Big Life - Chapter 53


It was Friday afternoon, one week later.

Dongmi was drinking coffee. She went out on vandera to calm herself.

The Breathe’s paid chapters were up today.

“I’m not gonna look. I’ll check tomorrow.”

Dongmi muttered and tried to calm herself.

1-25 was free then from 26-100, it was going to be 10 cents per chapter.

It was the first day so she updated 5 chapters.

It was now 37 chapters and the book was now up to the market.

“Ahah is there nothing to do? I finished cleaning. I ate.”

Dongmi started to look for things to do. But there was nothing.

So she turned on the TV and started to watch a hero movie from Hollywood.

“Not funny…”

The movie wasn’t fun for her. Usually it would be but not now. She turned off the TV and sat at the computer. She was just about to kill time.

“Ohew, only an hour passed?”

Donmi sighed as she looked at the time. The time went by very slowly.

“AH no. It’s not gonna not go up if I look at it.”

She couldn’t wait anymore

She opened up the page where the Breathe was showing up.

And she opened her eyes.


Dongmi put her hands to her mouth. Her two eyes were holding the page in surprised eyes.

“One hour… 3000?!”

All of them were over 3000 already. The chapters that were free and became paid were over 1000 too.

‘This rate… it’s about to be 10,000 in a day!’

10,000 was amazing. Even if the market was better, it was still the market that had many books that stayed in the tens instead of the hundreds in paid numbers.

If money was given to Munpia, there were about 630 dollars of money. It was 5 chapters, so it was about 3150 dollars of money. This was 3:7 with LaughBooks and Jaegun.

“Amazing! This is going to be amazing!”

There were talks about releasing two chapters per day. The increased chapters will lead to increased profit.

Dongmi’s didn’t stop smiling.

‘Is this going to be on the top list soon?’

It seemed very likely.

The best novels were determined by the sales in 24 hours. It took 3000 views in just an hour so there were plenty of chances to be first.

“Ah, Writer Ha. Thank you so much. I’ll make you a feast sometime soon.”

Dongmi looked at the monitor and muttered to herself. Her husband who had made such a close connection with such a great writer suddenly seemed great.


At the same time

Tewon stopped the car and went out.

It was an old building in front of him. A middle-aged man standing near the entrance came over.

“Long time no see, editor. No, Representative Kwon?”

“Yes, you did well too? President Park?”

The two people shook hands.

This person was the storage’s owner.

It was Tewon’s purpose to visit here.

“Thank you for doing it for 5 cents. I’ll pay this back.”

5 cents for one book. Tewon was planning to release some paper books along with online.

It was a promotional decision more than a profit. This is due to the paper books and the online books not overlapping.

This was also the case for Jaegun. Jaegun always liked paper books so he rushed. It was nice to see this as such a good price.


Tewon’s phone vibrated.

He immediately answered with apologizing to the man.

“Yes, Kwon Tewon.”

“Hello. This is Team Leader Park Hyojun.”

“Ah, yes. I didn’t know because it didn’t show the same phone number.”

“An office change. But… sorry.”

“Yes? What?”

Tewon’s face was already shaded.

He knew that this couldn’t be good.

“I don’t think we can do the promotion for 3 months anymore. I’m sorry.”

It didn’t go against his instinct.

Tewon’s hand was already crashing on his forehead.

“Are you listening?”

“Yes, I am.”

Tewon answered with his hand on his forehand.

Team Leader Park’s sigh could be heard.

There was silence.

No one said anything or asked.

It was obvious. Business did this.

“How is Laugh Books?”

The question broke the silence.

Tewon sighed a while and answered quickly.

“It’s beginning. I can’t tell you if it’s good or not.”


Park slurred his words.

Tewon was waiting.

“If you are getting bothered like this, don’t you have a lot of writers so far. Weren’t you starting to promote big?”

Park’s’ question continued.

Tewon bitterly smiled.

“We only have one writer.”



“But…. then, what can they achieve. What’s the point?”

“I don’t know.”

“Ahhh, but this. That person wouldn’t do business like this?”

Tewon sighed to acknowledge that he was listening.

He knew Park was talking about StarBook’s Jeguk.

Another face came up.

But he wasn’t about to share it to Park.

“What were you going to do?”


“Yes, you. You only have one writer. And if they do this…. Carefully, how are you going to make this work?”

“I’ll try.”

He thought of Jaegun and opened his mind.

“Thank you. I’ll see you soon.”

“Yes, I get it. Phew. You too.”

Tewon started to rub his hands.

It was because he wanted to stop himself from smoking.

The temptation of smoking appealed to him.

It was bad.

‘But let’s go work first.’

Tewon finished the contract quickly.

He left and as he went to the car, a message came through.

-This is Note Team Leader Yu. I don’t think we can do the big banner until February. I’m sorry.

‘Is it the start.”

He muttered and closed his eyes.

After about 10 minutes passed. A lot of messages came through.

‘This Note, Booking 24, Bookkeeping, Open Culture, Book Sale, Yuto Books… All out.’

A bitter smile was on his face.

All of them rejected Tewon’s offer for different reasons.

He was expecting this, but the shock was still big.

‘Navin and Cocoa Page is still working…’

Tewon thought.

StarBooks couldn’t touch them.

Those places were completely different from the other smaller companies.

Munpia and Navin Store, and Cocoa page would give him profits. But Tewon couldn’t stop there.

He immediately searched up Yuto Book’s Team Leader’s number. He couldn’t lose Yuto no matter what.

‘Please… please!!!’

The loyalty of Yuto Books was incredible with its stable system and long history.

Yuto was one he couldn’t leave. Jaegun trusted him. Now he had to make him to a bit higher.

Tewon was determined to put the Breathe on the main page.

“Yes, Representative Kwon.”

The marketing Team Leader took up

It was a tired voice, but he was human too.

The beer that he had gotten from Tewon was over his one month salary.

But Tewon didn’t show anything. He tried to act bright and continued.

“Hello. This is Kwon Tewon. If you’re not busy, would you like to have dinner?”

“Um, really I…”

Tewon answered cheerfully, cutting him off.

“I told you when we met before right? I know a good place. Let’s go there. There will be nothing to worry about.”

“Hm, yes, I know. But…”

The person didn’t know how to respond.

Tewon definitely knew.

It wasn’t because he was sorry, but because he couldn’t move off the temptation of such a good place.

The opponent was such person. He knew his personality and what bait he would take.

“Don’t worry. We’ve met once or twice. I’m just trying to keep my promise. So just come out.”

“Then… about 8?”

“Yes, that’s good. I’ll see you soon.”

Tewon opened the drawer and took some medicine and ate it.

It was going to be another long fight, with drinks going in at every second.

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