Big Life - Chapter 36


“Yes, exclusive. It’s not a project, but a contract with Writer Ha.”

Jaegun’s gaze slowly dropped down.

Jaegun was thinking. He’s grown enough to get an exclusive contract. And from a company that came in the top three in the domestic genre market.

If he became a exclusive writer, he wouldn’t be able to publish anything for the other companies.

Only with the company that he contracted with.

But he would have a salary that came in intervally like a regular worker. He could expect better treatment and sponsors because he was an exclusive writer.


Jaegun had been jealous of the exclusive writers of StarBooks before.

They were best-selling writers so they had the requirements to sign as exclusive writers. There were companies that only did exclusive contracts, but they were few and far between.

Jaegun has seen StarBook’s exclusive writers before and they looked complacent even thought they couldn’t write. It was because of their salary. Because they couldn’t write, they went on vacation internationally, shopping, etc. All of this can be seen by SNS.

“I know this is an idea that requires some thought.”

Tewon said opening a new bottle.

“Think slowly. You don’t have to decide right now.”

Jaegun took the bottle and poured one to Tewon and Somii as well. As they toasted again, Jaegun said clearly.

“I will decide now.”

Tewon and Somii stopped at that position. Jaegun one-shotted a drink and put in down on the table.

“I’m thankful for the offer but I don’t think I can do an exclusive contract.”

“I see.”

“I can’t contract myself to write. I want to live life like I did- writing freely.”

Tewon bitterly smiled. He knew that this would happen. A weird emotion of happiness and disappointed at the same time came in.

“I know you’re doing the right thing, I’ll cheer you on.”

Somii who was beside him looked at Tewon.

Is this really it? No more persuasion or arguments? What is he going to say to the representative when he gets back?

Jaegun took some lettuce. With a piece of sashimi on top of the lettuce, he continued.

“I have never been a writer for StarBook.”


Looking at Tewon, Jaegun was smiling.

“I have always had a contract with you. Our relationship is gonna continue as long as I can keep it.”

“I’m flattered. I did nothing.”

“What are you talking about. Don’t say it’s tiring and push me out.”

Somii understood as these two people were talking.

They were being considerate of each other. It was because of the writer-editor bond that they couldn’t say anything else, from their eyes, both of them understood each other.

“You should eat this when it’s fresh. Get faster.”

“I am eating busily. You and Somii eat as well. I’ve been watching but you guys haven’t been eating.”

“Yes, yes, I’ll eat, writer.”

There were no further discussions about work.

For 2 hours, these three people talked about small things in life or about the writing world. A dish of sashimi ended and the fish stew was almost empty.

“I’ve ate well.”:

“No, it’s because of you that we ate well.”

Tewon smiled as he swiped the company card.

As they left the restaurant, a cool air hit the three people. It was almost past 9.

“Ah, I didn’t contract with you because we were too busy.”

Tewon snapped his fingers.

It was about the sequel contract. He forgot all about it.

“We can do it right now. Let’s have some coffee at a cafe. I’ll buy the coffee.

Jaegun pointed towards the cafe across the street.

Tewon looked at his watch nonplussed. Actually he had no time. He had to have a short meeting from 9:30 with a writer. A editor’s life is always this complex.

“I’ll take him in and sign it with him.”

Somii, knowing his schedule, said. It wasn’t a hard thing because the terms were already laid out.

“Ah, Writer Ha, I’m sorry. I need to go somewhere.”

“No, do go your work. I’ll see you later.”

“Yes, Writer, Somii, here, the contract.”

Tewon took out a contract from his bag and gave it to Somii.

“Then I’ll be going now. Writer, take care. Somii, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yes, you can go now.”

Tewon went with hurried footsteps.

Jaegun and Somii went to the cafe across the street.

“What do you want, writer?”

“I’ll buy, what do you want Somii?”

“No, I can buy it with my company card.”

“Don’t lie, the editor took it, and I want to buy it. Coffee at least,

Jaegun asked while looking at the menu. Somii looked at the menu and answered.

“Then I’ll take a coffee mocha.”

“Give me a ice americano and a cafe mocha.”

There were no customers so it came out fast.

Jaegun and Somii went into a corner and sat together.

“Let’s decide on a title.”

With the contract on the table, Somii said. Jaegun put his hand and took the pen.

“I’ll just give it a temporary name.”

Somii quickly put the terms in the contract and Jaegun confirmed each of the terms and signed. Therefore, the contract as quickly signed.

“I hope you’ll do well for a long time, writer. How many are you planning now?”

