Big Life - Chapter 58

“A contract?”

Minho asked with a confused look.

“Writer Ha, have you… made management company?”

“No, I have no skill to do such a thing.”

“But then…?”

“It’s a contract with me.”

Jaegun answered while putting Rika on the ground.

Looking at Rika who was walking to the window, he continued.

“I want to help you so you can make better novels.”

“Of, of course. I do, but you’re so busy that how could I ask for help…”


Jaegun cut him off.

“It’s a contract. With me helping you write better, I have a condition.”


“Do you know Laugh Books?”

“No, I’ve never heard of it.”

“It’s a very new management. There’s only one project it’s servicing as well. And the condition is that you contract with Laugh Books.”

“Ah… yes.”

Minho answered awkwardly.

He wondered why Jaegun would want to him to join Laugh Books.

There was risk in signing with a new management with only one project. It would be hard to give something that he put in a lot of work to a new management that is yet tested.,

Jaegun answered first.

“Laugh Books is a management that the editor I admire the most created after he resigned in a company. I’ve gotten help from him and I still do. This is going to be a good thing for both you and Laugh Books.”

“Ahah, yes… hm? Then, does that mean?!”

Minho was nodding as he understood. He lifted his head in surprise.

“Then is the one project… the Breathe?”


Jaegun answered embarrassingly.

Then Minho opened his mouth.

Then, 3 seconds later.

He nodded crazily and answered.

“I’ll do it. I’ll do the contract.”

“You don’t have to decide now. The contract is…”

“No, it’s fine. I know I’ll do fine. It’s amazing that I’m just eating with Writer Ha.”

Minho was being truthful and not just overreacting.

His trusted in the management that contracted the Breathe. It had given him unlimited faith,.

Jaegun added.

“The representative is great too. You won’t have any regrets.”

“Of course. I know. I trust you. No, I don’t even have to say trust. I will follow you no matter what.”


The doorbell rang.

“Ah, I think the food came.”

Minho quickly ran out to the door.

It was the delivery man.

“This is the right place, right?”

“Yes, right. 9 dollars and 50 cents?”

Minho froze when he checked his wallet. He had no money.

He asked while pulling out a credit card.

“Does this work?”

“You should have said it earlier. I didn’t bring the swiper.”

“Uh, I forgot I had no cash…”

“Well bring it when you order later or when I come back. It’s not once or twice you ordered.”

The man said nicely and turned around.

As he was about to leave, Jaegun was holding out the money.

“Here it is.”

“Ah, yes, thank you. Here’s the change.”

The man went out.

Minho was so embarrassed and put his head down to Jaegun.

“I’m really sorry. I forget to get money. I’ll return it when my brother comes.”

“No, it’s fine. Think of it as a contract money.”


“You contracted with me. I’m trying to count that money as your contract money.”


“Let’s eat. It’s going to cool.”

“Yes, writer.”

The two people started to eat.

Jaegun started to eat quickly as he was hungry. Minho was eating slowly.

“Uh, Writer Ha?”

Jaegun already finished and was cleaning his lips with a tissue.

As he looked at Minho’s bowl, it was barely half eaten.

“Say it.”

“I’m not sure what to say but…”

Minho continued after a pause.

“I know you want to help the Laugh Book’s representative. But why me… there’s so many writers better than me. Do you think I have potential?”

Then, Jaegun finally understood.

This Minho didn’t have confidence. He was afraid that his work would harm someone instead of sell.

“There’s definitely potential.”

Jaegun answered with focus.

“I said earlier at the writer’s meeting. I finished your previous series. You write well. You have the basics. But…”

Jaegun went to get some water.

He continued to the nervous Minho.

“My opinion is that you don’t have a great end. The story falls apart at the end. It was a shame at the weak ending.”

“Hm… I do get criticized for that a lot. I think that, too.”

“If you change that, I believe you will have a great career. I will help you.”


Minho answered and put his head down.

Jaegun’s words were making him feel emotional. There were few people in his entire writer’s life who had said something so nice.

“It was luck that I was at that writer’s meeting.”

Minho muttered. He could see the writer’s meeting in front of him.

It was a meeting that he had swallowed his pride to go to. He wanted to meet writers, get opinions and advice, and become a better writer.

And then he met Jaegun there.

And now it came here. To Minho, that was one of the best things that had happened all year.

“I will try my hardest.”

Minho answered with determination.

He had no shame in learning from a younger writer like Jaegun. He was 34, 7 years younger than Jaegun. Learning had no age, he thought.

“I understood the difference while reading your comments. I want to learn more.”

“You’re lifting me up too much. Hm… then I want to see what the story will be after book 2.”

“Ah, yes. I’ll show you. Come over here.”

Jaegun read the outline of The King Fallen on Earth very carefully. And he commented on the parts that he disliked a bit.

Minho memoed diligently.

“…I think this is good. You’re good at writing. Just don’t make a story like that. I think you should write like book 1.”

“Wow, since you said that, I just have so much confidence now. I’m going to have to start writing after my job.”


“Ah, yes. I have a part time job at a nearby convenience store. I need to earn my living fees.”

Minho bitterly smiled and scratched his cheek.

He had to do anything to earn a living.

Jaegun smiled faded as he recalled his life.

“I worked at a convenience store just last year too.”


Minho looked at Jaegun in disbelief.

“Really? No, but you have previous sellers than the Breathe?”

“All of them came out this year. I had trouble last year. I couldn’t even take a hot shower to save money.”

“Ah, I didn’t know.”

Jaegun turned his glance to the monitor.

He said as he looked at the outline of Minho’s story.

“You will be able to stop your job as well. Write with confidence. You’ll do well.”

“Thank you. I will write hard.”

Jaegun stood up and took his coat.

Rika sitting on the window edge saw him and jumped off.

“Are you leaving?”

“I should. Send me Book 2 when you’re done.”

Jaegun went to the door.

Minho went out first and opened the door.

“Don’t come out please.”

“It’s up there anyway.”

Jaegun said goodbye to Minho, who went out to greet him out, and got in the car.

The car slowly marched forward.

Minho was staring the car. To that, a teenager came behind him.

“Who is that?”

“Ah, don’t surprise me. I told you not to come up behind me.”

It was his brother living in the same office.

“Who is that? Is there a person who would come with a car to our office?”

“A writer.”

“Writer? Who?”

“If I say it, you’re gonna die. An amazing writer.”

His brother laughed at that.

“Oh really? What kind of a great writer? I guess Pyung Cheon Yu, the writer who wrote the Breathe, came over?”


Minho looked up at the sky and laughed loudly

His brother, who thought Minho was laughing at his joke, also started to laugh.

The sky was looking very bright.

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