Big Life - Chapter 48

‘This is good….!’

Somii smiled when she flipped to page 30.

This was a completely different style than Jaegun’s previous novels. It had a fast-paced story and others, so even though it was a heavy read, the book was great.

‘So that’s why it’s Dragon Rider. The main character rides a dragon. But really. Writer Ha… doesn’t make great titles… Maybe it’s just me?’

Only when she had to open the door with her fingerprint, did she stop reading

And then she sat down and started reading on the computer.

A bigger screen was better.

“Somii, you’re early?”

Assistant Manager Lee said to her.

Somii answered while glancing away from the monitor.

“Ah, good morning.”

Lee was the person that she was most acquainted with in this company.

She had a friendly personality and didn’t do anything impolite.

Therefore, even with the 10-year gap, she was great friends with her.

“But Assistant Manager Lee is here early too?”

“I have to come early until I understand the new work environment.”

Lee yawned and went to her seat.

She wanted to find the style of the new editor that was going to replace Tewon.

“Yeah, wasn’t Assistant Manager Go really funny?”

Lee faced towards Somii and asked.

“He was really oily. He might be a personal assistant at this rate. If he could just work half as well as he can flatter. Why is he like that.”


“StarBooks is on the decline. I don’t know why the representative is like this. His son, daughter, and son in law… Now it’s going to be the grandchildren too.”

“Assistant Manager, your voice is a bit loud.

“What do I say? There’s only us. Ah, I don’t know.”

Lee went to get a cup of coffee.

Somii started reading the novel again. Lee asked as she pulled a cup of coffee next to Somii.

“What are you reading?”

“Ah, thank you. This is Writer Ha Jaegun’s new novel.”

“Writer Ha? A new novel?”

Lee blew her cheeks as she was surprised.

“The end of the 3rd book isn’t even close to being released? How did he write one with that short of time since the newest one?”

“Yes. It’s amazing. He wrote 3 books too.”

“Completely amazing. I’ve worked in different places for 7 years, but I’ve never seen a writer like him who writes this fast.”


“This isn’t personal, but is it a group? He might have a writing factory with 10 people at the same time?”

“I’ve been to his office, and it’s not like that. He types on his keyboard alone.”

Somii smiled and sipped a cup. The hot coffee and the aroma was amazing.

“So how is it?”

“This one is good too. By my personal tastes, this one is his best.”

“That much? Then show me it too.”

“He sent it to the group email so you can check too.”


With Somii, Lee also started reading Jaegun’s novel.


Only in about 20 minutes, did she mutter

“This spells success.”

“Yes? It’s amazing?”

“The representative will be very happy. He completely criticized Editor Tewon for missing out on 1-2 of his works. He’ll get his wish now.”

Lee said sarcastically.

Somii bitterly smiled and thought of Tewon. He was probably somewhere struggling.

“Sigh, sigh.”

Assistant Manager Go came up at the office at about 8:30

He was happy as he came here quickly.

He went to Somii and asked randomly.

“Somii, what are you doing?”

“I’m reading Ha Jaegun’s new novel, do you want to read?”

“Writer Ha Jaegun? No that’s not the problem…! Somii, do you know any good plants?”

“Plants?” Why?”

Somii asked.

Go answered as he put down his bag.

The editor gave me a message. “The office is a bit dry so it would be good to put some flowers here. Somii, where is the nearest place?”

Somii shut her mouth as she understood what was going on.

Lee was laughing quietly at her place.

“Can you come with me? I don’t know flowers, so can you help me?”

“But it’s almost work time.”

As Somii answered negatively, Go straightened his body and looked at her seriously.

“Somii, this is the new editor’s flowers. This is work. Now come here.”

Lee came out to save Somii.

“Assistant Manager Go, how is buying flowers a job? And now, I think it’s not like you have to buy the flowers before the editor comes here.”

“Yes, Ah it’s not that…”

Go looked away from her glance.

Assistant Manager Lee was the one person that he had trouble with. She came with arguments that were often right, so he had no way to refute them.

“Somii is busy. There’s a new novel from Writer Ha. The flower store is on the next store’s 1st floor if you’re urgent. Why is the store owner there for? She will help you.”

“Hmm. Hm… that makes sense….. Then I’ll go alone…”

Go went out of the office because he had nothing to say.

Lee winked at Somii and went back to her monitor.

‘What do I do…?’

Maybe it was because of Lee’s words.

