Big Life - Chapter 42

“Yes, you know just like all sorts of stuff.”

Jaegun scratched his head with an embarrassed face.

Dasul opened her mouth, indifferent.

“There are a lot of girls who do that because of the money. When they’re done, they quickly come back to work at the karaoke bar.”

“Hm, yes.”

“I don’t go because I don’t need money but there are some people that want to go and have a drink together. They give me the same hourly wage but I don’t even go. That’s because when I do and they get drunk, they badger me to go to MT. It’s so frickin’ tiring.”

Jaegun took out a memo and was jotting points down..

Dasul added while picking up a pickle.

“There are people that do it in the karaoke bar instead of going to MT.”


“There are places that don’t allow it, but some do. They order soju and sushi and the sides and sell panties and stuff.”

“Panties… sell?”

“Before doing it, they sell their panties. As a greeting. If they get about 30-50 dollars, they take off their underwear. You think the men will be able to stand it? They drink a lot and then completely lose it so they give 100 more dollars and go all the way.”

This was information coming from a current worker.

Jaegun diligently tried to write down everything that Dasul said. His hands were hot and sweaty as he was writing a lot.

“Ah, it’s a bit cold.”

Dasul murmured while rubbing her arms.

Jaegun stopped writing and said to her.

“Let’s switch seats. I think the wind is cooler there.”

“Just sit.”

As she said that, she went around the table to sit next to Jaegun. Her perfume permeated into his nose.

“You write really fast and well?”

Dasul said as she looked at the memo.

Dasul turned her body towards Jaegun while keeping her gaze. And then with her skinny legs, she put them on top of Jaegun’s legs. Jaegun froze.

“It’s warm like this. Why, is it heavy?”

“No… it’s fine.”

Dasul’s breath was coming directly to him.

The girl continued to talk to Jaegun who felt strange.

“Where was I? You have anything else?”

“Ah, yes. I want to know about the rude people and accidents that have happened.”

The interview continued.

Dasul said with her legs on Jaegun’s legs like they were a couple.

As time went by, Jaegun got used to it

The other people didn’t care at all.

All of them were having their own conversations within their own group.

“Thank you. I think that’s good.”

Jaegun covered the memo up.

There were two empty bottles on the table.

Jaegun only drank like 3 or 4 cups. Dasul alone drank a bottle and a half.

“It was hard, right?”

Dasul put her head on Jaegun’s shoulder instead of answering.

A sigh came out of her lips.

“No, I said before. I feel good because I feel like a star.”


“I want to be a star. Why do you think?”

“Because they get a lot of money?”

“There’s that but… no it’s fine.”

Dasul pulled away and picked up a bottle.

Jaegun took the bottle away and poured her a drink.

“You’re really kind. Considerate.”

“No I’m not.”

“What’s your name? I don’t ask this a lot but I’m curious.”

“You don’t even tell yours so why ask.”

“My name is Dasul.”

“I know it’s a fake name.”

“Hmp, fine.”

Dasul drank another cup.

Jageun got worried.

He didn’t know what her drinking limit was, but she drank alot.

“I want to meet my mom.”

Dasul said as she put it down

Jaegun looked besides him. A big sigh came out as it was mixed with old memories.

“There’s those songs. Those songs that the singer sings to find their loved ones. They want them to listen to their songs and contact them.”

“I know.”

“So I want to be a star. If I can go on TV, Mom will recognize me. She left me and ran away… But if I become famous… she’ll contact me.”

Dasul put her head down with her lips closed.

Her two eyes were filled with warm tears.

“I’m sorry. I must have been tired today. Why am I like this.”

Jaegun gave her a tissue.

Dasul took it and tapped her eyes.

“Actually I was tired because I had a rude customer. I got angry so I left and there was a message from you. So I answered you right away.”

“… Yes.”

“I’ll be like this for a bit longer.”

She put her head on Jaegun’s shoulder.

Jaegun’s two eyes were looking at the ceiling.

His shoulders were heavy.

It wasn’t because of her head. It was the weight of her confession.

‘It … won’t be a simple fun read. I promise.’

Jaegun thought of another reason for the novel in his head.

He will write a story that will comfort her mind. Jaegun was quietly pouring himself a drink in the corner of a loud bar.


Nexon’s office. Mobile planning tea,

The employees were all having a depressed face. Team Leader Suhee was the same. It was the feeling that they were the shell of themselves.

“Cheer up, team leader.”

“I’m fine. Hemii was the hardest worker. I’ll be at the restroom.”

Suhee didn’t go the restroom but to the rooftop. There was a park that employees could rest on but there was no one there because of the cool weather.


Suhee sighed as she got a coffee from the vending machine.

The game that they were making was about to be scrapped. It was very common for games to get canceled especially in the mobile team. The feeling of despair felt bigger this time.

‘Jaegun’s scenario was good…’

Jaegun’s scenario that he put so much effort into  was about to be scrapped. She didn’t feel good when she thought of that.

Suhee pulled up her phone. Her fingers were looking for Jaegun’s name and was pressing the call button.

“Ah, Suhee.”

“You answered quickly. Writing?”

“No I wasn’t writing. I came out.”

“I see.”

There was loud noise and music coming from the other side of the phoen. Suhee tilted her head and asked.

