Big Life - Chapter 49


Kyunguk’s smile froze in place.

Jaegun sipped his drink and added.

“I’m wondering what you liked about the new novel.”

“Hm, yes, Well first, there was a good flow… hm, and the writing is clear and… really amazing. Yes, that’s right.”

“I see.”

Jaegun smiled slightly and nodded his head.

He had already known from Kyunguk’s expression that he hadn’t read Jaegun’s novel.

Kyunguk coughed purposely once or twice and opened his mouth.

“Yes, but about Writer Ha’s new novel. I want to say something before the contract.”

“Could you talk to me about the webtoon first?”


“The webtoon that is going to be made by Comic KT. That’s first so I wish to talk about that.”

“Ahah, yes. That’s going great. Right, Somii?”

Kyunguk, slightly surprised, passed the baton to Somii.

He had no idea about anything going on at work or at the job, so Somii had to repeat the news that she gave Jaegun already.

“They are recruiting the drawer and the writer. It’ll take about a week or so.”

Jaegun nodded his head as if he understood. Somii looked at Jaegun in her peripheral vision and wondered.

What would be the reason to ask about the Webtoon in a place like this.

‘What are you thinking, Writer Ha…’

Somii wondered why Jaegun was even here in the first place.

She said that Tewon had resigned.

She also knew that Jaegun would push back the appointment with StarBooks and contact Tewon first.

But that’s all Somii knew.

The question about the webtoons was meaningless.

The real reason was not because of himself, but for Jung Somii.

This was Jaegun’s last favor that he could do to Somii, a StarBooks employee.

He came out here to directly say to the editor that Somii, his personal editor, could not be damaged in any way.

Silence continued.

Kyunguk opened his mouth to try and earn some points with Jaegun.

“I personally support any of your projects. I will do anything to make sure you can continue your writing career. Not even with a writer contract. The previous editor was a bit strict right? You must have struggled. Uh, what was his name, Go?”

“It was Kwon Tewon.”

“Yes, Kwon Tewon. He worked under my dad… I mean, a representative, for a long time. He intervened with many writers, I’ve heard? So how could writers like him? He didn’t have the skills. Now with me, your writing process will be a lot better. I will support you. Obviously, I will support you.”

Somii was so embarrassed that she felt like she wanted to make a fist.

It was a foolish attempt to gain points that he lost.

She didn’t understand the representative’s mind to put this person as the editor.

She worried for StarBook’s future, and dropped her head.


Jaegun was sipping water stolidly.

And then

He lifted his head and said calmly.

“It was because of Editor Tewon.”


Kyunguk tilted his head.

Jaegun continued as he pulled out his hand for his jacket.

“It was because of Kwan Tewon’s feedback that I’d got here. It wasn’t just because of me.”

Assistant Go’s face became pale.

Then Kyunguk’s face also became pale. Jaegun stood up from his seat.

“I don’t think I can eat anymore. I’m sorry but I’ll excuse myself.”

“W, writer? Writer Ha? Wait.”

Kyunguk and Go stood up after waking up from their shock.

Jaegun had already put on his shoes and left.

‘Writer Ha?’

Somii couldn’t be here now either.

She put on her shoes.

There was no reason for her to be stopped because StarBooks was a frequent visitor.

“What, where did he go?”

“He’s not picking up either, sir.”

Kyunguk and Go was in the front of the building looking for him.

It wasn’t an easy thing to find Jaegun in the darkness.

“Go, did I do something wrong?”

“No, no. What could you have done. Writer Ha must have been in a bad mood today. You know how writers get irritated.”

Somii stood in front of them.

She said to the two men.

“I’ll go to the subway.”

“Yes, Somii, if you see him, persuade him to come back. What is this? Go, let’s go this way.”

Kyunguk pulled off his tie and walked with Go.

When they were far way, Somii’s phone started vibrating.

“Writer Ha!”

“I’m sorry, you were a little surprised, right?”

“Not a little, but a lot. Where are you?”

