Big Life - Chapter 45

The quiet study had only the keyboard sound clicking

Myunghoon couldn’t control his nervousness. His glance was on the computer for hours straight.

Myungsuk was reading for 2 hours straight.

It was a draft of Myunghoon’s novel. Since it was his brother’s novel, he was reading it with more concentration.

The time read noon now.

Myungsuk finally lifted his body as he finished reading. Waiting for this, Myunghoon asked a question as he stood up.

“How is it? Is it good?”

“Hm…. I think it might be hard for the Modern Teen Literary Contest.”

Myungsuk was saying as he was rubbing his back.

Myunghoon dropped his head.

He was about to the enter the contest. Dead line was the day after tomorrow.

It might be hard…

He wasn’t waiting for praise, but he was asking for, this is pretty decent at least.


He lost his focus in one go..

“The sentences are clear and this is pretty good for this. I always tell you this, but your wording and sentences are great. But the story is shallow and has no depth.”

Myungsuk was saying the same thing as before.

“The time that you could win with just good sentences is gone. Yo0u have to think of the entire story. The story that this contest picks is only one. And the standard is way too high.”

Myungsuk tapped his brother’s shoulder and added.

“There’s the Gaunnuli Contest, try that. The awards are more than 1 and there’s a better possibility.”

Myunghoon couldn’t say anything.

The contest that Myungsuk said right now wasn’t a huge difference in standard compared to the Modern Teen Literary Contest.

The award for the grand prize was 1 million dollars and it was way more than the Modern Teen LIterary Contest.

But Myunghoon had no reason to get the prize. He had way more than enough money in his household. He wanted to enter specifically the Modern Teen Literary Contest.

There was a reason.

He wanted to gain recognition from his father from getting an award from a respectable contest.

And furthermore, from Suhee too.

It was a high standard contest, but he had a place that he trusted. That was because, one of the judge, Professor Kim, was friends with Myungsuk.

‘If brother could just help…!’

Myunghoon knew how good his brother’s connections were. He had huge amounts of contacts. He was expectedly waiting for his brother to give him the honor and glory of winning the Modern Teen Contest.

After a brief pause, Myunghoon said.

“Um, Professor Kim…”


The vibrations on the table cut him off.

Myungsuk immediately picked up the phone and took the call.”

“Yes, Professor, hello. How were you. Yes yes, I’ve been doing good too. I guess you must be tired waiting for the judging.”


At the mention of judging, Myunghoon’s eyes widened

It had to Professor Kim’s call who was judging the contest.

“Ah, yes, Professor, ah Really?”

Myungsuk replied and stood up. He felt Myunghoon’s glance and moved the study next door.

‘What is this.’

It felt weird. Myungsuk wasn’t the person to move away unless it was an important call.

And the calling person was the judge Professor Kim.

Myunghoon went outside and stood next to the door his brother went in. Putting his ear next to the door, he could slightly hear Myungsuk’s voice.

“Ah that writer who won the Digital Literary Contest? Yes Yes, the name is…. Ah Ha Jaegun.”

Myunghoon widened his eyes and listened closer.

He didn’t mistake it

Myungsuk said the word Ha Jaegun.

The name that made his blood curdle.

But he didn’t understand why that name would be mentioned in a call with Professor Kim.

Myungsuk continued.

“It was a person who writes very well. A Dumb Woman. Yes, you read it too? Hahaha. Yes I know. That person entered the Modern Teen Contest, he must be a writer who writes very enthusiastically.”


Myunghoon’s breathes became quicker. It was a huge shock that he couldn’t even move. There was no blood on his face anymore.

“Yes, Professor, I will come. Yes, I’ll see you there. Good work. Yes.”

Myungsuk ended the call.

Myunghoon went straight back to his seat. And then the door opened and Myungsuk came back in.

“Professor Kim?”

Myunghoon calmly said to him.

Putting the phone in the charger, Myungsuk nodded.

“Yeah, about a dinner appointment. You know that I’m going to a publishing company. Professor Kim made the spot for me.”

Myunghoon nodded his heavy head. He didn’t care for anything other than the name Ha Jaegun.

“Professor Han Hesun is also coming. Do you hear. She’s a great person? Learn from her.”

Myunghoon could only look at the red carpet on the ground with fierce eyes.

Myungsuk said as he lifted his jacket on the chair.

“Why is your face so stressed? You can write again. Let’s go eat. Lunch.”

“Help me.”


Myunghoon lifted his head slowly

The two eyes were shaking like an earthquake.

“Help me edit.”

“…. let’s eat separately.”

Myungsuk didn’t hesitate and went to the door. Myunghoon went quickly and blocked him.

Myungsuk’s face was already fiercely wrinkled.


“Help me one more time. Please. Last time. Please.”

“I said last time was the end. I don’t want to be a son that lies to his father. Move.”

Myungsuk pushed him away.

But Myunghoon couldn’t give up

He couldn’t especially after the fact that Jaegun entered.