“About 10 books maybe. The 2 characters from the previous books are fighting and being comrades. There’s going to be a lot of stories with them.”

“I’m curious as a reader. There’s going to be a book with both Cheonma and Yujin. One is a loud and vigorous person while the other is a cynical person, completely polar opposites each other.”

“Yeah, I can’t confirm what’s going to happen. Ah? It’s raining?”

There was rain outside the window. People outside were running with clothes and bags over their head to avoid the rain.

“What do I do? You don’t have an umbrella, writer? I’ll go buy one from the store.”

Somii was already getting up.

Jaegun was surprised and stopped her with a wave.

“The store is right beside here. Let’s go when we’re leaving.

“Ahah, yes, let’s do that.”

She looked like a person who put her effort into everything that she did so she was never relaxed. Maybe it was the drinks, but Jaegun felt bad for Somii who always moved quickly.


“Yes, say it.”

“Is there anything wrong with the editor?”

Jaegun asked.

He was planning to ask that as he went with Somii in this cafe.

Somii shook with an embarrassed face.

“It must be because he was tired.”

With Somii, Jaegun tilted his head.

“But even if he was tired, he felt very different today. And your face wasn’t that good either.”

“Did you feel that?”

“Yes, totally.”

“It must be because I didn’t sleep well yesterday. I’m sorry. I think I bothered you. The editor worked consecutive nights too.”

Somii didn’t say the truth.

She was an editor working below Tewon and Jaegun was a writer.

She had no intention of saying stories about the inside of the company as it may bother Jaegun.

“He must be tired.”

Jaegun nodded as if he understood. He couldn’t erase the feeling that Somii was hiding something, but it was too much to ask more.

“Well the contract is over so let’s get up. Somii should rest as well.”

Jaegun stood up first, pushing his chair back.

Somii, following Jaegun, stood up with her bag.

“Let’s go get a umbrella.”

As Jaegun said that, the rain was pouring even harder

Jaegun and Somii went into the store following a connected path. There were about 3-4 people waiting to buy an umbrella.

“Ah, hello. Is there only one umbrella left?”

The clerk answered towards Jaegun.

“Yes. There was no restock today so that’s the last one.”

“If we came later, that could have been bad.”

Jaegun took the last pink umbrella and bought it. Moving closer to Somii, he put the umbrella over their heads and said.

“It’s not bad to walk together. It’s a bit small but let’s go.”


Looking down at her feet, Somii said with a slightly shy voice.

The two people slowly walked towards the subway with one pink umbrella.

Jaegun changed his hand that he was holding the umbrella and moved to the other side of him. It was a car side. With Jaegun’s small considerations, Somii smiled.

The subway wasn’t that far.

Moving across the road, and up the staircase, it wasn’t long before they were time to separate.

“Be careful. And take this.”

It was when they were behind their stations.

Jaegun gave the umbrella to Somii’s two hands.

To the shy Somii, Jaegun said with a firm face.

“Pink isn’t my type. Then I’ll go.”

“Wr, writer Ha. I don’t have any reason to get hit by rain when I get off.”

“I’ll give you the drafts of the first 5 books by the end of the week.”

Jaegun was already turning around and waving his hand.

Looking at Jaegun, she glanced at the umbrella she held with two hands. With her small two hands, she was holding it firmly as a dear present.

“Thank you for taking the interview. I’ll show you as soon as the editing is finished.”

“Yes, thank you. Good bye.”

The Navin employees left out the door.

Jaegun sighed while he sitting down. His back was covered with sweat.

“That interview is really hard. Why does it take so much time. And so many pictures.”


Rika climbed on top of Jaegun’s knees.

They also took pictures of Rika with Jaegun. It was because of the opinion that a writer with a cat looked good. Rika seemed more tired than usual.

“But I didn’t tell them that I wrote novels with the name Pyung Cheon Yu. I wasn’t trying to hide it but, oh well, it probably won’t matter.”

Jaegun started his work with Rika on his knees.

It was the draft for Hetea Media. The first book was done and he was starting on the 2nd. The title was ‘Pegelon’s Swordsman’ as the previous book’s character’s son was a swordsman.

‘I’ll send the 5 books to Hetae Media in 4 days. I’ll start the 3rd series of the Ranking series by Monday.’

His 10 fingers flew across the keyboard.

With Se Gunwoo’s notebook and the power of reusing the previous series’ world, the writing went very fast.

Without realizing that Rika was out of his knees, and without realizing the sun was already going down, Jaegun fell into in his work.

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