“Where are you? Karaoke bar?”

“Ah? Yeah, I have work.”

“That’s funny. What work do you have instead of singing at a karaoke bar? You went with Jongjin?”

“No, not Jongjin. Someone else.”

“Ok. But when are you gonna buy me food. You promised to buy me something when I came to congratulate you for the Digital Award.

Suhee said.

With a hm, Jaegun answered slowly.

“Ah, Yeah, I will. Ok. When’s good?”

The hesitant voice disappointed Suhee and she bit her lip.

She was hoping for a meeting today.

It was then..

“Hey, let’s have another bottle of beer.”

“Wait. Wait. Let me call.”

Suhee’s eyes brightened.

It was definitely a girl’s’ voice.

Jaegun definitely answered to that voice. That means it wasn’t a passing girl but a girl that he came with.

“Hello? Suhee?”

“Yeah, I’m here.”

“Today might be hard. How about tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? Hm… let’s see I have no idea. I’m not sure if I have an appointment tomorrow. I’ll check when I get back.”

Because of her pride, a lie came out.

Actually Suhee didn’t have any appointments today or tomorrow.

“Then check and call me.”

“Ok. I’ll hang up.”

Suhee plopped on the bench after the cal.

When she put her hand on her chest, she could feel the fast beating. Small sighs came out of her lips.

‘It must be a girl that he knows.’

Even though she repeated the thought, she wasn’t comforted.

Suhee opened the photo folder on her phone.

When she put in the password, a photo came out.

It was a picture of her and Jaegun standing together in college.


‘Sigh, this is getting me again.’

Inside a cafe.

Jaegun sighed repeatedly as he was reading the story that he wrote on his phone.

‘The conversations with the female main are so bad. The scenes that have emotions are terrible. Her sex is a girl, but she acts like a boy.

It wasn’t only Jaegun’s thoughts.

Professor Han Hesun said the same thing when he sent it to her days before.

The female main’s actions seemed bad so she couldn’t get into the story as well.

‘Rika, what do I do? I need your help.’

Rika’s two eyes with a special light opened.

‘I need the power that made me feel Somii’s emotions that time. But what do I do? I can’t ask Somii to come to my house. Amd I can’t go to StarBook’s office and write next to Somii. It’s not even a fantasy book that was contracted with StarBooks.’

Jaegun wrinkled his face and shook his hair.

It was a serious issue.

To feel that he needed a female’s emotions this bad.

“Isn’t the hair a bit shorter than the picture?”

The two girls at a nearby table was looking at Jaegun and whispering. Jaegun was deep in his thoughts that he didn’t feel the gaze that was headed towards him.

“He must have cut it. I think it’s right. Look at this picture. It’s the same.”

“What if it’s just a similar person.”

“You say that now? Since you lost the rock paper scissor, you’re just saying stuff. Just go. Quickly.”

One girl with her phone came up carefully. And then she tapped the end of the table and said.

“… Hello.”


Jaegun lifted his head, surprised.

A girl he had never seen before was standing in front of him with her face red of embarrassment.

“What is it?”

“I’m sorry, but… I was wondering if it was right.”

The girl showed her phone.

His gaze went to the screen.

It was the ‘Today’s book’ section on Navin.

The interview with writer Ha Jaegun who wrote ‘A Dumb Woman,’ was on the screen.

“Ahah…. Yes.”

“It, it’s right?”

“Yes, that’s me.”

As he answered, the girl covered her face with her two hands. And then she gestured to her friend at the table.

“It’s Writer Ha Jaegun.”

The two girls stood in front of him.

As their suspicions were confirmed, they were spitting out words quickly.

“I was unsure but it really was you. Ah, oh my god. I’m so happy.”

“As soon as I saw the interview, I bought the book. You have no idea how much I cried. And now I’m reading ‘90s Child and that’s amazing too.”

“How long has it been since you had a cat? It’s a Russian Blue? I also have one. It’s also female.”

“Ah, I should’ve brought my book. I left it. I need to get it signed.”

The girl pulled up her phone and asked Jaegun anxiously.

“I’m really sorry but could you take a picture with me?”

“Ah, yes… sure.”

As soon as Jaegun allowed it,. The girl asked a nearby employee to take a picture.

“I’m sorry but could you take a picture?”

“Yes, sure.”

The two girls crouched in front of Jaegun, each to their side of him. One girl was covering her mouth while one girl was posing with two Vs with her hands.

The employee took the picture.

“I also followed your twitter. It’s Dallebongbong. I would feel amazing if you followed me back.”

“Ah…. yes.”

Jaegun answered.

He remembered that he had told Navin his twitter. He hadn’t used it in a while and he forgot it.

“Ok. I’ll do it as I sign in.”

“AH, So good! Thank you so much. I’ll tweet this picture too!”

A few people nearby were looking at them.

They had faces like who was that to deserve this commotion.

He was glad, but  also embarrassed. It was a strange feeling. He couldn’t believe that someone he didn’t know could recognize him.

‘Navin is really strong. There’s people who recognize me.’

It was just then.

“Please sign for me too, Writer Ha Jaegun.”

Is there another person?

As he turned around, he broke into a smile.

It was Suhee.

Her outstretched two hands were holding A Dumb Woman.

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