Big Life - Chapter 52

Dongmi’s prayer worked.

The success didn’t stop after a day or two.

Finally, after the attention of the readers, the novel entered the top 10. It became a success not even a week into the release.

The readers of ‘The Breathe’ also included employees from Jongjin’s company.

“Manager, aren’t you gonna eat?”

Jongjin asked Manager Lee. It was 12 o’clock.

Lee didn’t move from his monitor and answered.

“Yeah, you go eat. I’m gonna read a novel so I brought food.”

“Novel? Another martial arts one?”

Jongjin asked and moved closer.

Lee was removing the wrappers from his lunch but didn’t change his attention from the monitor.

“What is this? The Breathe? Fantasy?”

Jongjin tilted his head after seeing the title.

“You don’t read fantasy, though?”

“Yeah, but I read Pyung Cheon Yu no matter what.”

“What? Who?”

“Pyung Cheon Yu. You know, the Ranking series writer. The new novel isn’t a paper book but a pay per chapter. I like paper, but oh well.”

Jongjin’s face couldn’t hide his surprise.


Many thoughts flowed into his mind.

A new novel as a fantasy. Jongjin thought he was writing a short story about a karaoke bar. Maybe he gave up, he thought.

“Anyways, sorry. Go eat.”

“Ah, yes… ok.”

Jongjin immediately called Jaegun after he left.

The ringtone continued for a while, and finally, Jaegun picked up.

“…. Ah, Jongjin.”

“Were you sleeping? Sorry. Go sleep. I’ll call later.”

“No it’s fine, I had to get up anyway. What’s up?”

“Yeah? But anyway, you released a fantasy? ‘The Breathe’?”

“That was quick. Yes, you probably didn’t read it. Is it that manager again/”

“Wow, straight on. Yes. The manager was reading your story while eating lunch. How did you manage to capture a guy who only reads martial arts?”

“I simply write. I’m thankful that your manager reads my stories.”

“But what happened to that story with the karaoke helper. Did you quit?”

“Oh, I finished and entered it already.”

“Ah really? What’s the competition?”

“I’ll tell you when I win. If I don’t say anything, you’ll know I lost so just be quiet.”

“I get it, but you write too fast. How much did you write this year? Are you taking care of yourself? I’m worried.”

“It’s fine.”

“Alright then. Go eat.”

“Thanks, you too. Talk later.”



Jaegun put down his phone and turned to sleep.

Rika was lying down in front of him. She turned to him with tired eyes.

“You sleep well? I slept without knowing. Maybe the weather.”

The weather was cloudy.

Jaegun pulled away from his blanket and stood up. Rika stood up, too.

“Maybe I should rest. I finished about 100 chapters. About 4 books.”

Jaegun lifted Rika and asked. Rika tried to pull away, but Jaegun pulled her closer.

“No, it’s fine. I’ll write. I can do whatever I want because it’s a pay per chapter. It’s better to end quickly, right?”


“You hate me that much? Go away.”


He put Rika down on the floor and the bell rung.

Jaegun asked as he went to the front door.

“Who is it?”

“Open, you idiot.”


Jaegun opened it immediately. Jaeyn was standing there. In her two hands, there were food ingredients.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? What is it?”

Jaegun took the bags and moved away.

Jaeyn started to pull her boots off as she went inside.

“I wanted to surprise you. You didn’t eat since you woke up, right? I know it..”

“I woke up 10 minutes ago?”

“Is that a brag? The sun’s already about to set?”

“It’s cloudy, what sun.”

Even with his attitude, Jaegun was secretly happy. He was glad to see his sister coming from far away.

“I’ll give you some Shabu-shabu, ok?”

Jaeyn asked as she took off her coat.

There were definitely no complaints.

Her sister was a great cook. No restaurant could match her amazing cooking.

“It’ll take about 20 minutes. You clean up.”


“And shave that beard. Don’t be a pirate. You need to be clean.”

“Ok. I get it.”

Jaegun went into the bathroom. Jaeyn started to cook.

When Jaegun came out of the shower, the kitchen was filled with ingredients.

“Should I clean the floor?”

“Hm, yeah. There’s nothing to prepare other than the broth. It’s good.”

The food was laid down. And around it were vegetables and meat.

“I’ll eat as well. I’ll see how much you eat. Don’t you dare leave any.”

Jaegun tried some.

It was his sister. The food was amazing.

“It’s amazing.”

“Eat the meat. A Lot of it. And a lot of vegetables.”

Jaegun ate a lot as to not disappoint her.

Jaeyn who looked satisfied gave him meat and vegetables on his plate.

“What’s up with father and mom?”

