Big Life - Chapter 59

“Again, very suspicious.”

Assistant Lee said as she stood behind the girl.

It was the girl’s restroom at the StarBook’s office.

Somii who was tying her hair carefully shivered slightly.

“You’re tying your hair very carefully? You always tighten it, but what’s with the hair today? I guess you have a person you want to look cute too?”

“N,no. Nothing like that. I just wanted to change it.”

Somii answered looking at Lee’s glance in the mirror.

Lee smiled and pulled out her hands.

“Here, let me do it.”

“Ah, thank you.”

“This is nothing. You’re going to meet a boy you like.”

“Really…! It’s not like that, Assistant Manager.”

“Ok, Ok. It’s funny seeing your reactions.”

Lee laughed as she made Somii’s hair professional. And then she pulled out some makeup from her bag.

“Look here.”

“N, no. I’m not very good with makeup…”

“I’ll just do a bit of it. Look here.”

Somii looked.

She knew Lee’s fashion sense. And her makeup skills.

“How is it? Look at the mirror.”

As she looked, a sigh came out.

“Wow, this is really different. There’s no mark or anything.”

“There’s nothing. Now go do well.”

Lee said as she put away her makeup.

Somii reddened as she answered back.

“If you say that, it’s weird.”

“No, I’m saying to go do the contract well?”


“Hahaha, so simple.”

Lee tapped her shoulder and went out first.

Somii started to look at the mirror once again. She felt she was prettier than usual.

Her heart started to beat quickly as she thought of the person that she would meet today.

“I’ll be leaving then.”

Somii greeted the employee as she packed up. The Editor Gyunguk asked as he looked at her.

“What is it Somii?”

“Yes? What is it?”

“It’s only 5, why are you leaving already.”

“Ah, I said it yesterday. Today is the day with the contract with Writer. I have to go to Comic Kt and finished it. And I’ll leave there.”

“Hm, did you?”

Gyunguk muttered.

He continued as he leaned back on his chair and folded his legs.

“Don’t use the company card on him, ok?”


Somii nodded, a bit down.

Lee’s face was wrinkled at that. Her lips were mouthing Cheapo.

“It’s not only to Somii. Listen up. The business now is all about going to writers and buying food and stuff. Give me that result. Are we a food truck? I don’t know how the previous editor did it, but I don’t do that. Get it?”



There was no answer.

Gyunguk stood up, a bit furious, and raised his voice.

“Get it?!”

“Yes, yes”

“I get it.”

A few voices came back.

Gyunguk sighed and sat back down. His face was filled with discomfort.

He looked around for someone to push his anger on and continued looking at Somii

“Come back to the office after you finish.”

“Yes? Today?”

“Come back and leave after giving me the contract.”

Lee lifted her head at this.

Even she didn’t know that he would be this mean.


Somii answered gloomily.

Comic KT was in Gangnam. It was about an hour and 30 minutes from there to the office.

Today was the day that she was about to eat dinner with Jaegun…

Did she have to give up that?

“Why’s your face like that? Am I requiring too much? Let’s finish the work today. Not tomorrow.”

“Ok, I will come back then.”

Somii put her head down and turned around.

Lee hesitated for a second, stood up, and followed Somii

“Are you ok?”

“I’m fine.”

“Why is he like that. It’s going to be 8 when you come back. What happened to him that he’s being angry at you? He’s making me angry.”

Somii could only bitterly smile.

She felt glad at Lee’s defense of her.

“Be good, Somii. You look pretty.”

Lee smiled as she fixed Somii’s hair. The elevator was opening.

Somii got on.

“See you tomorrow, Assistant Manager.”

“You too.”

Somii headed quickly to the subway station.

As she got to the subway station, she luckily got on the subway right away. There weren’t too many people. Somii stood with a glum face.

‘I guess I’ll have to move it.’

Somii looked at her dim reflection in the window.

She wore her coat for the first time. She didn’t wear jeans and wore a skirt after much thought.

Lee was right.

She did put attention to herself.

But it was fine whatever now. The dinner plan was over anyway.

She arrived at the station as she was blankly staring at the air.

Somii woke up and was surprised.

“I’m sorry. I’m leaving. Sorry.”

Somii finally pushed away the people and left.

“Phew, I barely got off.”

As she sighed, she looked at the clock. There were 20 minutes left to her meeting time.

‘When will I get used to subways.;

As Somii went to the place, she looked up the background at her rural home. It was her Seoul life that she was surrounded by people but was also lonely.

She wanted to see her family and the ocean.

The Comic Kt office wasn’t that far away from the station.

Somii arrived and quickly sat down on a chair on the first floor. She was going to meet Jaegun here.

‘I guess I’ll draw.”

Somii pulled out a pen and a notebook to draw on.

She thought about what to draw and started to draw the 2 characters of the novel that she was reading, the Breathe. A cute knight and a dragon were quickly coming up on the paper.

‘Ahaha, maybe the dragon looks a bit too childishly for such a fierce creature ?’

Somii laughed to herself.

She liked drawing since middle school. She got so into drawing that she didn’t even notice the presence of Jaegun.

“Ah, you draw really well.”

“Ah, Wr, writer Ha?!”

Somii turned around quickly, very shocked.

Jaegun was slowly looking at her drawings.

“You have talent. How much do you have to draw to draw this well?”

“N, no, i was just scribbling. Writer.”

Somii reddened and tried to close her book.

But Jaegun grabbed the book first.

“Ah? Isn’t this my novel’s characters?”


“Right? It’s the Breathe?”

Jaegun smiled and asked.

Somii was so embarrassed that she couldn’t answer. To that, Jaegun asked a favor.

“Give this drawing to me.”

“Yes? Wh, where are you gonna use it?”

“I’m writing the Breathe, I’ll put it in.”

“N, noooo….. It’s terrible.”

“It’s not. You will, right? Right?

She couldn’t refuse Jaegun’s two eyes.

Then Somii answered reluctantly.

“Then when I finish it…”

“This is great.”

“This is not great. I’ll finish it. I’ll do it as fast as I can so just wait.”

Jaegun nodded as he smiled.

It was as if the roles of them changed, she as the writer and he as the editor.

Somii stood up as she put away the notebook and the pen.

“Th, then let’s go?”

“Yes, let’s go.”

Somii went first.

She walked fast as out of embarrassment.

Jaegun followed her quickly and asked her.

“Did you draw?”

“Ahjhhhh, writer. It’s embarrassing so don’t ask.”

“What’s embarrassing? You draw really well.”

Jaegun was truthful. He never learned professionally to draw, but he could see it was good.

He was also a bit roused at learning a talent of Somii.

“Just a … hobby.”

“I don’t think it’s just a hobby?”

The two people went on the elevator.

She pressed the 8th floor, then turned away from Jaegun and answered

“I glad you compliment me but… I have no skill. I don’t have enough creativity for illustrating, I can’t direct mangas either. I gave up during college.

“Hm, I see…”

So that’s why she became an editor. Jaegun thought to not press any further, as it might be a sensitive topic.

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