Big Life - Chapter 51

“What are you doing?!?”

The StarBook’s representative room.

Jeguk was screaming when he saw the report.

On the sofa in front of him was his son and Kyunguk, the new editor, with a frown. And then Assistant Manager Go was shivering behind him.

“I’ve called him 10 times and sent Go to his house, so there’s nothing I can do, father.”

“What? You called a couple of times and you sent an employee and that’s it?! Kwon Tewon never said anything even in situations with hundredfold difficulty! And you’re insulted because of just this? You need this much patience to be an editor in a company!”

Kyunguk lost his patience and fought back.

“Then why didn’t you keep him? Why did you let him resign and put me here?”

“You!! What age are you?! It was expensive to put you in college and you say stupid stuff like that?!”

“Ah, really! Why is the talk about college coming out now!”


Jeguk lifted one hand.

Kyunguk was standing up from his seat with rebellious eyes.

“If you have nothing to say, I’m leaving.”

“Y, y, y, YOU! COME BACK HERE?!”

But Kyunguk left without even acknowledging him.

Jeguk plopped onto the sofa. Go was shivering, clueless as to knowing what to do.

“If you have a cigarette, give me one.”

“Ah, yes, representative, he, here.”

Jeguk took the cigarette and put it in his mouth.

Go’s hand, which was lighting the cigarette, shivered.

Irritatedly, Jeguk took the lighter and lit it himself.

“So the two will band together. Hmpf. Let’s see them do well.”

Go just put his head down.

He couldn’t know he was talking about Jaegun and Tewon.

Jeguk added as he burned off one cigarette.

“Don’t make a mess.”


“Don’t try and catch the late bus. Don’t try and break the wheels or anything. They’re done. Let them leave and do their own thing.”

“I get it, sir.”

“Say that to that idiot too. Leave.”

“Yes, representative.”

Go left quietly


Jeguk lied on the sofa and looked up at the ceiling.

Finally, the sense of loss was coming clear to him and pressed against his chest.



A place where over 9000 writers work with over 36,000 stories. A pay per chapter site.

There was a 120 percent growth compared to last year. It was the forerunner of the Korean web novel market.

About December, in the cold.

Today, there were new novels coming up at Munpia.

Writer Pyung Cheon Yu’s new novel, the Breathe, was one of them

‘Phew, till that for today.”

Dongmi finished the update for ‘The Breathe,’ and yawned.

It was the first day, so she updated 10 books consecutively. In terms of a paper series, it was a little below half of a book.

‘The title is good, everything’s good…’

‘The Breathe,’ was the new title of Dragon Rider. It meant the breath and the powerful weapon of the dragon in the story.

The title creator was Dongmi.

She thought it was a good title to fit the mood and the story. Thankfully, her husband and Jaegun agreed.

‘Hope this goes well.’

She knew everything about Jaegun’s previous works.

She had analyzed them before. All 3 of the Rankings and the 2 Pegelon series.

Her reaction was simple.

They were impossible books to not sell well. The fast pacing and the good writing made the story just that interesting to read.

‘It should be good. A regular fantasy is a bit away from the popular side, but it still is Writer Ha,’

Dongmi’s nervous glance never left her monitor.

There were so many places that they needed money.

The rent was also a worry. She had to have big expectations for this new title.

‘It’s because it’s quiet. Why do I think such stupid thoughts.’

The house was silent.

Tewon went to meet other business partners so it was empty.

Dongmi drank a cup of hot coffee.

Now that she thought about it, there was nothing else to do.

There was only one writer in Laugh Books, and it was Writer Ha.

She had gotten about 100 chapters from him and she organized them neatly.

‘Maybe I should go clean the house for a bit.’

Dongmi, to clear her thoughts, started to clean the house.

“Phew, done…”

It took about 2 hours.

Dongmi put up the cleaning tools. She felt tired and yawned, but she went straight to her computer instead of the bed.

‘I wonder how many views it got?’

She was curious how many views the Breathe got.

She didn’t have a lot expectations because of the short time.

Dongmi poured herself another cup of coffee and hit the refresh button.


Dongmi widened her eyes at the monitor.

Her lips were shivering.

“It’s already at 3000?”

Dongmi was completely shocked. Two hours ago, it was 0. Now it was just going over 3000.

And the comments were in the hundreds already.

Hyunseung: Ah, Amazing. (Crying of happiness)

Deserter: Ah but, the Pegelon and the Ranking series aren’t even out, when did he make this?

Han Jehi: Probably not solo, but a company????

Mister H: I saw you during a writer’s meeting, but I don’t think you know. I’ll see well. Thanks.

Pamo: Dragon are def fantasy.

Eun Eun Seo: Of course it’s Pyung Cheon Yu.

Lee Mehwa: I worried after seeing Pyung Cheon Yu, I thought it wouldn’t fit, but man, amazing afterward. Sorry, I can only recommend once.


Sapchi: First for a pay per chapter! I got surprised after seeing the name! Pyeon Cheon Yu! Follow till the end!

Invader: IT’s too short tttttt.

Orange Back: Ackkk, more pleaseeee.

Pdel: Hopefully 10 more chapters again.

Yeong: Wow, this is really interesting.

The screen was filled with comments.

Dongmi was reading with a fast breath. She couldn’t control her emotions.

‘It’s already 20?’

Dongmi couldn’t stop. In the today’s best, ‘The Breathe’ was already in 20th.

From 20, the project gets on the main page. Then, more readers will be able to come.

‘It’s the first day, and it’s 20!’

Dongmi quickly pulled out her phone.

She wanted to share this happy news.

From a short ringtone, Tewon picked up.

“What is it?”

“Tewon! It’s already the 20th! The Breathe!”

“20? Already?”

Tewon repeated as if he couldn’t believe it.

Dongmi refreshed again and answered.

“Of course. Why would I joke about this? I cleaned up for a while and it’s like this. And it got up a bit more as I’m talking. The last book has over 3500 views. This is crazy?”

“Of course it’s Writer Ha’s brand name. We can put money from probably the 30 now. I want to check but I’m driving. I’m so curious.”

“You’re driving. Ok. Then let’s hang up. Come early? Let’s celebrate?”

“Ok, I’ll go early.”


Dongmi breathed hard to get her composure back.

But her happy heart couldn’t be composed very well.

“Please go like this. Please… Don’t slow. And the next books too. Ah, Writer Ha, thank you so much!”

Dongmi’s eyes were wet from her tears. She thought of the rejections from the writers that they had faced.

The Breathe’ success was taking all the pain and suffering straight from her.

Please let this continue until the start of the paid chapters.

Dongmi clasped her hands as if to pray.

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