Big Life - Chapter 54

“Phew, I’m done”

A cold winter’s night.

Jaegun finished a chapter of The Breathe and closed his laptop.

No worries anymore till chapter 125.

“Let’s see. Rika. About 2 chapters per day. No worries for about a month and a half. Good?”


Rika lifted herself onto Jaegun’s knees.

Rika didn’t bother Jaegun when he was working. But when work was done, Rika always helped Jaegun gain his energy back.

Jaegun was always surprised even with the times they had been together.

“It’s already 12. 7 hours since the paid chapters.”

Jaegun said comfortably

“How is it? Let’s see?”

Jaegun didn’t go into Munpia just yet.

He didn’t want it to be bad and ruin his confidence in writing.

Many of his previous works got good sales, but he couldn’t help it.

The fear of getting reviews on a new novel would probably never disappear.

“There are no calls. That’s weird.”

Jaegun searched up Munpia and pulled it up on the screen

He put the mouse on the link but stopped at looked at Rika.

“Maybe I should wait? What if it’s not good?”


“Yeah, it’s weird. I don’t know. Let’s just check. I’ll know when I get a call from the representative anyway.”

Jaegun muttered and clicked the link.

The main screen filled the monitor.

He was about to enter his ID when something caught his eyes.

‘The Breathe….?”

The Breathe was twice as big as the other books on the left side of the screen.

He took it as a banner.

He thought Tewon paid money to put it as a promotion.

Jaegun didn’t know because he didn’t use Munpia as much.

‘Web novel…. 1st place?!’

Jaegun widened his eyes.

He finally figured out why the Breathe was twice as big.

It was the number 1 on the site.

“It’s only been 7 hours, but how am I first?

The today best for paid web novels, new today best, today best, all taken 1st.

Jaegun clicked on his web novel with shocked eyes.

And got surprised even more.

The books entered were all over 6000 views.

The books that were free and turned into paid were all over 2000 views as well.

“WOWWWWW…! Rika, I got 30,000 views already. 30 thousand.”

Rika turned his head.

Jaegun explained with a rush.

“It’s been 7 hours, but it’s 6000 views. In 24 hours, it might go up even more. It’s gonna be great, I know it.”

Jaegun pulled Rika away.

Today, Rika didn’t resist and welcomed his embrace.

“It’s gonna be good. I’ll buy father a study, mom a garden, Jaeyn a car and an academy. I’ll repay everything.”

It wasn’t only because of him that he was here.

“Then it’s Rika, you and me. After you, I didn’t know anything about cats. Let’s go move. The master is here so not far, but let’s go to a larger house. I’ll give you a place.”

Rika licked Jaegun’s neck.

He thought of Tewon and thought.

His hand went straight to his phone.

He wanted to call, but he messaged because of the late time.



The message shook his body.

But Tewon didn’t have the strength to pull it out.

He was throwing up on the toilet continuously

“Ughh, ughhhhh….!”

There was just liquid coming out of his throat.

It was because of the drinks that kept coming in because of the team leader. On an empty stomach as well.

“Ahhh…. Hahaa!”

Finally, Tewon sighed as he threw everything up.

Then he went to the sink. His two eyes were slurred.

‘This is good.;

Tewon cleaned his face with cold water.

The team leader poured his 5 strong ones.

What could he do when he said he would forget everything if Tewon refused.

His head hurt.

But Tewon didn’t care.

Because of this. He had finally gotten the banner on the site and the event schedule in his hand. Just then.

Finally, Tewon pulled out his phone and looked at the message.

It was from Jaegun.

  • Representative, I finally checked Munpia after now. The 1st place is all because of you. I was about to rest but I guess not. I’m gonna stay up the night. I thought it too late so I messaged instead of calling. I feel like you’re working through.^^^

Tewon forgot his pain and smiled for a bit. And immediately sent a reply

  • I told you it would be good. Don’t try to write too much and take care of yourself. Good work Writer Ha^^

Tewon put his phone away. His face was wrinkled in the mirror. He muttered softly

“It’s not just gonna be good, Writer Ha….”

He couldn’t say that to Jaegun

A huge expectation brings a huge disappointment.

He knew that by working his life as an editor. There were many writers who got destroyed because of less than expected results. Therefore, he wasn’t the type to compliment much.

But not now.

Once in a few years, there was this instinct, an editor instinct coming out alive. If it was wrong, it wouldn’t be an instinct. The faith to The Breathe was huge. It was the first time he had gotten such faith in a work.


Tewon cleaned himself up with water and straightened his clothes. He had gotten the motivation that the only writer in Laugh Books was going to work the night. As a representative, he was going to have to, too.

“Let’s go.”

He was very close to going home to his loving wife. Just a bit more of time and the day was over.

Tewon went outside. He took the loud singing into his ear positively.

He took it as it was praise for the Breathe’s achievements.

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