Big Life - Chapter 44

“Thank you. Here.”

The taxi arrived at his house and Jageun and Suhee left the taxi.

Jaegun went first and opened the door for her. Rika, who was sleeping on the floor came up to Jaegun and raised her tail.

“Were you resting well? Today, I came with Suhee.”

“Rika, hello. Remember me?”

Suhee, who came up behind Jaeugn, greeted her.

Rika had the face that said she didn’t dislike Suhee, but she didn’t like her that well either.

She slowly turned around and went farther into the cat tower.

“She doesn’t like me.”

“This means she does. She’s really selective so. Come in.”


Suhee took off her boots and came in.

Jaegun quickly closed the door and turned on the laptop. He put up the draft on the screen and then he put his shoes back on.

“I’ll go buy some beer and something to eat, so read it while I’m gone.”

“There’s a store nearby?”

“There’s no convenience store, but there’s a small supermarket. I’ll be back”

“Ok, go ahead.”

It was Rika and Suhee alone in the house when he left.

Suhee sat down on the chair in front of the laptop and said to Rika.

“Rika must have been bored today. He only knows writing, he doesn’t play with you, right?”

Suhee turned her glance to the laptop.

Jaegun’s story filled the screen. She put down her bag from her shoulder, and started to read from the first paragraph.

“Hm, what’s this? The male main is just like Park Jongjin?”

There was the feeling of being pulled into the book even in the beginning.

Suhee was already deep in the book with just a few pages.

She drank a few bottles, and she was a bit tired because she came in to a warm room, but the story was keeping her entranced throughout it.

“How is it?”

It was about 50 pages, when Jaegun came in with a bag. Suhee answered with a smiling face.

“I read until the part they met and it’s really good.”


“Ah, yeah, but…”

Suhee hesitated and continued carefully.

“Maybe it’s because I heard you say it, but the female main character really feels a bit weird. There are some parts where I can’t connect to her as a girl.”

“Ahhhh…. Is it.”

Jaegun sighed and sat down on the floor.

Suhee, in addition to Professor Han Hesun, was saying the same thing. It was a problem that couldn’t be avoided.

“Try and revise it with a calm mind. You write well.”

“Thanks, I should but…”

Jaegun sighed heavily like the floor was gonna collapse.

Suhee’s encouragement was nice, but truthfully, it didn’t help much.

‘Look at that, Rika. He brought me in here, but he’s only thinking about writing. Am I right? He only has writing on his mind.’

Suhee complained in her mind and took a can of beer that Jaegun bought in her hand. She was about to drink one out of politeness and leave.

‘I came for no reason.’

It felt like Jaegun was only concentrated on writing.

It slowly dawned on her that maybe her existence was making him distracted.

Suhee opened the bottle and turned around to the cat tower. Rika was lying on the tower, with her back to her.

‘Does he have no feelings for me?’

A question with an answer she could not bear to hear, a small drink of beer was going through Suhee’s throat

Just then,

Rika slowly turned her head around.

Rika’s two eyes had Jaegun and Suhee images put together in her two eyes.

The two people’s figures were becoming clearer by the second.

‘Ah? This, this?!’

Jaegun quickly lifted his head. With wide eyes, he was looking at Rika and Suhee.

“Jaegun, what’s wrong? Does your head hurt?”

“W, wait.”

Jaegun, holding his forehead, slowly walked towards the laptop. His two eyes were glaring at Rika on the cat tower.

‘We’re connected? This is Suhee?’

Rika’s face seemed like it was smiling

Jaegun’s face had a smile on it.

“Suhee, I have favor.”


“I thought of a way to write about the female main. Just wait 2 hours, no 1 hour. I’ll quickly finish it and give it to you.”

“Don’t do that. Just concentrate. I’ll be leaving.”


Jaegun’s voice unknowingly became louder.

He stood up and held her two shoulders and continued.

“You need to be here>”

“I… why?”

“I thought of it by looking at you. I thought of how to write because of you. So just be with me. You’re a great help just by being here. Really.”

Jaegun’s face looked determined and confident.

Suhee was looking at Jaegun with a entranced look.


Suhee breathed.

“I’m a help…. Just by being here?”

“Yes, please help me.”

Jaegun’s two hands were holding more tightly.

Suhee slowly turned her eyes downward.

As she looked at her foot, she slowly nodded.


As she said that, Jaegun smiled widely.

“About 2 hours is fine.”

“Thank you. Just be comfortable. You can watch the TV and there’s the new laptop over there. Use that for Internet.”

“I’ll do whatever .Just write.”

Suhee pushed him towards the laptop.

Jaeugn opened the drawer and pulled out Se Gunwoo’s glasses. And looking at Rika, he cheered himself.

