Big Life - Chapter 46

“How is it?”

“What do you think? It’s great.”

Jaegun said positively at Somii’s thought.

Who would dislike their work becoming a comic?

Jaegun didn’t think of anything else.

And it was Comic KT, so there was no need to hesitate.

“But I have no knowledge of comics, so I have no idea about the profit distributions.”

“I have no idea either…”

Somii explained with wide eyes.

“If you do this comic with Comic KT, that means your novel will be a contract. Comic KT will buy the drawer, the writer, and others. It’s also very hard to make the entire story into one comic.”


“The editor said it will be about 10 percent. 10 percent of the webtoon. So 5 to 5 with StarBooks as well. Because it’s a derivative work.”

“Hm, yes.”

Jaegun was thinking about the contract that all had the word “derivate” work. Whether if it was a movie or comic remake, the original was his.

Jaegun didn’t pay any attention to this at all his entire life, because he didn’t know his work would be used for another work.

‘Modern Ranking will be made into a comic…!’

The movie that played in his mind was coming alive. It was Jaegun who still didn’t believe what was happening.

“There’s not gonna be a huge profit. If the profit is about 1000 dollars, you get about 50 dollars.”


“But if the webtoon gets good, the novel gets good publicity too. The 3rd book of the Ranking series. If the paper books go out, then the electronic version goes out, and then you can let the webtoons go out. That would be great.”

Jaegun smiled.

Tewon’s expression that said to not forget his focus came up in his mind. He could always trust that man.

“I’ll do it.”

Jaegun decided without saying anything.

“I hope it goes to a good writer and becomes well made.”

“I hope it does. Don’t worry. I’ll see if it’s good. And if the candidate is decided, I’ll send him or her to you and ask for your opinion.”

“Thank you.”

The food was brought in and they started to eat.

Jaegun ate happily with Somii. The finished work relieved him.

“Uh, Writer Ha.”

Somii said as she poured him a cup of water.

“Are you writing anything?”

“No, Not really.”

“Then… do you… do you have any chance of writing a sequel.”

Jaegun was thinking ‘Of course’ as Somii struggled to speak.

As the 3rd book was done, StarBooks wanted a sequel. As Somii requested the webtoons first, the order was pushed back.

“I’m sorry, but I have no idea of story currently. I can’t think of anything either.”

“You must be tired. Then I can’t really ask either. I’ll wait, sir.”

Somii backed off quickly.

Jaegun felt relieved, but slightly suspicious. He knew Somii was the type to put all her energy into her work.

But she gave up this quickly

He thought she would ask a bit more.

‘Maybe she really thought of my well-being.’

As lunch ended, Jaegun still thought it was suspicious. He glanced at her face, but still couldn’t see her feelings.

“That was a good meal, Somii.”

“No, this meal was good because of you, writer.”

The two people went outside and stood by the road.

The wind was cool and soft. The heat was mild as well, so it would be good to go out somewhere.

“Are you going back to work?”

“No, Comic KT.”


“Yes, I’ve heard your response, so I should go ahead. It’s why I came out.”

Somii smiled and said.

Her foot was brushing against the leaves on the ground.

Jaegun smiled as he thought of the time when Somii’s shoe came off during a writer’s meeting

“Why did you laugh?”

“No reason.”

“I’m curious and you’re always like that. Like that writer’s meeting, hm…”

Somii smiled shyly and stopped. She thought of the time that Jaegun picked up the shoe. It wasn’t as embarrassing, but still was.

“Where is Comic KT?”


“A bit of distance.”

“About 30 minutes by subway.”

The two people stood looking at different places but they had the same thoughts.

‘Should I go with her?”

‘Will he like it if I ask him to go along?’

There was no point in asking Jaegun really.

But Jaegun was the original writer for the webtoon novel. If he wanted to see the contract or the process, it wouldn’t be odd.

‘No, I can’t do this.’

Jaegun made the decision before Somii.

He thought that he wanted to spend a bit more time with Somii. But now, it wasn’t as appealing.

Somii was working and there was no reason to follow and bother her.

“Let’s go the subway station then.”


Somii pushed aside her slightly disappointed feeling and followed Jaegun.

They walked slowly together along the red leaves.

Somii was avoiding the lines on the concrete.

“Are you going to go home right away?”

“I’m going to stop by a bookstore.”

Jaegun answered.

He was going to stop by at the bookstore after meeting Somii. He didn’t get to read anything because he was writing so much.

As a writer, he needed to read a lot to write good works.

And his life became more lax, so he wanted to read a lot.

