Big Life - Chapter 68

“Looks good?”

Jaegun said as he saw the necklace. It was a thin, flower-shaped gold necklace. There was a small diamond in the middle.

“I think your neck is pretty, so it fits very well, ma’am. Try it on.”

The girl employee offered with a bright voice.

Dasul hesitated and held it up to her neck.

“Wow, it’s really good. You can try it on.”

“I think it’s good like this.”

“Then look closer. Here, a mirror.”

The girl quickly gave a mirror.

Dasul looked at her neck through the mirror. And a small smile appeared on her face

“You like it?”

Jaegun read her expression.

Dasul didn’t answer.

“There’s no rush. There’s many, so just look slowly.”

“No, I like this but…”

Dasul slurred her words.

Jaegun knew why Dasul was hesitating. She was worried about the price. The price was 649 dollars.

Not a small amount.

“Give it to me.”

Jaegun said to the employee.

There was no reason to spend more time if she liked it.

Dasul swallowed awkwardly.

“Thank you. I will pack it for you. You can pay over here.”

Jaegun paid with a card. The girl packed the necklace in a small bag.

“Thank you. Have a nice day.”

Jaegun and Dasul left the store.

A few people were walking by drunk.

Jaegun put his back to them as if protecting Dasul and pulled out the bag.

“Here. It fits into the jumper pocket.”

“I don’t think I can take it. It’s expensive.”

“Don’t worry.”

Jaegun put the bag into her pocket.

He stretched as he walked on.

“I don’t think we can eat heavy stuff. How about going to a beer pub and getting some cream beer?”

“I’m fine with anything.”

Dasul answered quietly. Her hand held the bag in her pocket tightly.

“Your voice became so calm. I wonder why?”

Jaegun asked as if teasing.

Dasul looked up. And with a red face, she held Jaegun’s arm.

“Don’t tease me and let’s go quickly.”

The two people walked like a couple with their arms clung together. Dasul asked.

“Why did you buy it for me anyway?”

“You told me to buy you one.”

“But you brought out the topic first. Why don’t you do one.”

He couldn’t say that her neck looked too pretty so he wanted to buy her one.

And then he answered after looking at a pub.

“I just wanted to repay you and you just didn’t have anything… so yeah.”

Dasul looked dumbfounded.

“What is that? Then I don’t have a ring, and a bracelet, and other? You’re going to buy me everything?”

“Really? Let’s go then.”

Jaegun turned around quickly. Dasul, surprised, hit Jaegun’s back lightly.

“Joking, just joking. Let’s go. How’s that? It looked good.”

“Let’s go.”

The two people sat opposite of them.

It was a small store. There was jazz coming out the speakers. Jaegun liked the quiet mood.

They were full so they just order a cream beer.

Dasul pulled out the necklace before drinking.

“Can I try it now?”

“It’s yours, Why ask me?”

“Haha, yes.”

Dasul laughed playfully and pulled it out. She took off her jumper and tried it on.

“How is it?”

“It looks good.”

“So enthusiast. But can you buy me this? Didn’t you spend your month’s money into this?”

“I bought this with the money I got.”

“How much is it? 1000 dollars? No, too small. 3000 dollars?”

“30000 dollars.


Dasul opened her mouth. Her two eyes were in surprise.

“30,000 dollars? In prize money?”

“Yes, so there’s no worry.”

“Haha, you should have said it first. Worry? No. I would have bought more.”


Jaegun laughed. Dasul also laughed.


The two people cheered.

“Tell me now?”


“Your name. Tell me because you got 30,000 dollars because of me.”

“Ha, Jaegun.”

Jaegun answered immediately. There was no reason to hide his name.”

“Ha Jaegun? I don’t know about books too much. Are you famous? A person who comes up on the internet?”

“I don’t know if I’m famous. I should come up, though.”

“Yeah? Then I’ll search it right now.”

Dasul looked at Navin. She typed in the name and widened her eyes.

“Wow, auto fill-in? I put Ha and J and it came up.”

And she pulled up Jaegun’s profile.

She couldn’t close her mouth alternating looking between the real Jaegun and the profile Jaegun.

“Wow! Wow! There’s a star in front of me!”

“What star. There’s nothing there.”

“I don’t know but that’s great. Wow, I’m your fan now. Your picture went great too. You picked this?”

“It was a picture that Navin took for my interview. I accepted. I don’t take pictures too much.”

“Wow… You have a twitter?”

“I made one. I don’t really use it.”

“You have 5000 followers? Wow. There are so many fans. A Dumb Woman? Is that the title? Child of the 90s?”

“Stop looking.”

Jaegun tried to stop her to no avail.

Dasul was looking with surprise

“I want to read it too. I think I’m going to read because of you.”

“I’ll buy you one.”

“I’m going to buy one, you know?”

She pulled out her tongue. Jaegun smiled and sipped a drink.

“What’s the story of this novel?”

“Hm… read it when it comes out.”

“Just tell me. I’m curious. Hm? Hm?”

Dasul repeated and moved next to Jaegun.

And she put her legs on Jaegun’s thigh and smiled.

“There’s a wall, so it’s hidden from view. No one can see, ok?”


“Tell me. Now. I want to know the plot of the 30,000 dollar story.”

Dasul repeated. The beer glass almost fell.

“It was a story about a guy at work with a karaoke helper dating.

He opened his mouth as he pressed on Dasul’s knee.

Dasul shivered as he touched her knee.

It was a strange feeling.

It was different when she first touched him.

“The girl isn’t as young as you. She’s in her 30s and has a kid. She’s a hardworking woman who got divorced.”


“The man goes to the karaoke bar to relieve stress. And meets the girl. The man is attracted to the girl immediately. The girl sees only a customer out of the many customers she sees. Ah, we’re done. Give us two more drinks.”

“Yes, sir”

Dasul was entranced by Jaegun’s story.

“They start a weird relationship. They both live differently. The man lives diligently and tries to keep morals, but he also takes in stress from society. The girl has a different personality. She works as a karaoke helper to live, but she keeps her pride and lives. Recklessly. Like a storm and gale.”

Jaegun added awkwardly.

“So the title is like that.”

“Storm and Gale? Why did you make it?”

“The helper who is like a wind. Like that?”

“Wow…! Amazing. The title is really trash.”

“I think so too. I can’t make a title. I don’t know if the company might ask me to change the title.”

“You should. It’s going to bomb if you don’t.”


Jaegun laughed. Dasul looked down at her necklace.

She muttered.

“You were really a great person. I thought you were a weird person. You came in and said you wanted an interview.”

“You helped me.”

“How does the story go.”

Dasul asked.

She wondered how the story would end.

“You really read that.”

“Tell me. Hm? Hn?”

“They get happy.”


“They know what they really want. And they get happy. That’s it.”

Jaegun lifted his cup.

Dasul gave up and lifted her cup too.

Jaegun thought of her as he drank. If she could get happy like the female main character.

“Why did you become so blank?”

“No, just… dizzy.”

Dasul put her head on Jaegun’s shoulder.

A warm temperature could be felt.

Jaegun made a good angle to put her head on.

Dasul smiled. She thought he was a warm person. There was no way that this person’s writing would be bad.

“Do you think we should stand up?”

“No, I just have to be like this for a second.”

Jaegun sipped the beer alone. The customers had already left and the store was quiet.

The night crept on.

TL- I think Storm and Gale have some kind of meaning of being like emotionally unstable in Korean terms. It was the closest thing I thought of.

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