Big Life - Chapter 67


Suhee’s two eyes shined in surprise.

She didn’t mistakenly hear it.

Myunghoon was wrinkling his face. It was a facial expression that matched with the words that he said.

“I apologize for all the things that I’ve done like an idiot. I came here to say that.”

Suhee couldn’t believe it.

Myunghoon, that was so stubborn, was asking for forgiveness. She had no idea how to take in this situation.

“I know it’s not an issue that’s going to be fixed like a simple word like this. I can tell that I was such a bad guy. I wish you could forgive me.”

Myunghoon lifted his head and looked at Suhee.

He added, looking at the surprised and shocked Suhee.

“I won’t say anything more. I’ll try until you can see me as a good person. I’ll fix it one by one.

Suhee couldn’t say anything.

Myunghoon drank the last remains of coffee in one sip and stood up. He added as he went to the exit.

“I won’t let you down.”

Myunghoon’s figure left the resting room.

Suhee’s two eyes were still blank, looking at the door.

‘What happened?’

Was he really asking for forgiveness? Suhee wasn’t sure yet. She had faced way too much of Myunghoon’s bad side to just trust him with one word.

“Team Leader, what’s wrong?”

“Ah? Hemii?”

Suhee lifted her back quickly.

She didn’t even realize that Hemii was standing in front of her.

“I came in here early and you didn’t realize? You must be tired. You should go in early.”

“I think so. I’ll go after one call.”

“Yes, I’m going, too.”

Hemii left the room.

Suhee picked up her phone. Her fingers stopped as she was going to press the last number of Jaegun’s phone number. She had no confidence anymore to talk with a calm voice.

She put her two arms on the table and laid her head down


The restaurant was loud.

Sushi was moving across the conveyor belt in a row. Jaegun and Dasul were just getting escorted in.

“Wow, This is great! I haven’t eaten sushi in such a long time.”

“Eat well today.”

“I eat really well, you know. Your wallet is going to suffer. Ah, it’s shrimp.”

Dasul quickly picked up a shrimp sushi and put it in front of her. And she put wasabi in.

“Isn’t shrimp really good? Everything I get tired of, but not shrimp.

“Yeah. That’s why I eat that the best, too.”

“You’re a real eater. Here’s ginger too.”

“Thank you. Now let’s eat?”

The two people started to eat and talk. Small talk was going between them

Dasul was smiling and laughing. Jaegun felt happy looking at her.

“Ah, I’m full.”

Dasul moved back as she finished about 10 plates. Jaegun was at his limit. As he looked, Dasul’s cheeks were soaked with sweat.

“Take off your jacket. I think it’s a bit hot here.”

Dasul shook her head.

“I can’t.”


“I told you I came to buy beer. I just wore something randomly.”

Jaegun smiled.

“What does that matter. These are people you’re never going to see again. If it’s not rags, just wear it.”

Dasul narrowed her eyes and laughed. And she whispered to Jaegun’s ear.

“I didn’t even do a bra?”


Flustered, Jaegun turned his head and coughed

Dasul immediately clapped her hands and laughed. It was so loud that a few people looked at her.

“It’s a joke. Joke. You think I wouldn’t have one.”

Dasul took off the jumper.

It was just a simple plain black t-shirt.

Her white neck and the black shirt was combining very well. Her neckline was really beautiful, he thought

‘Maybe because her face is pretty, everything is pretty.’

Jaegun thought of Suhee’s face. Suhee was still the prettiest girl he knew. Jaegun thought for a long time that Suhee could be held with the world’s beauties and not lose.

“What do we do now?”

Jaegun lifted his head.

Dasul was smiling like a child. And like before, her two legs were on Jaegun’s thigh.

“You’re not gonna just buy me this, right? You got an award.”

“I get it, what now?” Just first, take off your legs.”

“Why? Are you embarrassed? I like this.”

“That’s a bar. And this has a bar shape, so customers might see. Take it off.”

“No, I won’t.”

Dasul held back.

Jaegun forced her legs off.

“Wow, really. Why do you care so much about other?”

“It’s not caring, but etiquette.”

“It’s fine. If you’re done eating, let’s go. Let’s drink.”

Dasul left first. Jaegun shook his head and stood up with the receipt,

“Thank you. Come again.”

“Yes, thank you.”

The two people walked. Jaegun walked slowly.

“But why don’t you do a necklace?”

“What. So random?”

“You have an earring. Don’t girls do jewelry before leaving home?”

“Then buy me one before I answer that.”


Jaegun walked slowly.

And he stopped and looked at a place. There was a store selling jewelry.

“What are you doing?”

Dasul turned around and asked.

She turned her glance to the store as well. And she ran over and slapped her shoulder lightly.

“Come on~ I was joking.”

“No, I’ll buy you one.”

“Ah, it’s fine. I don’t do necklaces. What now?”

“I’m not going to just buy you sushi. That’s good. I was about to give you a present anyway. Let’s go.”

“Uh, Uh, Hey!”

Jaegun walked to the store.

Dasul was embarrassed as she walked towards him.

“Come in.”

The store was shining with jewelry. Jaegun gestured to the Dasul who was standing near the entrance.

“Come on. There’s a lot of good ones.”

“Ah… It’s really fine. I can’t really…”

Dasul put her head down and stood next to Jaegun.

Jaegun pointed to all kinds of jewelry and asked her preference.

“How’s this? Flower-shaped.”

“It looks expensive.”

“Don’t worry. What about this?”

“It looks more expensive.”

Jaegun looked at her.

“I told you to not care about price. You helped me as much as to deserve this. And I have the power to gift you this.”

“I got all the money for the interview.”

“That’s that, and this is this. It’s my mind, so I would like if you didn’t care. Just look. Come on.”

Jaegun repeated.

Dasul lifted her head slowly.

“How’s that?”

“It’s too big…”

“Finally no talks about the price. Good. This one?”

“Hm… I want to try it on.”

“Hello, could you take this out for me?”


Dasul was concentrating now, and so was Jaegun.

He didn’t realize that the phone in his pocket was vibrating.

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