Big Life - Chapter 66

“Are you a Russian Blue? Are you a female? Where’s your owner?”

The girl who was crouching down and winking at Rika was Dasul.

Jaegun walked toward as if pulled. And seeing the shadow, Dasul slowly looked up.

“Ah? Writer?”

Dasul smiled happily.

It was a face that didn’t have any makeup. Looking at the pretty and cheerful face, Jaegun smiled as well.

“What are you doing? How was it?”

“I got it.”

“Yes? Got what?”

“The novel that I wrote about you got the award.”

Dasul’s smile froze.

The surroundings around them were loud. However, through the loudness, the two people were exchanging glances silently.


Rika broke the silence and went in between them. Both people’s glance went towards Rika.

“Why was your phone off?”

“Ah, the frame broke.”

Dasul stood up and answered.

“There was a bit of a rough customer. I said a message and I put it on the table, but he pushed the table so it fell. Well, I got the fees, so.”

“I see.”

Dasul smiled and came closer to him. And she looked up at Jaegun and tilted her head.

“So? Did you come to see me? To tell me that?”

“I wrote it because of you.”

“What is that. You’re just good.”

“Aren’t you working?”

Dasul answered with a horrified face and looked around herself wearing a jumper and jeans.

“How can I work with this? And I haven’t gone in a week. It’s the new year’s too.”

“Yes… so do you have anything to do?”

“I don’t so I’m here out to buy beer.”

“That’s good.”


“I’m keeping my promise of buying you something”

Dasul laughed with a phew. Jaegun also smiled a bit.

“How long has that been? There’s way too much interest?”

“I’m fine with anything.”

“I’m gonna eat till the bone?”

“It’s fine.”

Dasul went to Jaegun and crossed her arms with him.

She was reckless like they were old friends or in a relationship. Jaegun wasn’t that horrified, knowing her,

“But what about the cat? There are places where the cat can’t go.”

“There should be. Or I can bring her home and come back. It’s not that far. Just get on first.”

Jaegun and Dasul walked over to Jaegun’s car. Dasul widened her eyes in surprise.

“You must be having some money? You have a car.”

“It’s not that expensive. Get in.”

The car with the two and Rika slowly drove away. Rika was in between the two. Without both of them knowing, her eyes were shining brightly.


“Are you going to use Writer Oh Myunghun again?”

Nexon office.

There were two people. One was the planning team leader and one was the development team leader.

“It came out like that. Go discuss it with Representative Park when he comes.”

Suhee closed her mouth and looked down.

Nexon was creating another mobile game.

A genre with a free-roaming RPG game. It was about a writer to write for this story that was 60 percent done.

“I have no other words. Go ask the representative. But tomorrow, I’ll get a meeting with Writer Oh. Then, bye.”

The development team leader went out quickly.Suhee sat down in despair and didn’t know how to get up.

‘How…? There is no reason why Jaegun isn’t good enough for Myunghoon? Jaegun got many hit works and the Digital Literary Award as well?

Maybe there was another force at work.

Suhee was about to make Jaegun the writer for this. The story for Jaegun’s scenario for the mobile racing game was already over. But the writing was left. The entire team read it and understood his skill.

But now it was Myunghoon.

Suhee knew that Myunghoon’s personality wasn’t good enough for this job. He was good at writing. But it was different from writing alone and writing with others. She couldn’t understand Myunghoon who bragged and didn’t listen to others.

“Sigh, my head hurts.”

Suhee stood up holding her forehead. She needed a cup of coffee.

She went to the resting room with her slippers. Without knowing that there would be a visitor that she had no idea would be there.

“Are you gonna drink coffee?”


Suhee was surprised as she almost lost her balance.

Myunghoon was sitting alone in a chair near the window.

In his hand, there was a mug with coffee in it.

“Why are you here?”

She heard that there would be a meeting about tomorrow or so.

But there was no reason to see Myunghoon here today.

“Let’s drink coffee together.”

Myunghoon said that as he went to the coffee machine and picked up a capsule.

Suhee asked with sharp and cold eyes.

“What did you do?”


“Jaegun is here, but the game got scrapped and for the new project, how could you, with no meeting or anything, be the new scenario writer? What connection is it now?’

Myunghoon stayed quiet, looking at the coffee stream.

He opened his mouth as the coffee stopped.

“It might be because of the news. The drama for my novel is right ahead.”

Myunghoon was saying the words very unemotional.

“There might have been words between Nexon and Content Jinhyungwon. I don’t know what you’re thinking of, but there was nothing special that I did.”

Myunghoon turned around and pulled out the mug to Suhee.

Suhee just looked at Myunghoon’s face without taking the mug.

‘What is it?’

Suhee was curious.

Myunghoon was unlike his usual self. This new calm self of him seemed very different compared to the impulse, easy to get mad Myunghoon.

“Take it, drink it when it’s hot.”

Myunghoon gave it to him, shaking the coffee a bit.

Suhee took the cup and sat down in the nearest chair.

Myunghoon took it and sat down opposite of her.

Suhee avoided Myunghoon’s glance and sipped coffee looking at outside the window.

She had no intention of talking with him. She was only here because she thought it was annoying to move seats.

“The representative told me to get a meeting.”

Suhee said when she drank about half of the coffee. It was probably good to talk about business while they were there. Her glance was still looking at the airplane flying across the night.

“Tell me when it’s a good day for you and I’ll make it.”

“Anytime is fine. You make it.”

“Ok, I will.”

Suhee put the cup to her lips again, with talks about business over.

She wanted to drink it quickly but she couldn’t because the coffee was hot. She didn’t have the feeling to rest and enjoy coffee.

‘I have to say this to Jaegun.’

Suhee’s shoulders were drooping.

She wanted to make a game with Jaegun as the writer. He gave a great scenario that was above average. There was nothing bad at all about him. But even with all that, he was just gone.


Myunghoon said.

Suhee looked at Myunghoon

“Say it.”

Suhee’s voice was on the tip.

Myunghoon looked down at the table. And with a small sigh, his voice continued.

“I’m sorry.”

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