Big Life - Chapter 61

As they went into the restaurant, there were many people as this was a famous place.

“Welcome, how many people?”


“Come here.”

The two people got escorted to a table in the corner. Jaegun took off his jacket and said to the employee.

“Get us a large Spicy Seafood Stew.”

“Writer Ha, we can’t eat that all with only 2 people.”

Somii tried to stop him but Jaegun didn’t listen

“We can. If we order big, there will be good sides too, right?”

“Hahaha, yes, we’ll do well.”

The seafood came onto the table.

There were so much seafood, shrimp, mussels, etc. The employee put the seafood inside the stew and cut it for them.

“Eat first, Writer Ha.”

“Ah, this is good.”

“Here. I’ll cut it for you. Here.”

Somii busily pulled out the food onto Jaegun’s plate. Then Jaegun started to return the favor as well.

“You too. You’re eating nothing.”

“I am. How is this place?”

“It’s good. I think I’ll come here more often. Are you frequent here?”

Somii smiled and shook her head.

“It’s a bit too expensive here to be frequent. We came here with my office employees. The food is good and the seafood is really fresh.”

“Yea, it really is. Thank you for telling me this place.”

“I’m thankful. I get food from such an expensive place.”

“Do you want a drink? I can get a ride.”

“You don’t have to for me. I don’t have to drink.”

“Then let’s just go for a coke.”

Jaegun and Somii talked as they ate.

There was no awkwardness between them.

It was already winter, and they met in the summer. They faced a lot together.

The two people were already very close without the help of a drink.

“Somii, couldn’t you show me your pictures?”

Jaegun asked as they were about to be full.

He was going to ask, but he was holding in the question. But it was getting to be hard.


“You’re really good. I know. Because you have that profile that drawers have. I feel like there’s going to be a lot of things on that tablet you carry around everywhere.”

Jaegun smiled as he pointed at the laptop that was sticking out of the bag.

Somii immediately turned horrified, showing Jaegun’s guess was right.

“Ah, it’s really embarrassing. And there’s nothing that’s complete yet.”

“I want to see it. Yes? Please?”

“Hm, then just a little.”

Somii turned on the laptop and gave it to Jaegun.

As Jaegun got the laptop, Somii immediately put her head down on her hands.


Jaegun complimented as he looked at the first picture.

He thought there would be girly cute pictures, but no. The beginning was filled with a knight in armor on a horse. The ferocity of the knight seemed to break out of the monitor.

“Wow! This is great. How do you draw these characters so well? This is crazy!”

Jaegun turned the page, spouting compliments.

It wasn’t about all cute female characters either.

There were great female characters that male readers would love to see.

“You’re this good and you have no talent? Aren’t you too modest?”

“Don’t say that. I can’t even lift my head.”

Just then

A young woman came over to the talking Jaegun and stood next to him.

“Um, excuse me.”

“Hm… yes?”

Jaegun and Somii both looked at her.

It was a female customer sitting just a few feet away from here. The group of 3-4 was looking at Jaegun and whispering.

“What is it?”

“Um, are you Writer Ha Jaegun?”

“Ahah, yes. It’s right.”

It wasn’t the first time that he faced this, so Jaegun answered her calmly. The girl covered her mouth and gestured to the group.

“Wow, it’s right.”

The group all came to Jaegun.

They were all girls in their 30s. And they all fought to speak to Writer Ha.

“Wow. This is really Writer Ha Jaegun.”

“I’ve read your book A Dumb Woman. Writer. We’re the reader group in our company. You have no idea how emotional it was to us. We must have read it about 3 times at least.”

“You’re so much more handsome than your Navin picture.”

“What are you writing now? Is it going to be a drama? I love those.”

Questions came like a bullet that Jaegun couldn’t answer them as quickly.

But Jaegun tried his best to answer them

“Why did they all go that way? Is he a famous person?”

“I don’t know. I know a lot of programs but I’ve never seen him before.”

The customers and even the employee started to glance at them

If they could hear the conversation, they would know that Jaegun was a writer, but the restaurant was pretty loud.

‘He really grown.’

The opposite side of Jaegun.

Somii was looking at Jaegun with a slight smile.

The two eyes were bright.

They were the light that was reflecting the growth of Jaegun in just half a year.

“Writer, I’m sorry but could you take a picture?”

Jaegun looked at Somii and nodded.

“Yes, of course.”

“I’ll take it, here give it to me.”

Somii took the phone from the girl.

The girls took place behind Jaegun and fixed their clothes and hair.

“I’ll take it. 1, 2, 3…”

The flash came and a picture stored on the phone.

The girl asked as she took her phone back.

“But… your girlfriend?”

Somii almost spilled her water at that.

Her face turned red as she tried to wave it off.

“No, no. I’m an editor.”

“Ahah, you’re really pretty.”

“Yeah, your skin is white and the hair fits really great.”

“How did you guys meet?”

“Hey, she’s an editor. Did you forget? Let’s clear out. They’re eating.”

A girl that was a little less drunk than the rest pulled out the group. Even as they went back to their seats, they nodded their heads at Jaegun/

Therefore, Jaegun had to do the same out of politeness.

“Sigh, Sorry Somii.”

“No, I felt good, too. Being with a famous writer.”

“Don’t tease me. Ah, let me see the pictures again.”

Jaegun picked up the laptop.

And he continued on his compliments.

Somii was having fun on the opposite side, yet she was also very nervous.

‘When this ends…’

When would she be able to see Jaegun again?

That was Somii’s only thoughts.

There was no work reason to meet Jaegun again.

‘It will be hard to meet just an editor like me.’

Jaegun would pull out books after books. Therefore, he would obviously go higher up in the rankings.

This was Somii’s belief. There was no another path.

“I saw them well, Somii.”

Somii didn’t even hear Jaegun call her name.

Jaegun pulled out his hand in front of Somii and then she finally looked at him.

“Yes, Writer, say it.

“I saw the pictures well.”

Jaegun continued as he handed over the pictures.

“You have the skill to do outside work.”

“Ah, yes. I guess…”

“There’s no rule that you can’t. If the company people say something, you can use a different name.”

“Not that, but I don’t have confidence.


Jaegun’s phone vibrated.

It was a message from Minho.

Jaegun laughed as he checked it and said to Somii.

“It’s a writer I know. He wants to me to introduce a good illustrator if I know any. He’s preparing for a pay per chapter book.”

“Ah… yes.”

“The management would do it for him, but there’s a possibility that he might not like it. How is it? Don’t you have any ideas on sending your portfolio?”


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