Big Life - Chapter 56

“Phew, I’m alive!”

Jaegun sighed.

He was about to die of exhaustion. He had just recovered his strength by drinking from Se Gunwoo’s mug.

“Now I have 150 chapters of the Breathe. Let’s rest and write 25 chapters more to 175.”

Jaegun lied down on the bed. Rika went on top of him. She started to lick Jaegun with her tongue.

“I’ll have to call him and say I’m gonna release 5 chapters per day.”

Jaegun asked as he shook Rika.

He had enough. Because of Se Gunwoo’s notebook, his speed was still fast and there was no problem if he released 5 per day.

“I’ll end it about 400 chapters. About 15 books per paper book. That’s good, right? The Representative should like it too?”


“Ah, Representative?”

Jaegun pulled his phone to his face. A message came. It wasn’t Tewon. A name called Kang Minho popped up on the screen,

“Kang Minho? Ah, Writer Kang?”

Jaegun thought of the writer that he met during the writer’s meeting. It was that person that he sat next to. The politeness of the writer who took care of him was the first thing that came up to his mind.

“What is it?”

He gave out phone numbers with Minho and a couple of other writers. But till now, there was no contact between each other. Jaegun pulled up the message on the screen with curious eyes.

  • Hello Writer Ha, it’s Kang Minho. I congratulate you for the 1st place on the Breathe. I’m really into it as well. It’s giving me some good studying. I hope you write more like this.

It was a polite reply like the person that he was.

Jaegun replied back smiling.

  • Yes, Writer Kang, Thank you for the contact. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. How are you?

Jaegun didn’t mention writing and asked a common question.

Every writer was different. He might be struggling to write because of some issues.

Minho replied soon.

  • I’m sort of ok. I got an office with a few of my writer friends. I’ve been writing fantasy but it’s not going very well. I feel like I’m trying too hard to write like the popular novels. And I’m been struggling for half a year.

He could imagine Minho’s face being sad.

Jaegun knew how bad it was when writing wasn’t going well. Minho was probably struggling from stress every day.

Jaegun wanted to help somewhat.

He gave a reply to Minho after a thought

  • I’ll so could you send it to me by email?
  • Ah really? Aren’t you busy? I’ll be honored.
  • It’s fine. I’ll give it back soon.
  • Yes, Writer. I hope you can give me good feedback.

Jaegun went outside to get some ramen.

He was starving because he didn’t eat anything. Minho’s message came when the ramen was readying to be eaten.

  • I’ve sent it. Thank you. I’ll be waiting.

Jaegun went to his phone.

Minho’s fantasy draft was on the first page.

  • The King Fallen on Earth

“Hm, the title…”

Jaegun clicked on it.

It was about 13,000 characters, good for a book.

Jaegun brought Se Gunwoo’s glasses to read faster.

“Hm, it’s fusion again.”

The character was a king that was mighty in his fantasy world.

And then a knight came and cast a spell on him and the king got pushed out of his world. His arriving place was none other than modern Korea.

‘Isn’t it the same flow as the previous series that Writer Kang wrote? Hm…’

Jaegun read quickly.

In the middle, Jaegun started to wrinkle his face.

‘This is a serious issue!’

There was no problem with the plot. It was common and safe as well.

But the problem was….

It was boring.

It was so boring that it almost make him sleep.

There were too many extra details and the plot lacked realism.

It didn’t make him want to read more.

If it wasn’t for Minho, he would have thrown it away a long time ago.

“Ah, ramen…!”

He had completely forgotten.

Jaegun quickly started to eat. It wasn’t too cold yet.

“Hm, how do I fix this.”

Jaegun carefully wrote a reply back on his computer.

When he wrote, he worried that it felt too direct.

There was nothing about complimenting.

90 percent was criticizing the negatives and the things that needed to be fixed.

Jaegun turned around and asked Rika.

“Rika, is this good? What if Writer Kang feels discouraged and can’t write? ”

Rika only looked at him

Jaegun sighed and turned back. Yeah. I think it’s polite to send a direct reply. It’s the best way.”

Jaegun sent the feedback and started to write on his own novel.

Rika stared at Jaegun. Rika’s two eyes were blinking as if tired.


The next day.

Jaegun showered in hot water and put the rice in the rice cooker. He was thinking about his menu when Minho gave a message.

  • Thank you for the long feedback. I stayed up all night to fix the problems that you mentioned. I’m sorry but could you read it once more. And if it’s not too much, I would like to take you out for lunch sometime.

Jaegun’s face brought a smile. He stayed up all night to fix his writing. Maybe it was stupid to be worried that Minho would be discouraged.

Jaegun started to read while drinking coffee. And he felt surprised. The feedback that he sent was all in the new draft. And in just one day, it was so much better.

“Writer Kang has sense. It’s not easy to just fix with just feedback.”

He felt that this would be good enough for the market.

There were a few negatives, but it was a vast improvement from yesterday.


Jaegun was worried.

It was only the first book.

He had no idea how it would be after the 2nd book.

‘Writer Kang fell off after the 3rd book of his previous series.’

He said that it was good during the writer’s meeting, but it really wasn’t. The good plot got destroyed by the 3 book. He forced himself to read more but it was bad.

‘Isn’t there anyone who can help him?’

Thinking about it more, he had to do something.

Jaegun pulled out his phone and called.

It was probably better to call than to message.

  • Hello? Writer Ha?
  • Yes, hello. Are you good to call?”
  • Yes, yes. Of course. I’m surprised that you would call though.
  • It’s nothing, but your writing has really gotten better than yesterday. Seriously.
  • Really? I don’t know but you think so?
  • I don’t say something that’s not true. But Writer Ha. Do you have this work on contract yet?
  • Not yet. And I think I want to put this on pay per chapter as well. I want to see if a management contacts me after I release free chapters
  • I see.

Jaegun thought the things that he wanted to say. He was thinking of Laugh Book’s and the one writer it had.

The conclusion was quick

Writer Kang Minho needed to be guided.

Tewon needed a writer.

Since he was helping, he would go to the end.

Minho wouldn’t forget this. There might be a time when he would need help too. And with this, Jaegun continued.

  • You said you were buying lunch. Is today good?”
  • Yes? Today?

Minho’s voice seemed surprised.

  • Of course. Where? I’m fine. You can decide.

Jaegun continued while looking at Rika

  • You said your place was near Guro Station right? I have a cat so I kind of want to bring and go to your office.
  • Yes? My, my place? Re, really?
  • If it’s not a bother.
  • A bother. Yes, yes. Of course. All the writers here like animals. And there’s no one here other than me.
  • Then please send me your address. I’ll be there in a short while.
  • Yes yes. Writer. Then I’ll see you later.

Jaegun hung up and changed clothes.

Then with Rika, he opened the door and left.

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