Big Life - Chapter 39

“Come in.”

As Jongjin went in, a woman in her 30s greeted them with a smile. The stress was evident beneath the makeup of hers.
Jongjin was shaking as a he went over to the counter and asked.

“You can call her?”

“Yes, of course.”

“2 people. We’re only gonna be here for 2 hours. Just give us 4 bottles of beer. How much is it.”

“156 dollars.”

Jongjin put down his card and paid.


Jaegun was shocked that he couldn’t say anything. He had no time to stop him. It happened so fast.

“Go in and sing some songs. The second room.”

“Yes, Jaegun, let’s go,”

Jongjin pulled Jaegun into the room.
Not understanding the situation, Jaegun asked with a pale face before he sat down.

“Hey! Park Jongjin! What are you doing!”

“What am I doing. Let’s have fun.”

“What are you talking about. How is the fee over 150 dollars? What is this place?”

Jaegun’s two eyes were looking at the room.

It was a room with a huge tv on the wall, with two mikes. It was a plain karaoke bar.

“You idiot, how do you not know this when you’re writing. I called a helper.”


Jaegun asked since he didn’t understand.
Jongjin laughed and continued as he took off his coat.

“A karaoke helper.”


Jaegun squinted immediately.
He had never experienced this before.. He knew it through the internet but he only had a little information about it.

“Don’t be nervous. We’re only singing together and having fun. I don’t know what you’re thinking but it’s not a disorderly, chaotic environment so be assured.”

“Where did you learn this?”

“I got it from my superior. We came here once. We just cleanly talk and sing and then we just leave. It’s much better than just two men singing here alone. “

“I don’t understand you.”

Jaegun shook his head.

Jaegun’s actions right now weren’t very good in his mind.
He had no plan to reject him for the reason of losing to pleasure. He wasn’t a child and even he had that flexibility. But the problem was different.

“Did you have this feeling to play because of Hyojin?”

“Ahh, it’s not what you think. And it’s already fate that

I’m not getting with Hyojin.”

Jaegun thought Jongjin was already drunk as he was laughing like this. He didn’t know that he would get drunk this easily.
Jaegun asked as he sat beside him.

“Were you working overtime a lot?”

“How did you know?”

“I can tell from your face. I feel like you might collapse if I just tap you. Let’s go to my room and sleep.”

“I’m not tired, idiot, and I already called them.”

“Then I can go out and cancel it so let’s…”

As Jaehn was saying, the owner opened the door and came in.

4 bottles of beer, with snacks, and a plastic cup came on the table quickly.

Jaegun said to the woman.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry but we’re about to go?”


“Ah, Ha Jaegun. What are you doing?”

“You be quiet, I’m sorry. I’ll give you the beer cost.”

With Jaegun’s words, the owner pointed behind her back sullenly.

“The girls are already here?”


Jaegun could see them.
Two girls were standing behind the woman’s back
They were both in their early 20s. With a see through short hotpants, with black stockings, with heels, they were very skinny.

“We just go?”

The girl on the left asked. She had a pretty face that looked like a cat. With heavy makeup and hair that was pulled up, the two girls looked the same like siblings.

“No, come in.”

Jongjin stood up and pulled them together. At the same time, he pulled out 30 dollars and gave it to the woman.

“Bring me some more beer. As much as the money gets.”

“Yes, I’ll bring it.”

The woman closed the door and left.
Understanding that it was too late, Jaegun gave up and sat down on the couch as he fell down. The two woman sat beside Jaegun and Jongjin and opened the beer bottle.

“Should I pour it?”

“I’ll just drink it.”

Jaegun took the bottle and drank a sip. It was a uncomfortable and weird feeling. His heartbeat was faster than usual.

“What’s your names?”

Jongjin asked.
The two people looked at each other and answered.

“It’s Dasul.”


They were names that was felt spontaneous.
But anyway, it was all fine. The girl that called herself Dasul was beside Jaegun. She lifted the remote?

“Can I sing a song.”

The girl picked a song and stood up. As if he waited, Jongjin shook the tambourine and shouted. Jaegun looked at the screen and simpered.

‘There was nothing that isn’t too much.’

It was the thought that came as time went by.
As Jongjin said, it wasn’t a chaotic atmosphere.
They sang songs alternating and danced when they felt like it. In between, they drank and said small things.
That was it.
They were people that they weren’t going to see each other after this, there was no need for heavy talks.

‘How many drinks do these girls drink each day. Can their bodies stand this?’

Jaegun clucked his tongue as he looked at the empty bottle below the table. After our time is up, they’re going to sing with others and drink more. It felt like even if he was paid, he couldn’t drink this much.

“Yah, Ha Jaegun. Go sing a song.”

Jongjin shouted as he was singing and having fun til he was sweating.
Jaegun shook his head and refused.
He wasn’t the type of person to have fun in front of strangers.

‘Yes, Park Jongjin, thank you, for letting me have this experience.”