“I’m on a taxi. I’m in a hurry.”

Somii couldn’t say anything

She knew why he was in a hurry and where the taxi was going.


“I’m listening writer, go ahead.”

“Did I stress you?”

“No, nothing like that. And why are you worrying about me. You should worry about your work and yourself.”

“I don’t need to. If you’re fine, I’m ok with that.”

“What does that…?”

Somii stopped.

A thought in her head becoming clear.

‘Because of me…?’

A puzzle piece was finding its spot.

Jaegun’s actions made sense now.

And a new question came up.

Why would he be worrying about a simple regular editor.

“You were busy being my personal editor. Thank you. I’ll buy you dinner sometime.”

Somii pushed the emotions away and smiled.

She did nothing to Jaegun. She never had any trouble with Jaegun. He was a good writer, and his works were almost perfect.

Now her work relationship with the writer named Jaegun closed.

Unless she stopped working at StarBooks, she would never edit his work again.

Somii lifted her head.

She breathed a few times and her energy came back. She said in her usual cheerful and energetic voice.

“I’m gonna eat a lot, so you have to do good.”

“Of course. I’ll do better than the entire 3 Ranking series.”

“I’ll be here. Be careful.”

“You too.”

Somii turned around as she hung up.

Her figure disappeared in the darkness.

Only then did Jaegun leave his hiding place near the building and catch a taxi.

– I’m sorry, Representative Tewon. The pay by part is a bit different from paper books so I don’t really have confidence. I’ll stop here.

–  I really wanted to sign with the management you’re doing, but I have a relationship with my last company, I can’t. If I have another opportunity, I’ll call again. I’m sorry.

– I can’t. I said yesterday, but I don’t have the confidence in your management. I know your skill but it’s only beginning and I don’t have data to work with, so it’s kind of risky. I’ll have to pass the first start to another writer.”


A sigh came out

Tewon who had slept for over 12 hours woke up and had no idea what to do.

He got rejected from 3 writers he trusted.

His body was completely fatigued as well.

“Is it not good?”

A girl who was sitting on a computer next to his asked.

It was his wife, Sin Dongmi.

“I think everyone’s afraid. I have no previous work so.”

“Really though. You did so much for them.”

“If you think like that, it’s harder. Forget the past.”

Tewon comforted her.

She looked around her house with a complicated expression.. The two kids should be looked after by their mother.

“You know.”


“What about Writer Ha?”

Dongmi knew her husband’s personality so she had waited this long. But she couldn’t wait any longer and finally asked.

“You said he’s good? He’s good at writing and you complimented him so much. You said you wanted to go to the end with him.”

Tewon’s couldn’t answer her.

The words that representative Jeguk said was still in his head.

-Don’t think about taking away any of our writers. Especially Ha Jaegun. I’m gonna find out if he uses a pen name and we need to earn too. I gave you 3 months of money with your resignation fee. Use it well and I hope you do well.

This was why he couldn’t ask Jaegun.

If Jaegun knew he resigned, he might not work for StarBooks anymore.

And this was a huge problem as well.

StarBook’s influence was huge for every subject. If Tewon did something to hurt them, there was no knowing what harm that they could do to him.

A management had to sell the writer’s works to the biggest market that it could.

This was what Tewon had to know from now. But if he lost his market before he could sell anything?

That was the end.

“Where are you going?”

Dongmi asked seeing Tewon taking his coat.

“I’m going to take a walk.”

Tewon went down to the first floor with the elevator..

He was holding a cigarette.

He was about to smoke one without his wife knowing.


Then his phone vibrated in his pocket.

Tewon pulled in quickly hoping that one writer had changed his mind.


He froze when he saw the name Ha Jaegun.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The vibration continued in his phone

But Tewon couldn’t answer.

What could he say to Jaegun at this time?

He had nothing to say and he couldn’t think of anything to say.

Just then…

“I guess it’s a vibrating machine instead of a phone.”

Tewon froze.

The voice behind him was so familiar.

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