Jaegun asked.

The name was obviously different. Dad became father while mom was still mom.

“Not much. But mom is still worried. She’s not sure if you’re eating well. So I came to check.”

Jaeyn pinched his cheek and laughed.

“You’re funny. Well now. It’s close to the holidays. You should come home sometimes”

“I can’t.”


Jaegun didn’t answer and chewed.

Jaeyn didn’t ask again.

She knew Jaegun and dad had a difficult relationship. She had no persuasion power either to talk to dad about it.

“Wait, until I get the money to buy a house.”


Jaeyn looked with a surprised face

“What house?”

“I said before. Don’t continue to rent and go buy a house and move out. Not an apartment but a house. Why are you surprised?”

Jaeyn couldn’t answer and only blinked.

She knew that a house was very expensive and so did everyone else.

Jaegun continued nonchalantly

“Take the money out of the current villa, and you have the money I’ve given before. If I get the money of the new book, I can buy a house right now. Something’s that’s big and has about 4-5 rooms.”

“That big?”

Jaeyn was shocked.

For a house like that, Jaegun needed about 500,000 dollars

This was cheap compared to Seoul’s houses.

“You know. The house next to the barber of mom’s and the one next to the park.”

“Yeah I know.”

There was no way not to know. She went there a lot. It was a 2-floor house. It had only been about 5 years since it was built.

“I was searching and it came up. I think it will be good. Hopefully, it doesn’t sell.”

Jaegun thought of his parents living in that house.

Mom was gardening while dad was studying alone.

“How… how much does it cost?”

Jaeyn asked quietly

Jaegun immediately answered.

“I don’t know. About 500,000 dollars?”

“That’s expensive!”

“Don’t worry. I’ll get that in one year.”

“One year?!”

She couldn’t understand her brother’s confidence.

The money from Jaegun and the villa money combined only added up to 150,000 dollars. He’s gonna get 400,000 dollars in a year.

It wasn’t baseless confidence.

Jaegun gave a lot of money to his family with his books.

But this was too much.

She worried how much he would hurt himself over this money.

“I’ll take care of you after the house.”

“What. What now.”

“I’m going to get an academy for you built.”

Jaeyn widened her eyes at that. Her current job was a tutor. She had to visit people’s houses to tutor them. And she had no driver’s license or a car. It made it worse.

“Just watch. I’ll make you the principal. What, you seem very disbelieving?”

Jaeyn shook her hand, with a crying look.

“No, I believe you. You’re amazing. It’s just, I’m worried.”

Jaeyn’s hands held Jaegun’s two cheeks.

“Don’t try too much. The disappointment is big if the goal is too big. Don’t be too fast.”

“I know.”

“And your health. It’s more important than money. How are you gonna write if you’re dead.”

“Ah, the stress. I shouldn’t have said it.”

“Promise me. Take care of yourself.”

Jaeyn stuck her pinky finger at him. Jaegun pulled himself away.

“Don’t do this. I’m 27.”

“I don’t care. Come on.”

Jaeyn frowned.

Jaegun finally stuck his finger out.




“AH, come on….!

“Do it.”



“Yes yes, I get it. Obviously.

Jaegun finally got freed.

Jaeyn smiled after and filled up the broth.

“Ok! What about that Suhee girl?”

Jaegun stayed silent. He knew she would ask something like this.

“Hm? Are you meeting her.”



“I saw her before. I have work too.”

“Go meet her. She’s good.”

“Don’t worry about me, worry about yourself.”

“Bring her home sometimes? Hm?”


Jaegun’s phone vibrated.

It was a call from Tewon.

Jaegun brightened and took the call.

“Yes, editor. No representative.”

“Just call me whatever. Did you eat?”

“Yes, I ate. You?”

“I ate. I wanted to talk to you about the paid chapters.”

“Paid chapters? Already? It’s only been about 20 books.”

“Not now but next week Friday. It’s going up 2 chapters per day so then it will be about 30 chapters. The likes will go over 10,000. And on the main site, there’s a banner promotion. Go there.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

“No, It’s the first Laugh Book’s project. You should be our priority. It’ll be good. Trust me.”

“If you say so, that relieves me.”

Jaeyn was searching her brother. She asked as he hung up.

“It’s the new novel? What’s pay per chapter?”

“Ah, I didn’t say it. The new novel is a pay per chapter style.”

Jaegun explained it to her basically. Jaeyn nodded her head.

“It’ll be good. I say it a lot, but I trust Tewon. He has great skills so he can do very well.”

“I think so too. Now let’s just eat. You have so much.”

“Ok. Let’s do it. I’m gonna eat for real now.”

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