Big Life - Chapter 63

“It’s funny, you see.”

Professor Gu placed down his cup of coffee. He decided to try his luck.

Around a luxurious looking table, there were 7-8 people sitting all around.

There was a single common factor amongst all these people.

Professor, novelist, critic. They were all famous people in the circle of the literary world.

They were also all committee members on the Modern Teen Literary contest.

“Isn’t it quite funny how the award will be going to an author who writes such low standard writing.

Immediately, the professor next to him spoke.

“I think so too. In literature, there should be something like dignity. For someone that writes fantasy martial arts web novels online to win such an award. How? It’s just not proper. I may even be considering a ghost writer.”( a writer who is hired to write.)

A neat looking female professor of around the age of fifty seemed to be the same

“I am of the same opinion as well. This is awkward, but it’s just not up to the standard. Just terrible project. Oh, so sorry. I apologize, it shouldn’t even be a project. After reading, it leaves your brain vacant. There’s no message. Are we really going to present the award to an author that writes such things?”

“That’s right. Although I’d rather not say this but, there are many bright young brilliant minds like my students who have also entered this year’s contest whom I believe to be far more deserving of this award. I don’t think it makes sense for us to award some writer who writes these trashy web novel over submissions of actual literary work.”

After the last professor’s words, a silence hung over the table.

On the opposite side, the other four people who were on the council had not spoken.

These were part of the party who supported the author that they were currently discussing.

They thought that it had been an overwhelmingly well-written piece.


Among the four people, a female professor began to quietly laugh.

The other female professor from before that gave off an air of order furrowed her eyebrows and asked.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing much. I just found it so funny how agreeable you all seemed to be with each other when it came to this topic. You’re all saying the same thing.”

Upon giving her reply, the female professor pushed back her chair and stood up.

Since there was no reason for her to be sitting at this table anymore.

“Where are you going all of a sudden?”

“It looks like there’s nothing to talk about anymore. And I just thought of a critique to write on my monthly article.

At her words, the expressions on everyone’s faces became stiff for a moment.

It was because this particular female professor had influence in the literary world that could not be ignored

“What-what topic are you planning to write?”

Professor Jung asked stiffly.

She stared at the ceiling for a bit before replying.

“A mark of an author? Just because of the genre he chooses to write. no matter how good and well written his work might be, he’ll never receive acknowledgment for it. A truly disgusting stigma. I’m going write if this is the mistake of the author or the literary world.”

“Look here! Professor Han Hesun!”

Professor Gu shouted in anger and stood up.

“Are you taking sides because it’s your student?”

She finally lowered her gaze from the ceiling and back on downwards.

And she stared at him.

“Are you saying that while already knowing what kind of person I am?”

A single phrase.

Professor Gu harrumphed and turned his head.

Although he hated to admit it, that was the truth.

The professor in front of him had never said something unfair.

“T-that may be so but you’re being too protective of this one? You haven’t criticized the novel once.”

Professor Gu argued without looking at her.

The female professor burst out into laughter and said this.

“How are you supposed to criticize a novel that has no faults?


It became suddenly quiet

Taking a book out of her bag, she placed it down on the table.

“it’s the author’s previous work. It seems as if those of you on Mr. Gu’s side haven’t read it yet. Especially you, Professor Jung. Seeing that you thought of a possibility of a ghost writer, I’m curious if those thoughts will be the same after you’re done with this book.


“I’ll be leaving first. Good work.”

She turned and left.

Everyone’s attention went towards the book that she had left behind.

The name of the book was ‘A Dumb Woman’ And the author’s name was Ha Jaegun.


“I’ve eaten well.”


It was the time when they were eating fruit after dinner.

Jaegun picked up an apple and lifted his head. His two ears were surprised. His dad Sukjae was continuing with his head down

“It’s great eating with the family together with my son as well.”

His mom Myungja and Jaeyn was the same. They were all looking at Sukjae with disbelief.

“A, ah… Why are you saying that?”

“It’s good. You ate well too.”

Myungja turned red as she smiled. Jaeyn also smiled. The feeling of happiness was great once in awhile.

Jaegun choked up. He wasn’t thinking that he would hear any compliments as they were shopping for ingredients. He had just thought that it would be good if he didn’t complain.

But he ate well.

And it was great because his son was here.

It wasn’t his dad who said false words. It made him happy.

“I should go.”

Sukjae put down his fork and stood up. Myungja asked to Sukjae with sorry eyes.

“Can’t you rest on the holidays.”

“I can only rest when they tell me to. I’m the only person who can work. And I’ve rested before on the previous holiday.”

Jaegun stood up as well. Rika also went to him.

“I’ll take you there.”

“No. Stay here.”

“I have to go anyway.”

Jaeyn said too as Jaegun said that.

“Where are you going? You should say during the holidays. I have to go somewhere. I’ll be back. Suwon isn’t that far anyway.

The two family members went out.

The car was already on by remote control. Jaegun opened the passenger seat and Sukjae went in grumbling.

“It’s close by walking.”

“It’s  cold. Let’s go by car.”

It was barely a few minutes. Jaegun derived and Sukjae only stared outside the window. There were no words.


Jaegun said as they arrived.

Sukjae was turning around as he opened the door.

“Resign from this job.”

He didn’t say anything else.

Sukjae opened his eyes in surprise. But he quickly turned unemotional and answered.

“Thank you for taking me.”


“Go ahead. And come again.”

Sukjae closed the door and went away.

Jaegun looked at his father walking away. His figure slowly disappeared from view. But he still sat there.


Rika went over to the passenger seat and meowed.

Then Jaegun realized and shook his head.

“Sorry, Rika. I was thinking.”

Jaegun slapped his cheeks in self-encouragement as he accelerated.

He was going to write harder tomorrow. His will was strong.

Until that day when his usually unemotional father was not going to stop laughing.

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