Big Life - Chapter 50

“Ah, I guess it’s not the editor. I must be mistaken. I’m sorry. I apologize. So should I just leave now?”

Tewon slowly turned around.

It was Jaegun

He was smiling with his phone on his ear.

“Writer Ha…? How… did you get here?”

Tewon was completely surprised at his sudden appearance.

Jaegun put his phone away and answered.

“You said you bought a house here. I remembered the apartment building. I thought you weren’t about to answer, so the timing was great right? If I was unlucky, I may have left without meeting you.”

“Ah, writer don’t take it the wrong way. I was going to answer. I was just thinking. My head is really…”

Jaegun waved it off.

“What are you saying? I’m fine. But before that, you should check your email.”


“Yes, your personal email.”

Jaegun’s finger was pointing towards Tewon’s phone.

Tewon with a dazed look pulled up his email. In his email, three books of a novel called Dragon Rider was there.

“Writer Ha, this…?”

Tewon had to ask even if he knew.

It was hard to continue with his overflowing emotions.

Recently, he had looked hard for a writer, struggling to even find one.

He pleaded with them to just trust him once so many times.

But no one answered.

A good selling writer, a bad selling writer, everyone rejected him with different reasons. No one trusted Tewon enough to follow him yet.


Now a writer came here without him even asking.

A writer who wasn’t the bottom anymore, a writer who had lifted himself up to the highest ceiling. A person like that came to his house with his own works.

“It’s my new novel, read it and give me feedback.”

“Writer Ha…”

Tewon sighed.

Tewon knew Jaegun’s personality, so he had shut his mouth about resigning. He didn’t want Jaegun to lose money because of him.

“I came here, so I can’t leave just now.”

Jaegun said as he tied his shoes.

“I’ll go back with your feedback. If you want to sleep early, you’re going to have to be compliant.”

Tewon’s two eyes went back to his phone.

He answered quietly.

“If you say that, I must read it quickly. And you did write it really quickly.”

“I think I’m great this year.”

Jaegun pointed towards the opposite side of the street.

“Editor, I didn’t eat yet. If you didn’t either, then let’s go over there. There’s HOF on the 1st floor.”

“Yes, writer. Let’s go.”

He put his phone away. He needed a place to concentrate anyway.

“What do you want? You pick.”

“How’s chicken. It’s good.”

“I’m fine.”

“Here, one fried. Hm..”

Tewon looked around and asked.

“How about a drink?”


“Give us two drinks.”

The two beers came out before the chicken.

Jaegun sipped his drink while Tewon started reading – his two eyes showing off his long-stayed editing skills.

“Here it is.”

The chicken came as Jaegun drank about a half of his beer.

Tewon didn’t lift his head once. His beer was losing steam quickly.

“Give us another drink.”

Jaegun got another drink.

And then Tewon started on Book 2.

30 minutes, then an hour.

There were no words between the two.

About 2 hours.

“I finished.”

Tewon smiled as he looked up.

Jaegun immediately asked, half-expectant half-worried.

“How is it? Is it good?”

“First, It’s entertaining.”

Tewon’s first sentence made Jaegun nervous. He knew this was the only compliment.

Tewon never made any useless compliments.

‘First? Then the negatives will come out now.’

In martial arts and fantasy, Jaegun trusted Tewon the most.

Tewon lifted up 3 fingers.

“There are 3 problems.”

“Ha, that’s a lot.”

“I’ll start with the light one. First, the title of Dragon Rider isn’t very good. There are a lot of books with that name.”

Jaegun laughed with Tewon.

That wasn’t a serious problem. He could change it.

Jaegun asked for the other problems.

“Second…. Writer, do you know that my management is pay by chapter service?”

“Yes, of course.”

“It releases about 5500 characters repeatedly. And so it’s completely different from paper books. You need an outline for every chapter and you need to make the end very interesting so readers would want to know more like a drama. “

“Hm yes. I know.”

Jaegun answered.

He could change that. He read a lot of drama, so he had the confidence to change it.

“What’s the last one?”

Tewon couldn’t answer immediately.

It was a really serious one.

Tewon first drank about half his drink before he answered.

“I got a warning to not take away any writers.”

Tewon said truthfully.

It wasn’t something to hide.

It was Jaegun who trusted him to come here.

He needed to be truthful about this. So Tewon continued.

“StarBooks doesn’t want to lose you. If you sign with me, it might cause you harm.”

“What harm?”

“They might harm your marketing.”

Tewon cut him off.

“Like Munpia or Zoayo, they don’t need marketing. The system is fair. If it’s fun, readers will read it.”

“Hm, yes…”

“But in other places, it’s a lot different. There are places where profits won’t come without marketing. The real money’s in those places…”

Tewon spoke really quickly without even stopping to breathe and finished his entire drink.

Jaegun ordered another.

“There’s no place to put banners… Or the other manager’s project promotion schedule is strict so they have no time… All the excuses they might make. In this place, it’s a job with people and connections have a lot of power. Last week, I faced other companies and I just lost hard.”

At this, Tewon bitterly smiled.

They stopped talking and drank quickly.

“Haa, I’m sorry. I’ve only put a burden on you.”

“No, it’s not.”

Jaegun answered as he put his cup down

Now Tewon was done and it was Jaegun’s turn.

“What about you?”


“As you said, it’s not my problem only. It’s your problem as well. Your management will be taking a hit but can you still sign with me?”


There was no hesitation.

“I want to have you even if the management fails. Although I don’t think it will happen. Because…”

Tewon continued after a pause.

“Your writing is entertaining. Entertaining works always work. That’s for sure.”

Tewon smiled and cheered.

Jaegun smiled as well.

“I guess the pay per chapter I wanted to do with the 3rd Ranking series will be done here. Thank you.”

“No, thank you. I’ll do really well.”

“I’ll help you, editor, no representative now. It’s kind of weird.”

“Just call me anything.”

“By the way,what’s the management name?”

“Laugh Books. So only good things work. It’s better than Smile, right?”

“No, Editor, You shouldn’t be the one saying my titles are bad. How about KalKal Books” (KalKal is another way of saying laugh.”

“Why? It’s a good name. My wife made it.”

“Hm, then it’s really good.”

“Wow, that reaction. Well, there’s a reason why pay per chapter is the new thing. If it works, the profits will be amazing.”

“Yes, I’ll do well. So where should I start?”

“Navin Store or Munpia probably”

“I get it, representative, Cheers.”

“Yes, Writer.”

The cold food and drinks weren’t the issue. The night was getting darker and darker and the two people didn’t care, as their conversation didn’t know when to stop.

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