“Be careful.”

“You too, Somii.”

The two people scanned their cards at their respective booths.

As they were about to go down the stairs, Jaegun turned around. At that moment, Somii looked towards Jaegun as well.

The two people’s glances went through the huge crowd.

Jaegun first smiled and lifted his hand. Somii again did a 90 degree greet and disappeared down the stairs.

‘Yeah, I should work too.’

Jaegun focused his mind. After seeing the hard working Somii, he felt better.

‘Let’s read some novels. Maybe an idea will come up.”

Using the karaoke helper Dasul to write that novel all occurred because of new experiences.

The ideas came up in unexpected places.

Jaegun was thinking that as he rode the train.

After about 20 minutes, he got off. He was headed to the bookstore that was connected to the mall.

‘There’s a lot of people.’

Even though it was afternoon, there were surprising a lot of people.

Jaegun moved his steps to the new books sections.

Out of the books, one book caught his eyes.

It was A Dumb Woman.

It had the DIgital Literary Contest winner banner around.

Jaegun stood there for about 30 minutes looking through the new section. And then he searced the people who were reading.

There were about 10 people who picked up his book. And most of them only looked through a few pages and put it down. No one bought it.

‘It might be hard for more.’

Jaegun smiled bitterly.

The 20,000 dollars were up front. To get the rest, he needed to get 20,000 dollars of books sold.

About 20000 books sold if one book was 1 dollar.

It was a world where paper books were terrible sellers.

He had no expectations of getting over 20000 books.

This reflected his position as a new writer who had just begun to show off his name.

‘Let’s start.’

Jaegun pulled out Se Gunwoo’s glasses and put them on. It was something to help him read fast.

He could read about 15 books in 1 hour at the least.

“Ah this is really good.”

It was when he went by the fantasy section.

He could hear the conversation between two college kids.

Jaegun’s two eyes caught the two people. One person was holding Pegelon’s Swordsman and was speaking.

“The prequel one was Pegelon’s Magician and it was beast. I read it and I couldn’t read anything else for a while. You know him?”

“Yeah, it’s Pyung Cheon Yu. Haven’t you seen the Ranking series?”

“Of course I’ve seen those. Ah frick. I want to read it, but it’s wrapped. Ah, I’ll just buy it. It’s Pyung Cheon Yu.”

The man pulled out every book in the Pegelon’s Swordsman series and went to the clerk.

Jaegun couldn’t move.

He could only listen to the employees and the money that went into his bank. But he never really saw the reader’s reactions as close as this.

He was very thankful to the man that said his work was fun.

Jaegun held his gracious mind and walked toward the genre mixture section.

“Hm, this is good. Romance has this feeling.”

“Ah, this guy was the criminal? Wow?”

“Was this writer always this hardcore? This is kind of awkward. It’s violent but it doesn’t have the feeling.”

“Ah, ah, this guy isn’t very good.”

About 2 hours since he came in.

His hands almost couldn’t be seen.

Jaegun was leaning his body in corner and was flipping through the pages very quickly. The people who passed in front of him all looked Jaegun with curious eyes.

‘Ah, this line is done so let’s go here.’

Jaegun was reading through books at a massive pace.

He wasn’t just flipping through them

He was reading at the speed of light with these glasses.

Jaegun’s 1 year average reading was about 150 books. Even if he read 3-4 books in a week, he could only read about 150 books.

But now in just 2 hours, he had read over 50 books.

A writer learns from reading.

At this point, Jaegun was maturing at a writer, in this corner of a bookstore


‘That person is always like that.

The girl employee looked towards Jaegun and widened her eyes.

It was a strange customer that she couldn’t just pass.

He was flipping through pages and putting them back. And then he pulled another and put that back… it was about 2 hours of the same thing.

‘Is he looking at something?’

Jaegun’s hand became faster and faster as she looked on.

The girl employee went to organize the book and slightly stood next to Jaegun. As she glanced at her face, she could see his eyes. His eyes were shaking, looking at the pages as he flipped.


The girl couldn’t believe it.

‘…is he reading?’

At that moment.



Jaegun sighed as the book ripped. It was a consequence of his hands moving too fast.

Jaegun lifted his head and noticed the employee and said to her.

“I’m sorry. I flipped it to fast that I ripped it. I’ll buy this book.”

“Ahha, yes…. Hm…?’

The girl employee stared blankly. Jaegun’s face looked familiar to her.

“Uh…. uh…. Um…”


“Are you….. Writer Ha Jaegun?”

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