanked out as he was trying to continue. Jaegun’s face had a joking and mischievous smile.

“I was joking.”

“Ha, hahaha… ,Writer Ha is making jokes now. Thought we were getting kicked out. Hahaha.”

Jonggu who was breaking a sweat shivered.

In this softening environment, Jaegun’s glance was heading towards his laptop.

“I’m making the Ranking series. I’m going to make a 3rd series following the Martial Rankings and Modern ranking”

“Ahah, yes, I see. You’re busy. I didn’t want to pressure you. Just…”

“No, busy is not the problem.”

Jaegun became serious and cut him off.

“If the story is decided, I can write. I don’t know about the other writers, but that’s me. That’s the problem. I have no ideas on what to write. Therefore, that’s the reason why I can’t talk to you about a sequel.”

“Hm, yes… then how about we plan together…no, nothing.”

Jonggu stopped his words and closed his mouth.

To mention planning to Jaegun who he had criticized so much.

Planning a novel was that the publishing company made a story and the writer made a book with that story. It’s for the writers who can’t think of any plot.

There’s no publishing company that would unfairly try to gain more profit. It’s just a method that the writers and the publishing company worked together.

Jonggu had given Jaegun a story in the past that he planned.

And then to the drafts that Jaegun had given him, he had thrown it out 3 times.

It was simple why he did so. It wasn’t interesting. But anyway, with that past, Jonggu couldn’t possibly mention planning a story first.

Rika said a small cry as she was yawning.

The fall air was passing by the window.

Gyungsu who was sipping his coffee suddenly opened his eyes and spoke.

“Writer Ha, I just thought of something.”

“Yes? Say it.”

Jaegun’s glance went from the window to Gyungsu.

Gyungsu pointed to Jaegun’s laptop and continued.

“What if you continue the Pegelon’s Magician series like the Ranking series?”

“Pegelon’s Magician?”

“Yes, it’s a happy ending where Loyd Mobic becomes a grand magician, marries, and has a son. It would be fun if his son becomes the main characters and starts a 2nd adventure.”


Jaegun scratched his chin and thought about it.

Gyungsu continued frantically, worried that Jaegun might shake his head.

“It’s the same Pegelon’s world and you can use the previous series’ characters so the story wouldn’t be hard to make. Since the father was a grand magician, the son can be a swordsman or a mercenary.”

“Wait, let me think.”

“Yes, yes. Writer, think slowly.”

Jaegun carefully thought quietly.

‘It wasn’t going to be too hard.’

It was the same as the Ranking series. The previous stories’ characters and the world can be used to make a story. Gyungsu’s offer was pretty enticing to Jaegun who couldn’t think of anything.

“Let me ask something.’

Jaegun said with his head up.

Jonggu and Gyungsu stiffed.

“Yes, writer, s, say it.”

“It’s a series so I don’t have huge demands. ‘I’ll go with the previous deal but is it possible with another 30 thousand dollars up front?”

Gyungsu and Jonggu’s mouth opened.

They weren’t surprised at 30 thousand dollars.

Having a success like Pegelon’s Magician that got 6000 copies for each book, Jaegun was a writer that they wouldn’t be hesitant to give. They were surprised that Jaegun’s question was basically mimicking his thoughts.

“S, so, does that mean writer, you will be making another sequel with us… is that what it is…?”

“If you give me the 30 thousands dollar up front.”

Jaegun answered with a smile.

Jonggu and Gyungsu’s faces brightened like a little child.

“O, of course, writer. 30 thousand up front is nothing. No, we’re sorry that we can only give that much to Writer Ha. Hahah, hah, thank you, thank you..”

Jonggu’s voice became very elated as he was nodding. If he was anymore elated, he was about to sing praises for Ha Jaegun.

“Since we agree, let’s sign. Give me the contract.”

“Ah, yes, yes, Writer Ha. Park, contract.”

“Yes Yes, here is it.”

Gyungsu pulled out the contract from his bag.

Jaegun quickly signed the contract. The title wasn’t made yet so he put it as ‘Pegelon’s Magician part 2.’

“You truly have my thanks. Since the prequel became so successful, this one should be good as well.”

“I hope so. Now I have to write it.”