‘It’s only 2 hours! I need to use all my strength! I need to revise every sentence with Suhee here! Let’s start!’

Tap Tap Tap!

Tap Tap Tap Tap!

His ten fingers were danicng on the keybaord.

Suhee’s smooth emotions were all heading towards the female main of the story.

A gray afternoon with rain,

A girl’s eyes moving quickly to look for a person that she wants to see

A moderately touching but sincere feeling felt perfect with the story’s feeling

Jaegun was completely into the word that he had created with Suhee’s help.

‘Rika, this is pretty good?’

Suhee smiled as she sat down.

With a happy feeling, her glance at Jaegun’s back didn’t seem to leave.


How much time passed.


Suhee’s two eyes slowly opened.

The light was still bright. Suhee lifted her body up.

‘Look at me.’

As she looked at her phone, it was over 2.

The floor was warm, so she must have fell asleep. It was result that the recent hard work at her job contrived as well.

Suhee looked towards Jaegun, worried that she might have shown her messy side.

Jaegun had his head on his two arms, and had no movement like a dead person. He must have fell asleep while writing.

“Jaegun, sleep on the bed.”


“Wake up. Go sleep on the bed. Now.”

Suhee took Jaegun’s arms and lifted him up.

Jaegun slowly stood up, but he wasn’t awake. He moved one or two steps and fell on the bed.

‘He must have been tired. Well he drank.’

But it wasn’t only because of the drinks that he was tired.

The power with Rika really spent Jaegun’s energy. He didn’t have the energy to drink from Se Gunwoo’s mug and just fell asleep.

‘I should clean up.’

Suhee lifted up the stocking that fell when she was helping Jaegun and started to clean. Rika was following Suhee with a glance that she liked her now.

‘He must eat ramen in the morning.’’

Suhee put some rice in the rice cooker as well.

There was no food on the refrigerator so she boiled tuna-kimchi stew, made eggs, and put a wrap on it.

‘Sleep well. This one’s gonna do well.’

Jaegun didn’t feel Suhee’s hand pulling the blanket on top of him.

Suhee, finished with cleaning, turned off everything except for a small light and left.


“The name Ha Jaegun is not a waste.”


Office 403, next to Myunggyung College.

Jaegun, about to drink coffee, was baffled. Han Hesun was smiling widely in front of him.

“This novel is the best that you have ever written. The completion of this novel is high and the entertainment value was good too. This should be good enough for the literary world.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

It was very sincere.

He thought he wrote pretty well, but he didn’t think Hesun, who never gave out compliments, would compliment him so much.

“You must have worked hard. You’ve grown so much. I can see you as an adult. I can clearly see your figure growing as a writer.”

Hesun tapped Jaegun’s shoulder and continued.

Jaegun put his head down and closed his lips.

His nose was tingling.

He could really feel Hesun’s care for her students.

“Look at this.”

Hesun pulled her phone out.

Checking the screen, Jaegun surprisingly looked at Hesun.

“Professor, this…”

“Go in.”

Jaegun swallowed.

What she showed was the Modern Teen Literary Contest.

It had a huge history and there was one winner every year.

Many books became bestsellers, and many books became movies and dramas. The prize money was also about 30 thousand dollars so it was a award that had a high standard.

“If you win here, you get a reputation greater than the metropolitan newspaper. I think your work has potential to win.”

“Professor, I don’t have any want to have a reputation. And as for that, I already have the Digital Literary Contest…”

“You know what our country thinks of the reputation as a writer and you say that?”


“I’m not saying to be one of the greats of the literary world. I’m saying to get more people to read your works. The people who read your winning work will gladly read your other books -even the people who throw books away if it’s not a literary award winner.”

“Yes, Professor… I get it.”

Jaegun nodded her head.

He confirmed his mind with Hesun’s urging.

There really was no reason to think because it didn’t matter if he didn’t win anyway.

“But you have no title. I don’t think I missed it, so did you not choose one?”

Hesun was looking through it and asked. Jaegun answered while walking towards the sink.

“I decided when I was coming here.”

“Yes? What is it?”

“Storm and Gale.”

Hesun gazed with strange face.

Jaegun, with his back to the sink, continued with a unconfident voice.

“I made it so that the strong wind is like the karaoke helper… I felt it fit the story’s mood well. Is it weird?”


Hesun laughed a little.

The laugh became louder and she doubled over laughing.

“Is it that weird, Professor?”

“No, that’s not it. It fits you. It fits you. It’s fits Ha Jaegun.”

Hesun waved, when she finally stopped laughing,.

Fixing her glasses, she gave him a thumbs up.

“I like it. Go like the storm and gale.”

Jaegun’s face had a shiny smile.

With a swelling chest, he bowed to the professor that he admired the most in the world.

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