Big Life - Chapter 62

It was true that she had no confidence

It was something which could not be solved even with compliments and praises from Jaegun. Therefore, it was the kind of work that should’ve been turned down.

However, right now, Somii couldn’t do that.

Because if she accepted this job, she would form a closer relationship with Jaegun

To be able to see his face one more time.

In the busy crowded restaurant, there was a silence between the two people.

Looking downwards, Somii had a serious expression cast upon her face.

In the end, there was a smile on his face as Jaegun spoke.

“I’m sorry. I think I was in too much of a hurry so I don’t mind if you slowly think things through if you find it uncomfortable…”

“-I’ll do it!”

Somii said with her head raised and a determined glint in her eyes.

She spoke to him with a clear tone.

“Although I don’t have any confidence, I will try. On the way home, I’ll gather up a portfolio of art and drawings and send it to your mailbox”

He smiled brightly in happiness and stuck out his thumb.

“That’s good. Talent shouldn’t be sitting around collecting dust after all. Make me a cover, too.”

He poured some coke in a drinking glass and held up the drink in the air.

“A toast. By day, a sarcastic and witty editor but by night, an illustrator with talent. A toast to Jung Somii. Cheers!”

“What was that for Writer Ha, Saying it so weirdly.”

“Nevermind. Drink it up. One shot.”

“What? Um… I’m not very good at these.”

“If you can’t, then you’re paying.l”

Jaegun began to chug down on his coke first.

Making a face, Somii followed and brought the cup to her lips and began to drink.

Neither of them could even manage to finish half of the cup without choking. Seeing that, they both stared at each other and laughed.

“My mood is getting better. After eating, do you want to go to the karaoke bar?”

“Karaoke? Well, I’m fine with it but will you be okay? Don’t you still have to write as well?”

“You know that I write at the speed of light. So, after this, karaoke?”


Somii made circles with her fingers and bashfully replied.

There were no longer any feelings of nervousness or restlessness. Right now, this moment was priceless. Resolving herself to no longer be foolish and silly from now on, Somii finished off drinking the rest of her cola.


“Finally it’s pay day.”

After Christmas, the morning of December 27th.

With a clean, washed face, Dongmi pulled out the chair and sat in front of the computer.

Today, she had to work balancing accounts on Munpia. Munpia’s calculation period was between the last month of 28th to this month of 27th.

Tewon in fatigue was still sleeping soundly in the other room.

Dongmi, listening to Tewon’s snoring, accessed the munpia page. After entering in username and password, she checked the results for the novel ‘The Breathe’.

Project: The Breathe

Paid web novel purchases: 2, 681, 448

Paid web novel total sales: 268, 144, 800 won

Paid web novel sales (adjusted amount): 168, 931, 224 won

Tax: 5, 574, 730 won

Final amount paid: 163, 356, 494 won( About 160,000 dollars)


Even though she checked every day, it was still amazing.

Today’s was greater than yesterday’s and it made Dongmi shudder in excitement. And that final amount probably wasn’t even 3% of the profits of the books

This was all because of Jaegun’s writing speed

Because he was releasing 5 chapters a day, he could pull off such a wonderful result.

“This is a real record setter. And it hasn’t even been a month yet.”

‘The Breathe’ began to publish itself serially from the beginning of the month of December. If he had filled the entire month, there would be more profits.

And this was only from the munpia sales.

‘The Breathe,’ would now enter Navin Store, Cocoa page, and Yuto Books

There was no way to know how much profits those would make yet.

“Since Tewon is sleeping right now, I should make the call.”

Without delay, Dongmin took Tewon’s cellphone in her hands.

Dongmin had worried a lot about paying their bills. She felt that she needed to call the person who helped them get away from this worry.

After the phone rang a couple times, the line finally connected.

-Yes, representative.

“Writer Ha Jaegun. Hello. I am Representative Tewon’s wife Shin Dongmin.”

-Ahh, yes. Hello.

On the receiver end, Jaegun sounded slightly confused.

Dongmin laughed as she continued

“You’ve written such marvelous pieces of work so I wanted to say thanks. I’m sure you know that today is where we calculate the balance accounts on munpia? Writer Ha’s earning are very good.”

-Thank you. But really it’s all because of Representative Tewon.

“I really want to invite you over to our house. Ever since I saw you, I’ve wanted to treat you out to a feast. Talk with my husband and I hope you will come by.”

-Yes. Thank you. Of course, if you’re inviting, I’ll be there.

“Yes, Yes, if you could come, I’ll be thankful. Also, Writer Ha, if I were to send a package, where would I have to address it to?”

It was a question asked even though she knew that Jaegun lived alone by himself in Seoul. It was an important thing to send a present to a writer on the holidays.

Jaegun was Laugh Book’s sole author. Obviously, she couldn’t just forget it.

-Ah, I think it’d be good if you were to send it to Suwon.

“Ok. Then have a Happy New Year and I’ll contact you in the next year.”

-Yes, thank you for all your hard work and happy new year.



Jaegun stretched

Rika, who was sitting on the bed, saw Jaegun and began to copy, performing her own stretch with her front paws being outreached in front of her.

“One hundred thousand dollars”

Jaegun mumbled to himself while staring at Rika. Even half a year ago, that was something that wouldn’t have even been thought of. Now the day where he could buy his family a house wasn’t so far off.

‘The Breathe, which was being updated 5 times a day, would reach over 400 chapters by the end of next February. Jaegun wanted to get profit fast so he didn’t rest at all.

“Including some of the other works, this month’s profit should be…I can’t seem to calculate it. Rika, calculate it for me, please. How much is it?”

Rika didn’t even pretend as though if she were listening.

Jaegun ran, scooping Rika into his arms and repeatedly nipped at her.

“Hurry up and calculate for me, I’m asking you how much is my income this month”


Instead, Rika simply licked at Jaegun’s nose.

Ticklish, Jaegun began to giggle but kept rubbing his nose against Rika’s.

The delicate smell of shampoo was felt clearly as he held her.

“if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be able to write this way”


“You’re not a normal cat. I know. You and master saved me.

Jaegun sat up straight and began scratching Rika at the nape of her neck.

Rika moved her body and made herself comfortable to adjust to the hands that were scratching her.

Her eyes slowly began to slant and droop.

“I have to do my best. Every day I’m learning something new. Master Se Gunwoo is an amazing person. Even a single word or sentence, when I did it the way he taught me, it adds a whole new different flavor. I wonder just what kind of person he was”

Jaegun who had been muttering to himself while all of a sudden the Modern Teen Literary award came up.

For a long time, he had completely forgotten about it.

He was lying if he said he wasn’t anticipating a good result.

He wanted to be an author that was deserving of his professor’s encouragement. He wanted to be someone that could make his professor proud.

“Rika, wanna go out for a bit? To clean up the master’s house a bit, then maybe going to offer him a cup of wine at his grave.”


Rika jumped off the bed.

Jaegun grabbed his coat and stepped out of the door with Rika.

A cold gust of winter air blew their way. But with Rika close to him, Jaegun didn’t feel cold at all.

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