Big Life - Chapter 60

The contract ended quickly.

The terms and conditions were done beforehand so they just had to see the finished contract and sign it.

So Jaegun and Somii finished in 10 minutes and stood up.

“Then I hope you do well.”

“Of course writer. The original is just that good that there’s no problem getting a drawer. I’ll send it when we get something to show you.”

“Yes. The good work.”

Jaegun and Somii left Comic Kt. Jaegun pulled out his phone as they walked.

“It’s only 6:30. We have time.”


Somii opened her mouth nonplussed.

She had forgotten because of her picture being shown to Jaegun.

“Where do you want to go? Anywhere in Seoul is fine.”

“Uh, Writer Ha, I’m sorry.”

Somii put her hands together in front of her and looked at Jaegun. Jaegun was looking down with curious eyes.

“I’m really sorry, but I need to go back to the office. I need to put the contract in today. I wanted to tell you but I forgot.”

Somii continued, fearful of what Jaegun would say.

“I mean, if, I’m sorry, but if you could wait, I could come back, but you will have to wait here, and that’s a bit too impolite…! And I don’t want to miss your appointment…”

Somii didn’t know what she was saying.

Then the elevator opened.

Jaegun was pressing the B2 button.

“Let’s go together.”

Somii looked surprised.

“I thought you only had to put the contract up? I’ll wait.”

“Ah… writer. Then I’m…”

“Gangnam is a bit too loud to eat anyway. Your house is over there and we can go near the company, right?”

Somii left the elevator, following Jaegun with a confused face.

“Over there.”

Jaegun said as he pointed.

A black car was showing up.

“Writer Ha, you have a car?”

“I bought one because I need one for Rika and my family.”

“Ah yes. The car if clean and pretty.”

“Thank you. Get in.”

Jaegun opened the door for her.

“Just wait, the heater is coming on.”

“No, writer. It’s fine.”

Somii pulled on the seat belt.

Jaegun grabbed the handle and accelerated. He started to drive the road as he left the parking lot.

“I’m really sorry, writer. That something like this happened.”

“What is it. Work is more important . And it’s about to end anyway. Just think of it as a drive.”


Somii looked outside at the window.

It was a completely different feeling from Tewon’s car.

The background was always amazing. The darkness of the city was beautiful

They arrived at StarBook’s parking lot a while later.

Somii opened the door and left.

“I’ll be back quickly, writer.”

“Take your time.”

Somii was about to jump up and down as she was going up to the office. Now with the work done, she was able to eat with Jaegun comfortably.

“You’re coming now?”

“Ah? Editor? You were here?”

Somii’s face slightly hardened.

Assistant Manager Go wasn’t here for overtime. Gyunguk who usually left at 6 was still sitting in his chair.

“I brought it.”

“Hm,ok. Here.”

Somii offered the contact with two hands politely.

Gyunguk said as he lifted himself up.

“You didn’t eat, right? Let’s eat together.”

Somii suddenly lost what to say.

But she answered quickly.

“Ah, Editor… I’m sorry, but I already have plans.”

Usually, this was enough to get people away.

And Somii thought too.

But Gyunguk asked once more.

“Oh really? I thought that it was time for you to come, and I was waiting for you to eat together. Is it important?”

“Yes, a bit….”

Gyunguk sighed and sat back down.

“I guess not. Then let’s do that for later. Where are you going? I can drive you there.”

“No, it’s fine. I’ll be leaving now. You go safely.”

Gyunguk looked at Somii leaving.

It was a glance like a hunter looking at a bird who was out of his reach

‘Does she have a man? Nah, probably just a friend.’

Gyunguk sighed and turned off his game.

It would have been better if he had asked her before.

But it was too late as he was packing his jacket, getting ready to leave.

‘She’s perfectly my style, though. Cute and cheerful. Her skin is great because she’s so young too.’

Gyunguk got up. There would be a lot of times because they were in the same office.

And now he called his friend.

“Hello, Is it Jungkek? It’s Gyunguk and how’s today for a drink? I’ll buy. Ah? That room? I could remember the girls’ faces. Hey, there’s another place, yea. I’m about to leave so I’ll see you in 30 minutes.”

He whistled and left.

As he came by at the elevator, there were a few people there.

‘She must have left already. She’s fast.’

Gyunguk got on the elevator.

And just then, Somii came out from the restroom.

‘It would be awkward if we met.;

Somii knew where he put his car. Therefore, she guided him to the opposite side of his car. It wouldn’t be good if they met again.

Somii took another elevator and went down. Jaegun was waiting with the music on.

“I’m sorry I was late. Did you wait a while?”

“It’s only been about 15 minutes. Are you done?”

“Yes, I’m completely done.”

Somii smiled and got on. The car was warm and made her feel good.

“Now, what do you want to eat?”


Somii opened after a thought.

“How’s Spicy Seafood Stew. That’s good and hot. I know a place and it’s not far. We can go there.”

“Sure. Let’s go then.”

Jaegun accepted her offer and pressed the accelerator.

It would only be a 5-minute ride.

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