Myunghoon blocked the person that he depended on the most in this world and held his arms.

Myungsuk’s jacket fell to the ground.

“It’s an easy job. If you put your connections and editing skills, this will be easy. Like the last book, help me. And just say something to Professor Kim. yeah?”

“This guy….!”

Myungsuk’s two eyes were about to break

To think his brother would plead this much.

He was asking to edit and he was asking to basically bribe the judge.

“Oh Myunghoon, there’s a line that you can’t cross. Do not say that in front of me again.”

Myungsuk lifted his finger in front of his nose.

Myunghoon couldn’t say anything because Myungsuk was really mad. He could only swallow his breath.

Myungsuk pushed the door.

After the door, a long corridor appeared. Two maids were cleaning the windows.

Myungsuk went farther and farther away.

The shivering Myunghoon shouted to him.

“You knew Ha Jaegun was my colleague.”

Myungsuk slightly stopped, but he quickly went back on.

“Why do you make a person feel terrible! Just call in front me! Who said I needed you to move? If you’re going to help me, just help me!”

The shout rang through the hallway.

Myungsuk had already disappeared.

But his shouts didn’t stop.

“That guy was a guy whose books didn’t even odd in tot eh stores! And I lost to that guy? That guy was a guy who wrote nonsense to get a few cents! There’s no pride?! Say it!”

Myunghoon hit the door as hard as he could

The cleaning maids shivered slightly, but they didn’t turn around at all/

Myung Hoon’s personality was well known to the maids as well

“Dang it!!!”

Myunghoon turned around furiously.

He could see Myung Suk’s jacket next to the door.

He kicked the jacket in hatred of his brother.

It was that time

A paper came out of the jacket.

‘What… what?”

He saw the name Professor Kim on the paper.

‘Is it the judge’s names.’

Myunghoon looked through the names

It was the judges of the Modern Teen Literary Contest.

It had the names and contact information of the great literary people in their respective literary genres.

Myunghoon soon lost interest and threw it.

The paper flew through the wind. Hearing that sound, Myunghoon thought of a great idea.


Myunghoon’s two eyes opened.

He picked up the paper and sat next to the computer and opened the word document.

‘I need to tell that Ha Jaegun and Pyung Cheon Yu are the same person. I wonder what the literary writers would say if they heard about this…’

Jaegun didn’t tell any of the audience that he was writing a fantasy novel with a pen name.

There was no need to know why

He just had to tell the people this.

Myunghoon’s ten fingers flew across the keyboard. For some reason, this went many times faster than writing his own story


“Give us two servings of tofu.”


Somii turned back and laughed.

“This place is good. You’ll like it too.”

“I know.”

Jaegun answered as he sipped a drink

It was about 1 pm.

It was after the workers lunch time so it was not crowded at all.

“I’m sorry, I know you’re busy.”

“No, I’m not busy. Don’t care.”

Jaegun got Somii’s call who said she was going to buy lunch.

He wasn’t really comfortable either.

Somii was a StarBooks employee. There was no reason for Somii to meet him unless for a good reason.

‘Is it for the sequel.’

The time was good for now.

He finished all the novels he was working on. The Modern Ranking series and the Pegelon series.

The book for the Modern Teen Literary Contest was done too. There was at least 2 months till the announcement.

‘I don’t have anything I want to write….’

This was jaegun’s problem

He didn’t want to write anything about martial arts or fantasy. So he was wondering how to cordially decline Somii’s offer.

“The tofu is really good. Eat some before the main comes in.”

Somii gave the dish to him.

Jaegun smiled.

It was true that meeting with Somii was fun. She was a good person to be with and she helped him a couple of times too.

‘She got prettier.’

In Jaegun’s eyes, Somii was more mature and showing more feminine ability.

The turtleneck sweater and the brown shorts. With that, the black stockings and the sneakers showed the end of the fall.

He was slightly disappointed to

It felt that the college girl appearance disappeared.

And to be true, the end of the year was close.

He felt as though time went by very fast.

“What do you think that much.”

“No, nothing, but I guess the editor is busy?”

“Yes, he is. Really.”

Somii only said that.

Tewon stayed in StarBooks for now because of work or something. He said he would tell Jaegun the day he was leaving.

“And that, writer, I wanted to say.”

“Say it.”

Jaegun put his chopsticks done. It was probably about to be about the sequel.

But he was wrong.

Out of Somii’s smiling mouth, a conversation was coming out of her that he didn’t expect.

“How do you think about your novel becoming a webtoon?”


“Comic KT gave an offer. They want to put your Modern Ranking series into a webtoon. You know comic KT.”

“Ah yes…”

Jaegun knew them. They were the webtoon company that only did webtoons.

They had a top five presence in webtoons in the county and they had a huge audience and respect rate.

“And so I wanted to meet now to ask you.”

Jaegun blankly stared at Somii.

Somii smiled as she slightly shook her body.

She understood that she didn’t really need to ask Jaegun’s answer.

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