At that word, Jonggu and Gyungsu both stood up.

“Then we should go so we don’t bother your writing. Ah, we’ll give the money by this night or next morning.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Jonggu and Gyungsu went out and wore their shoes.

As Jaegun went to go out, the two people waved no.

“Don’t come out, writer, we can go.”

“Write well and take the present. It’s not something just made randomly from anywhere. It’s a really good one. It’s at home shopping often.”

“Hahaha, I’ll take it. Then bye.”

Jonggu called the representative immediately as he was leaving. As he said what happened, the representative laughed happily.

“Yeah? You got the sequel contract this quickly? Why are you guys working so well?! You guys must be crazy because you want to get that bonus money for the holidays?!”

“Ah, so you’re going to give use money?”

Jonggu, laughingly, answered. He could still picture the angry representative that was screaming in his office.

“Don’t come back to the office and take a rest. No, now. You haven’t had lunch? Come and have lunch with me. And let’s have a drink in dinner somewhere nice. 1 o’clock is fine.”

“The representative, one is about 10 thousand dollars?”

“You want to break the company? You be the CEO. Don’t strain it and just come back quickly. “

“Yes yes, I’ll be there.”

Jonggu put his arm around Gyungsu.

“Assistant Park’s speech has been really good recently. How do you speak so well?”

“What are you talking about. It’s all because of you.’

“Let’s have lunch with the representative first. Then dinner, I’ll buy it. With the representative’s HAHAHA.”


The two people laughed together. It was so loud that it could be heard by Jaegun who closed his windows.

‘Are they that happy.’

This still wasn’t real to Jaegun.

It was so weird that with one word of his, people could be happy or sad. He had lived as a no-name for a long time. It would take more time to get used to this.

“Phew, well since I contracted, I have more work. I have to run?”

Jaegun started to finish the Ranking series’ story. The Pegelon’s Magician was next, and then if he finished thinking of the plot, he would write them alternatingly.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

One hour, two hours passed

It was probably because of the drinks yesterday, but he felt really tired.

Jaegun would probably stop here if it was the old him because of dinner plans.

But he had no reason to stop writing because of his health. He had the help of Se Gunwoo’s mug. Stamina completely restored to full health with just one hit!

“Phew, my face is burning, my arms might fall off.”

About 4 hours, Jaegun stopped his hands and rubbed his shoulders. Se Gunwoo’s laptop may have the power to write 10 thousand letters but it couldn’t help Jaegun’s body’s stamina.

“No, I can’t do it. I finished the story mostly so let’s stop here. Ah, I feel like I’m gonna die of tiredness.

“Meow, meow.”

Rika, as if saying that’s good enough for today, pressed Jaegun’s stomach. Jaegun hugged Rika and looked at the clock on the wall. There was 2 hours until the appointment.

Jaegun quickly showered and dressed in his new internet ordered clothes.

Cleaning himself, Jaegun said to Rika’s reflection in the mirror

“I’m sorry that I always go alone. I would take you, but today I’m eating dinner so I can’t take you in. Even if that, it’s the public transportation…”

Stopping, Jaegun turned to look at Rika.

Rika was tilting her head as if wondering what’s up.

“Yes, that’s it. The best way to take you. I’ll have to buy a car.”


“I’m gonna buy a car as that 30 thousand dollars comes in. Why didn’t I think to buy a car? I like public transportation and I like drinks but sometimes I want to take yout along. No not sometimes, but daily.

Jaegun hugged Rika and rubbed her face.

Rika was defying with a tired face but Jaegun didn’t let go.

“But I don’t know how to buy, I got my license at 20 but never used it. I should probably go and talk to the store? Or is it better on the internet?”


“You’re angry. You’re tired of me? Wowww.”

Jaegun let her go as if he was sulking. Just then one method came into his mind.

“Yeah, why didn’t I think of this. What an idiot.”

Jaegun picked up his phone.

“Yes, Writer Ha!

“I’m sorry, I want to ask something.”

“Yes? Hahaha, yes, say it. I’ll do whatever I can.”

Rika jumped up the cat tower and looked down and Jaegun.

With Rika who was cute everything she did in his eyes, he answered.

“Buy me a car.”

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