But Tewon didn’t leave her thoughts.

Jaegun’s novel was entertaining, but reality’s issues were blocking her.

‘Why didn’t he tell Writer Ha yet? I thought he would tell him directly? If Writer Ha knew, then he would go to the editor’s side…’

It wasn’t a thought as a StarBooks employee.

Tewon already left the company.

This was an issue for the company’s profit. These thoughts were unacceptable.

“Writer Ha Jaegun’s novel?”

A voice came from behind her.

Somii turned around quickly, waking up from her thoughts surprised.

It was the new editor, Park Kyunguk

He was looking at Somii’s monitor.

“Editor, y.. you came.”

“How good was it that you didn’t even realize I was here? I’ve been here for a while.”

Kyunguk was completely like his father Park Jeguk.

Age was in the mid-30s. He had a masculine feeling to him.

“I’m sorry…. I was thinking.”

Somii answered straightly in response to Kyunguk’s joking manner.

She was uncomfortable with the new editor.

The two eyes that didn’t laugh even with the laugh on his lips. The different feeling in his face and inside. It made her feel weird.

“This is the new novel, right? How is it?”

“Ah, yes, It’s good. I’ve read about 2 books and the story is good.”

“Really? Then contact him. Today is good so arrange a meeting. I want to talk to him about things too. I’ll have to go personally to meet Ha Jaegun.”

“Yes… OK”

He called someone as he was leaving the office.

“If he’s going personally, I guess it’s a writer contract?”

“Yes, I don’t know. He even rejected Editor Tewon’s offer.”

“He probably doesn’t want to hear that he just came flying in. He wants points. If he can get Ha Jaegun. He’ll be set.”

Lee pointed towards Somii’s legs.

“Somii, your stocking is ripped.”

“Yes? Oh.”

It was as she said.

Her black stocking had a rip from her left thigh to her knees.

“It’s a new one, but how did it get ripped?”

“I’ll give you one.”

“Thank you. I’ll buy you one just like it.”

“Just go get lunch and buy ice cream. Go change.”

As Somii went to the restroom, she became more and more nervous.

A stocking getting ripped from this morning.

She wasn’t the superstitious type, but she had a strange feeling.

In the restroom, Somii locked the door and sat on the toilet.

And after a thought, she pulled out her phone and called Jaegun.

“Yes, Somii.”

“I’ve read up to book 2. This one’s amazing.”

“If you say so, then this one would be good too.”

“My thoughts don’t matter. Your projects are good so you get good success. And sir, do you have time this evening?”

“Yes, I’m fine with today. Where should we meet? Guro? Is Tewon also coming? He must be busy. It’s been a long time since I’ve met him. I’m going to forget his face.”

Jaegun’s laughter could be heard. But Somii couldn’t laugh.

She had no idea why Tewon didn’t tell Jaegun this.

But she needed to tell Jaegun this before it was too late.

Waiting until Jaegun’s laughs ended, Somii continued in a small voice.

“Writer Ha, I need to tell you something.”


“Editor Tewon…. He resigned.”


“Hahaha. It’s great to finally meet you. I’m Park Kyunguk.”

“Yes, thank you.”

It was an expensive Japanese restaurant.

The new editor and Assistant Go on one side, Jaegun and Somii was on the other side.

“This place’s sashimi is good. If you eat the special sashimi, you’ll think of it again. It’s expensive, though.”

The course was 150 dollars per person

Kyunguk chose this place thoughtfully.

It was also a praise for the best-selling writer in StarBooks.

If it was a regular writer, the meeting wouldn’t be here.

No, he wouldn’t even come to meet.

“Excuse me.”

Two girl employees wearing kimonos went and set the table first.

Assistant Go picked up a bottle of beer.

Kyunguk stopped him with his glance and took the bottle.

“Do you want a drink?” Kyunguk asked.

It wasn’t a place to drink laxly, but he was about to drink a bit just for politeness.

“I don’t have much experience with work as an editor. So I asked Assistant Go and Somii to follow me. I hope you understand even if it’s uncomfortable.”

It was an arrogant response that had no respect for Somii and Go.

‘I can tell he’s very inexperienced. as he said.’ Jaegun thought.

“I’ve read your new novel. The story is really good. It’s wonderful to see your relationship with StarBooks blossoming.”

“Would you say my previous works are good too?”

“Hahaha. Of course.”

“What was good about it?”

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