Anyway, it was a positive thing as a writer to have a lot of experiences. Maybe the day will come when I write about these 2 days. Jaegun thought this as he clapped to Jongjin’s singing.

At that moment.

“Are you mad?”

The girl next to Jaegun asked.
As Jaegun wrinkled his forehead because he didn’t hear,
the girl said louder to his ear.

“Are you angry! Why do you have no words!”

“That’s not it. I just can’t sing.”

“Not singing! You’re not talking! Do you not like me?”

“No, if I tell you truthfully, I never had an experience like this so it’s awkward.”

“Phew, so boring. What’s your job? I feel like it’s nothing with strength?”

Jaegun thought for a second.
He didn’t want to tell her that he was a writer. So the thought that came up was the job was his debut work.

“I go around markets and I sell electric pads.”

“Electric pad? If you’re talking about market, you go around the entire country? With a truck?”

“I have a lamborghini.”

“What, a lamborghini? Makes no sense.”

Even though she said that, she was smiling as if it was funny.
Jaegun smiled with as an answer. They knew that nothing was truthful in this place. This place was somewhere that even lying didn’t feel bad.

“Just work hard. There is an easy job to get money. Just working everyday to eat and live is something to be grateful for.”

The woman said after the song was over and it was less loud.
Jaegun was thinking.
It was something that didn’t fit with a girl who looked to be in her early 20s.

‘Yes, everything is hard.”

He could see through the heavy make up. A look of sadness in her eyes. The chin that was shaking because of her sighs. It was a feeling that the girl’s hard life was passing through him.

“Want to drink?”

“Yes, gimme it.”

Jaegun’s mind was solemn all of a sudden.
Thinking that it was a reader’s over thinking, he berated himself and drank the cup.
Time went by very fast.
The 2 hours passed by and the alarm that sent the message of goodbye was ringing.

“I had fun.”

Jaegun stood up quickly and pulled up Jongjin who was moving limply. Jongjin drank a lot and he was out of control for the 2 hours, so he was completely tired.

“Good bye.”

“It was nice to meet you.”

The two women waved their hands and said their superficial goodbyes. As the women stayed as if to calculate something, Jaegun and Jongjin left.
As they left, the cool air was pushing on to the,
Jongjin stretched and he yawned. Jaegun asked as he was stretching.

“Is your mind a bit better?”

“Ah, hm….”

Jongjin scratched his nose, looked around, and shook his head.

“Seriously, it was a waste of money when I woke up.”

“Why did you get drunk so early?”

“I must have been tired. I had a lot of fun but it’s too
expensive. Next time if we’re going, you stop me.”

“You insane person. Let’s go get some seolleongtang.”

“Good. Can I stay at your house for today?”

“Yeah, I can get some blankets.”

The two people ate a hot dish of seolleongtang and came back to his house with a taxi.
As he opened the door, Rika jumped out from the cat tower and greeted him.

“Rika, It’s Jongjin. Come to me.”

Jongjin said as he opened his arms.
Rika glared at him with a sharp glance and went to the cat tower to avoid him.

“What? Are you discriminating? Right now?”

“She sort of is a bit shy. Go ahead and clean up.”

Jaegun took out the clothes to change in to\.
As he took them, Jongjin looked around the one room and said.

“You get a lot of money. Can’t you move to a larger

“Why, this is the best place to write.”

“You have a cat so isn’t this a bit stuffy? And even so,
the location is a bit too weird. Move to a place where the subway is 5 minutes away.”

“I like this place. It’s quiet.”

The place where Se Gunwoo was resting
He might think about moving to a larger house nearby, but he wasn’t going to leave this place.
Jongjin, as if he didn’t understand, shook his head and went into the bathroom and locked the door.
Using this time, Jaegun took about a 100 dollar bill and put it secretly into Jongjin’s wallet. It was half of the cost of the karaoke bar.

‘I want to give everything but, if I did, he’s going to get made later. So, how about we write today’s diary.”

Jaeun sat on the chair and turned on the laptop.
He was rewriting the diary that he hadn’t written for a while. Maybe writing a diary would help him find a good plot and a story.

‘I wrote Pegelon’s Swordsman … I went on a drive with Rika… I went to the grave of Se Gunwoo… I met with Jongjin and went to a karaoke bar….’

There were so many things to write about.
It doubled up to twice the size with Jongjin entering the day instead it only being with Rika and him. Jaegun,

feeling the heat of Rika on his knees, wrote the diary.

‘What did that girl say.’

After he finished writing
He thought of the words that the girl had said.
Looking through his memory, Jaegun quickly remembered and typed on the keyboard.
-Just work hard. Where is there an easy job to get money. Just working everyday to eat and live is something to be grateful for.

‘This has a good feeling to it.’
A sentence that’s plain but has human feeling and emotion to it.

Jaegun repeated the words in his head.
He didn’t even know that Jongjin finished washing and was standing there right behind.

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